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Instances of a for speaker IGN

283IGNa finnau ddim yn gwybod eto !
  aand.CONJ finnauI.PRON.EMPH.1S+SM ddimnot.ADV+SM ynPRT gwybodknow.V.INFIN etoagain.ADV !
  and I don't know yet!
481IGNwedi teithio a wedi dod yn_ôl ia ?
  wediafter.PREP teithiotravel.V.INFIN aand.CONJ wediafter.PREP dodcome.V.INFIN yn_ôlback.ADV iayes.ADV ?
  travelled and come back, eh?
483IGN++ a wedi dod yn_ôl .
  aand.CONJ wediafter.PREP dodcome.V.INFIN yn_ôlback.ADV .
  ...and come back

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