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Instances of arall for speaker GLO

196GLOa wedyn fydd raid i (.) yrru ymlaen am ddydd Sul arall siŵr .
  aand.CONJ wedynafterwards.ADV fyddbe.V.3S.FUT+SM raidnecessity.N.M.SG+SM ito.PREP yrrudrive.V.INFIN+SM ymlaenforward.ADV amfor.PREP ddyddday.N.M.SG+SM SulSunday.N.M.SG arallother.ADJ siŵrsure.ADJ .
  and then we'll have to press forward onto another Sunday, no doubt
303GLOcig wedi rostio a be arall efo fo ?
  cigmeat.N.M.SG wediafter.PREP rostioroast.V.INFIN+SM aand.CONJ bewhat.INT arallother.ADJ efowith.PREP fohe.PRON.M.3S ?
  roast meat and what else with it?

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