SIARAD - Davies15: Glossed version

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The first line below shows each utterance in the file as transcribed, containing pause and expression markers. The second line gives the manual gloss (Siarad) or a words-only version of the utterance (Patagonia, Miami), with the automatic gloss in a popup when moving your mouse over the words. The third line gives an English rendition of the utterance.

For ease of reading, language tags have been replaced with superscripts: C = @s:cym (Welsh), E = @s:eng (English), S = @s:spa (Spanish), CE = @s:cym&eng (Welsh and English), CS = @s:cym&spa (Welsh and Spanish), SE = @s:spa&eng (Spanish and English).

1NELa dyma (y)n deud fel umCE +// .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN likelike.CONJ IMum.IM
  and he said, like, um...
2TEG+< xx bechod .
  [...] bless
3NELmamCE (we)di [?] xx ryw gacen .
  mummam.N.SG PRT.PASTafter.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM cakecake.N.F.PL+SM
  mum had [...] some cake
4NEL<(dy)ma fo (y)n> [?] deud +"/ .
  herethis_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  he said:
5NEL+" ohCE o'n i meddwl (ba)sech chi licio fo efo [?] (ei)ch paned .
  IMoh.IM be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.2PL.CONDITbe.V.2P.PLUPERF PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P like.NONFINlike.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S withwith.PREP POSS.2PLyour.ADJ.POSS.2P cuppacupful.N.M.SG
  "oh I thought you'd like it with your cuppa"
6NELxxx +"/ .
7NEL+" Duw be haru ti ?
  Godname whatwhat.INT bear.NONFINunk PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  "God, don't be silly"
8NEL+" dw i (y)n cael cacen yma (y)n barod sti .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN cakecake.N.F.PL herehere.ADV PRTPRT readyready.ADJ+SM know.2Syou_know.IM
  "I'm having a cake here anway, you know"
9NEL+" ohCE [=? wellCE] dach chi (ddi)m isio hwn (fe)lly ?
  IMoh.IM be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P NEGnot.ADV+SM wantwant.N.M.SG thisthis.ADJ.DEM.M.SG thusso.ADV
  "oh, you don't want this then?"
10NEL+" ohCE wna i gadw hi justCE rhag ofn xx .
  IMoh.IM do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S keep.NONFINkeep.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S justjust.ADV lestfrom.PREP fearfear.N.M.SG
  "oh, I'll keep it just in case"
11TEG&=laugh .
12NELxx <doedd o> [///] wnaethon nhw (ddi)m # &p cynnig <paned na> [//] erCE cacen na (di)m_byd pan ddothon [?] nhw efo paned .
  be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S do.3PL.PASTdo.V.3P.PAST+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM offer.NONFINoffer.V.INFIN cuppercupful.N.M.SG norno.ADV.[or].PRT.NEG.[or].who_not.PRON.REL.NEG.[or].(n)or.CONJ.[or].than.CONJ IMer.IM cakecake.N.F.PL norno.ADV.[or].PRT.NEG.[or].who_not.PRON.REL.NEG.[or].(n)or.CONJ.[or].than.CONJ nothingnothing.ADV whenwhen.CONJ come.3PL.PASTunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P withwith.PREP cuppacupful.N.M.SG
  [...] he wasn't...they didn't offer a cuppa, a cake or anything when they came with a cuppa
13NELxx # oddCE bod o meddwl bod o cael y pethau (y)ma .
  oddodd.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF thingsthings.N.M.PL herehere.ADV
  [...] odd that he thinks that he gets these things
14NEL<dydy o ddim xx> [=! laughs] .
  he doesn't [...]
15TEGwellCE # ella bod o (y)n peth da mewn ffordd bod o meddwl bod o (y)n cael bob_dim niceCE (y)ma .
  wellwell.ADV perhapsmaybe.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP thingthing.N.M.SG goodgood.ADJ inin.PREP wayway.N.F.SG be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN everythingeverything.PRON.[or].everything.N.M.SG+SM nicenice.ADJ herehere.ADV
  well, perhaps it's a good thing in a way that he thinks that he gets everything nice here
16NEL+< &=laugh ia .
17TEGohCE mae hwn disgyn (e)to [% noise of Tegai reattaching her radiomic] .
  IMoh.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thisthis.PRON.DEM.M.SG fall.NONFINdescend.V.INFIN againagain.ADV
  oh, this is falling again
18NELxxx .
19NELbechod .
20NELohCE &s &d <be (y)dy> [//] # be mae dy daid am [?] # wneud ?
  IMoh.IM whatwhat.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES whatwhat.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S grandfathergrandfather.N.M.SG+SM forfor.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM
  oh what's...what's your grandfather going to do?
21NELaros adre efo carersE ?
  stay.NONFINwait.V.INFIN homehome.ADV withwith.PREP carerscarer.N.PL
  stay home with carers?
22TEGia .
23TEGmae medru cerdded ar y pulpitCE # digon .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN walk.NONFINwalk.V.INFIN onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF pulpitpulpit.N.SG enoughenough.QUAN
  he can walk on/with the pulpit enough
24TEGa mae [/] mae (e)i # stafell wely fo # justCE wrth ymyl y gegin .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S roomroom.N.F.SG bedbed.N.M.SG+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S justjust.ADV beby.PREP sideedge.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF kitchenkitchen.N.F.SG+SM
  and his bedroom is just next to the kitchen
25TEGa wedyn mi fedrith [?] o gerdded # nôl ac ymlaen # justCE [//] wellCE dwywaith y diwrnod i <fynd i &w> [/] # fynd i wely a codi o wely .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV PRTPRT.AFF can.3S.NONPASTbe_able.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3SMof.PREP walk.NONFINwalk.V.INFIN+SM backfetch.V.INFIN andand.CONJ aheadforward.ADV justjust.ADV wellwell.ADV twicetwice.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF dayday.N.M.SG toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP bed.POSSD.3SMbed.N.M.SG+SM andand.CONJ rise.NONFINlift.V.INFIN fromhe.PRON.M.3S bed.POSSD.3SMbed.N.M.SG+SM
  and then he can walk back and forth just...well, twice a day to go to...go to bed and get up from bed
26TEGa wedyn fydd o (y)n eistedd (y)n y gegin trwy dydd .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT sit.NONFINsit.V.INFIN inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF kitchenkitchen.N.F.SG+SM throughthrough.PREP dayday.N.M.SG
  and then he'll sit in the kitchen all day
27TEGa mae (y)r carersE yn picio fewn .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF carerscarer.N.PL PRTPRT pop.NONFINdart.V.INFIN inin.PREP+SM
  and the carers pop in
28TEGa dan ni (y)n piciad i_fewn a # neighboursE .
  andand.CONJ be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP pop.NONFINunk inin.PREP andand.CONJ neighboursneighbour.N.PL
  and we pop in and, neighbours
29NEL+< ohCE Duw mae well .
  IMoh.IM Godname be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES betterbetter.ADJ.COMP+SM
  oh God, it's better
30TEGsoCE mae (y)n iawn .
  soso.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT rightOK.ADV
  so he/it's alright
31TEGmae (y)n championCE efo (e)i remoteE controlE .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT championchampion.N.SG withwith.PREP POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S.[or].her.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].go.V.2S.PRES remoteremote.ADJ controlcontrol.SV.INFIN
  he's great with his remote control
32TEGa mae gynno fo lotCE o lyfrau .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP booksbooks.N.M.PL+SM
  and he's got a lot of books
33TEG<mae (y)r llyfrgell> [//] # mae (y)r # mobile_libraryE yn dod yna .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF librarylibrary.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF mobile_libraryunk PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN therethere.ADV
  the library...the mobile-library goes there
34NEL+< o:hCE .
35NELohCE mae hynna (y)n iawn dydy .
  oh that's fine, isn't it
36TEG+< soCE <mae (hyn)na (y)n> [?] championCE .
  soso.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT championchampion.N.SG
  so that's champion
37TEGmae justCE # dw meddwl # justCE psychologicallyE fydd o (y)n well adra # na fysai fo mewn # cartre .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN justjust.ADV psychologicallypsychological.ADJ+ADV.[or].psychologically.ADV be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT betterbetter.ADJ.COMP+SM homehomewards.ADV PRTthan.CONJ be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inin.PREP homehome.N.M.SG
  it's just, I think, just psychologically he'll be better off at home than he would be in a home
38TEG(ba)sai fo justCE yn [!] mynd downhillE .
  be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S justjust.ADV PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN downhilldownhill.ADJ
  he just would go downhill
39TEGachos dw meddwl # os wyt ti (y)n championCE yn dy feddwl # mae bod mewn cartre mae sureCE yn +/ .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT championchampion.N.SG inPRT POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S mindthink.V.INFIN+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN inin.PREP homehome.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  because if you're fine in your mind, being in a home, probably, is...
40NELdepressingE dydy .
  depressingdepress.V.PRESPART be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  depressing isn't it
41TEG+, <ti (ddi)m> [?] [///] there'sE onlyE oneE wayE toE goE (fe)lly &=laugh .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM there''sthere.PRON+BE.V.3S.PRES onlyon.PREP+ADV.[or].only.ADJ oneone.PRON.SG wayway.N.SG toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN thusso.ADV
  you're not...there's only one way to go, like
42NEL+< &=laugh .
43NELfysai fo (ddi)m yn dod i fyw +/?
  wouldn't he come to live..?
44TEGmindE youE o'n i meddwl amdan y peth de .
  mindmind.N.SG youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN aboutfor_them.PREP+PRON.3P DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  mind you, I was thinking about it, right
45TEGa [?] dw i meddwl <pan xxx> [//] pan fydda i (y)n hen # (ba)swn i (ddi)m yn meindio mynd i gartre de .
  and I think when [...] ...when I'm old, I wouldn't mind going to a home, you know
46NELna (ba)swn i (ddi)m meindio chwaith .
  nono.ADV be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM mind.NONFINmind.V.INFIN eitherneither.ADV
  no, I wouldn't mind either
47NELxxx +/ .
48TEGwyt ti (y)n cael # bob_dim (we)di wneud i chdi # swper brecwast bob_dim .
  be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN everythingeverything.PRON.[or].everything.N.M.SG+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM forto.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S suppersupper.N.MF.SG breakfastbreakfast.N.MF.SG everythingeverything.PRON.[or].everything.N.M.SG+SM
  you get everything done for you, supper, breakfast, everything
49TEGti cael mwydro pobl eraill sy # xxx (y)r un oed â chdi .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN moider.NONFINbewilder.V.INFIN peoplepeople.N.F.SG otherothers.PRON be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM ageage.N.M.SG PRTas.CONJ youyou.PRON.2S
  you get to moider other people who are [...] the same age as you
50NEL+< xxx .
51NELmmmCE .
52NELoedd nain fi (y)n byw mewn ryw umCE +// .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF grandmothergrandmother.N.F.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN inin.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM IMum.IM
  my gran lived in some, um...
53TEGmmmCE .
54NELxxx hi wrth ei bodd yna sti .
  PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S byby.PREP POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S likingpleasure.N.M.SG therethere.ADV know.2Syou_know.IM
  she loved it there you know
55NELo'n nhw i_gyd yn chwarae bingoCE a # timod xxx +// .
  be.3PL.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P allall.ADJ PRTPRT play.NONFINplay.V.INFIN bingobingo.N.SG.[or].pingo.N.SG+SM andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  they'd all play bingo and, you know, [...] ...
56TEG+< mmmCE # idealCE .
  IMmmm.IM idealideal.N.SG
  mmm, ideal
57NELxxx [/] # xxx rywun <wneud ei> [?] siopa hi .
  xsomeone.N.M.SG+SM somebodymake.V.INFIN+SM do.NONFINher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S POSS.3SFshop.V.INFIN shop.NONFINshe.PRON.F.3S PRON.3SF
  [...] somebody did her shopping
58NELwedyn <oedd lle oedd> [?] # ystafell hi fel oedd ffenestr hi constantCE yn (a)gored .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF wherewhere.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF roomroom.N.F.SG PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S likelike.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF windowwindow.N.F.SG PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S constantconstant.ADJ PRTPRT openopen.ADJ.[or].open.V.3S.IMPER
  then, where her room was, like, her window was constantly open
59NELoedd hi (y)n &p eistedd wrth ymyl ffenestr .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT sit.NONFINsit.V.INFIN byby.PREP sideedge.N.F.SG windowwindow.N.F.SG
  she'd sit by the window
60NEL&s oedd hi (y)n gweld pawb yn pasio xxx yn gweiddi drwy ffenestr a nhw yn &n timod # dod draw .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN everybodyeveryone.PRON PRTPRT pass.NONFINpass.V.INFIN PRTPRT shout.NONFINshout.V.INFIN throughthrough.PREP+SM windowwindow.N.F.SG andand.CONJ PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN overyonder.ADV
  she'd see everybody passing [...] shout through the window and they'd, you know, come over
61TEG+< &=laugh .
62NELsoCE # oedd hi wrth ei bodd yna de .
  soso.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S byby.PREP POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S likingpleasure.N.M.SG therethere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  so she loved it there, you know
63NELo_hyd yn chwarae cardiau neu <yn (y)r hall@s:eng> [?] neu bingoCE neu rywbeth .
  alwaysalways.ADV PRTPRT play.NONFINplay.V.INFIN cardscards.N.F.PL oror.CONJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF hallhall.N.SG oror.CONJ bingobingo.N.SG.[or].pingo.N.SG+SM oror.CONJ somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM
  always playing cards or in the hall or bingo or something
64TEG+< mmmCE # iawn de .
  IMmmm.IM rightOK.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  mmm, alright, isn't it
65NELsoCE # xxx .
  so [...]
66NELo'n i meddwl (ba)sai fan (y)na (y)n le bach rightCE niceCE i fynd yn hen de .
  be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV PRTPRT placeplace.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ rightright.ADJ nicenice.ADJ toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT oldold.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  I thought that would be quite a nice place to grow old, you know
67TEGia Duw # &=laugh .
  yesyes.ADV Godname
  yes, God
68NEL+< &=laugh .
69NELond [?] erCE # dw i kindE ofE dallt pam (ba)set ti (ddi)m isio mynd i nurs:ingE homeE felly [?] .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S kindkind.N.SG.[or].kind.ADJ ofof.PREP understand.NONFINunderstand.V.INFIN whywhy?.ADV be.2S.CONDITbe.V.2S.PLUPERF PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM wantwant.N.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP nursingunk homehome.ADV thusso.ADV
  but er, I kind of understand why you wouldn't want to go to a nursing home, like
70TEGia .
71NELxxx +.. .
72NEL&=laugh # rhyfedd meddwl <am hynna (he)fyd dydy> [?] .
  strangestrange.ADJ think.NONFINthought.N.M.SG.[or].think.V.2S.IMPER.[or].think.V.3S.PRES.[or].think.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP alsoalso.ADV thusbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  strange to think about that too, isn't it
73TEGmmmCE # gwybod .
  IMmmm.IM know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN
  mmm, I know
74NEL&=laugh .
75NEL&=laugh be s(y) gen ti blanio [?] at weekendE xx ?
  whatwhat.INT be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S plan.NONFINunk forto.PREP weekendweekend.N.SG
  what have you got planned for the weekend [...] ?
76TEGumCE dw mynd i Manceinion dydd Sadwrn .
  IMum.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP Manchestername dayday.N.M.SG SaturdaySaturday.N.M.SG
  um, I'm going to Manchester on Saturday
77NEL+< ohCE coolCE .
  IMoh.IM coolcool.SV.INFIN
  oh cool
78TEGmae un o ffrindiau # o'n i (y)n coleg efo # mae hi (y)n cael ei phen_blwydd .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES oneone.NUM ofof.PREP friendsfriends.N.M.PL be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S inPRT.[or].in.PREP collegecollege.N.M.SG withwith.PREP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3SFher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S birthdaybirthday.N.M.SG+AM
  one of the friends I was at uni with, it's her birthday
79TEGwedyn dan ni +// .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P
  so we...
80TEGmae (y)na groupCE o tua pump neu chwech (oh)onan ni sydd # (we)di bod yn # ffrindiau gorau ers i ni adael .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV groupgroup.N.SG.[or].croup.N.SG+SM ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP approximatelytowards.PREP fivefive.NUM oror.CONJ sixsix.NUM of.1PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP friendsfriends.N.M.PL bestbest.ADJ.SUP sincesince.PREP forto.PREP PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P leave.NONFINleave.V.INFIN+SM
  there's a group of about five or six of us who've been best friends since we left
81TEGa dan ni # cyfarfod # tua unwaith pob # chwech neu wyth wsnos .
  andand.CONJ be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P meet.NONFINmeet.V.INFIN approximatelytowards.PREP onceonce.ADV everyeach.PREQ sixsix.NUM oror.CONJ eighteight.NUM weekweek.N.F.SG
  and we meet up about once every six or eight weeks
82NEL+< mmmCE .
83TEGwedyn # tro (y)ma dan ni gyd (we)di planio mynd lawr at (e)i [/] # (e)i phen_blwydd hi a surprise_ioE+cym hi .
  thenafterwards.ADV turnturn.N.M.SG.[or].turn.V.2S.IMPER herehere.ADV be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P alljoint.ADJ+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP plan.NONFINunk go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN downdown.ADV forto.PREP POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S POSS.3SFher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S birthdaybirthday.N.M.SG+AM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S andand.CONJ surprise.NONFINsurprise.SV.INFIN PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S
  so this time we've all planned to go down for...for her birthday and surprise her
84NELohCE (dy)dy (ddi)m yn gwybod ?
  oh, she doesn't know?
85TEGna .
86NELohCE bechod .
  IMoh.IM sinhow_sad.IM
  oh bless her
87TEGjustCE (y)r unig beth dan ni yn crash_oE+cym (e)i [//] yn # flatCE hi .
  justjust.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF onlyonly.PREQ thingwhat.INT be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT crash.NONFINcrash.V.INFIN POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S inPRT flatflat.ADJ PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S
  just the only thing, we are crashing her flat
88TEGa (dy)dy (ddi)m yn gwybod eto .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN yetagain.ADV
  and she doesn't know yet
89NEL&=laugh .
90TEGsoCE fyddan ni (y)n troi fyny a fath â +"/ .
  soso.ADV be.1PL.FUTbe.V.3P.FUT+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT turn.NONFINturn.V.INFIN upup.ADV andand.CONJ kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ
  so we'll turn up and, like:
91TEG+" hiyaCE pen_blwydd hapus .
  hiyaunk birthdaybirthday.N.M.SG happyhappy.ADJ
  "hiya, happy birthday"
92TEG+" a byE theE wayE dan ni cysgu (y)ma heno &=laugh .
  andand.CONJ byby.PREP thethe.DET.DEF wayway.N.SG be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P sleep.NONFINsleep.V.INFIN herehere.ADV tonighttonight.ADV
  "and by the way, we're sleeping here tonight"
93NEL+< &=laugh ohCE .
94TEGond umCE # <mae gynni &ɬ> [//] mae gynni flatCE rightCE fawr .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES with.3SFwith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES with.3SFwith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S flatflat.ADJ.[or].blat.SV.INFIN+SM rightright.ADJ bigbig.ADJ+SM
  but um, she's got quite a big flat
95TEGwedyn [?] <dan ni> [//] xxx ni gyd justCE mynd â sleeping_bagsE .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P alljoint.ADJ+SM justjust.ADV go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN withwith.PREP sleeping_bagsunk
  so we're.. . we [...] all take sleeping-bags
96TEGa wedyn <dan ni gyd> [//] dan ni mynd allan am fwyd ## umCE ## tua chwech .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P alljoint.ADJ+SM be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN outout.ADV forfor.PREP foodfood.N.M.SG+SM IMum.IM approximatelytowards.PREP sixsix.NUM
  and then we're all...we're going out for food, um, at about six
97TEGwedyn &a [/] # aros allan # trwy nos # roundCE y barsCE ballu .
  thenafterwards.ADV stay.NONFINwait.V.INFIN outout.ADV throughthrough.PREP nightnight.N.F.SG roundround.ADJ DETthe.DET.DEF barsbar.N.SG+PL.[or].par.N.SG+SM+PL.[or].pars.N.SG+SM suchsuchlike.PRON
  then staying out all night, round the bars and so on
98NEL+< coolCE .
99NELmmmCE .
100TEGchangeCE o FangorCE .
  changechange.SV.INFIN fromfrom.PREP Bangorname
  a change from Bangor
101NELia .
102NEL(y)dy niceCE mynd yn_ôl (y)na ?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES nicenice.ADJ go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN backback.ADV therethere.ADV
  is it nice to go back ther?
103NELta (y)dy [/] (y)dy (y)n +//?
  orbe.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  or is it..?
104NEL(y)dy o (we)di newid lotCE ?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP change.NONFINchange.V.INFIN lotlot.N.SG
  has it changed a lot?
105TEGmae o (we)di newid sti .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP change.NONFINchange.V.INFIN know.2Syou_know.IM
  it has changed, you know
106NEL<newid yn fastCE> [?] .
  change.NONFINchange.V.INFIN PRTPRT fastfast.ADJ.[or].bast.N.SG+SM.[or].mast.N.SG+SM
  changing fast
107TEGyndy .
108TEG<mae (y)na fath â> [/] # mae (y)na # hotelCE anferth newydd yna .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV hotelhotel.N.SG enormoushuge.ADJ newnew.ADJ therethere.ADV
  there's like...there's a new enormous hotel there
109TEG<mae (y)na # fath â &ʃ> [//] mae (y)na justCE shoppingE complexesE .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV justjust.ADV shoppingshop.N.SG+ASV complexescomplex.ADJ+PV
  there are, like...there are just shopping complexes
110TEGmae newid ac yn # datblygu .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES change.NONFINchange.V.INFIN andand.CONJ PRTPRT develop.NONFINdevelop.V.INFIN
  it's changing and developing
111NEL+< mmmCE .
112TEGond IE supposeE dw i adre ers # <dwy flynedd> [//] dwy flynedd a hanner .
  butbut.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S supposesuppose.V.1S.PRES be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S homehome.ADV sincesince.PREP twotwo.NUM.F yearyears.N.F.PL+SM twotwo.NUM.F yearyears.N.F.PL+SM andand.CONJ halfhalf.N.M.SG
  but I suppose I've been home for two years...two years and a half
113TEGsoCE # mae boundCE o newid lotCE yndy .
  soso.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES boundbind.PASTPART ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP change.NONFINchange.V.INFIN lotlot.N.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH
  so, it's bound to change a lot, isn't it
114NEL+< mmmCE .
115NELdw isio mynd i ManchesterE .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP Manchestername
  I want to go to Manchester
116NELxxx # oedden ni (we)di meddwl mynd +// .
  [...] we'd thought of going...
117NELmae &g # umCE # Radio_LuxembourgCE # yn umCE chwarae yn ManchesterE .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES IMum.IM Radio_Luxembourgname PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMum.IM play.NONFINplay.V.INFIN inin.PREP Manchestername
  um, Radio Luxembourg are, um, playing in Manchester
118NEL(we)dyn oedden ni (we)di meddwl +"/ .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRT.PASTafter.PREP think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  so we'd though:
119NEL+" ohCE Duw (ba)sai (y)n coolCE mynd i +/ .
  IMoh.IM Godname be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF PRTPRT coolcool.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP
  "oh God, it'd be cool to go to..."
120TEGohCE pa bryd mae nhw chwarae ManchesterE ?
  IMoh.IM whichwhich.ADJ timewhen.INT+SM be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P play.NONFINplay.V.INFIN Manchestername
  oh, when are they playing in Manchester
121NELumCE [=? ond] ar nos Fercher mae o .
  IMum.IM buton.PREP onnight.N.F.SG nightWednesday.N.F.SG+SM Wednesdaybe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PREShe.PRON.M.3S PRON.3SM
  um, it's on a Wednesday night
122NELam [?] bod o'n i (we)di meddwl (peta)sai fo weekendE (ba)sen ni gallu mynd draw aros efo brawd HeddCE .
  forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN if_be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF.HYP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S weekendweekend.N.SG be.1PL.CONDITbe.V.1P.PLUPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN overyonder.ADV stay.NONFINwait.V.INFIN withwith.PREP brotherbrother.N.M.SG Heddname
  because I thought if it was the weekend we could go over and stay with Hedd's brother
123TEG+< mmmCE .
124NELa # (ba)sai noson reallyE da cael bod yn # ManchesterE ond efo llwyth o timod # xxx .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF nightnight.N.F.SG reallyreal.ADJ+ADV goodbe.IM+SM get.NONFINget.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN inin.PREP Manchestername butbut.CONJ withwith.PREP loadload.N.M.SG.[or].tribe.N.M.SG ofhe.PRON.M.3S know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES
  and it'd be a really good night to get to be in Manchester but with a load of, you know [...]
125TEG++ Cymraeg .
126NELia .
127NELond umCE ar nos Fercher .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM onon.PREP nightnight.N.F.SG WednesdayWednesday.N.F.SG+SM
  but um, on Wednesday night
128NELwedyn # oedd HeddCE (dd)im yn gallu cymryd # amser offCE reallyE (y)n ystod yr wsnos .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF Heddname NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN take.NONFINtake.V.INFIN timetime.N.M.SG offoff.PREP reallyreal.ADJ+ADV inin.PREP rangerange.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF weekweek.N.F.SG
  so, Hedd couldn't take time of really during the week
129TEGmmmCE .
130NELsoCE # (ba)sai hynna (we)di bod dda .
  soso.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN goodgood.ADJ+SM
  so, that would have been good
131TEGdan ni (we)di cael ticketsCE i weld y ViewCE yn Lerpwl # yn mis Ebrill de .
  be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN ticketsticket.N.SG+PL toto.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF Viewname inin.PREP Liverpoolname inPRT.[or].in.PREP monthmonth.N.M.SG AprilApril.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  we've gotten tickets to go see the View in Liverpool in April, right
132TEGmae hwnna ar nos Sul .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG onon.PREP nightnight.N.F.SG SundaySunday.N.M.SG
  that's on Sunday night
133TEGond dan ni mynd i aros a justCE # trafaelio nôl bore dydd Llun .
  butbut.CONJ be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP stay.NONFINwait.V.INFIN andand.CONJ justjust.ADV travel.NONFINlabour.V.INFIN backfetch.V.INFIN morningmorning.N.M.SG dayday.N.M.SG MondayMonday.N.M.SG
  but we're going to stay and just travel back on Monday morning
134NELDuw ia .
  Godname yesyes.ADV
  God yes
135TEG+< soCE +.. .
136NELdw i mynd i weld Gruff_RhysCE # dim weekendE nesa weekendE wedyn .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM Gruff_Rhysname NEGnot.ADV weekendweekend.N.SG nextnext.ADJ.SUP weekendweekend.N.SG afterafterwards.ADV
  I'm going to see Gruff Rhys, not next weekend, the weekend after
137TEG&=gasp wyt ?
  are you?
138TEGdw i reallyE isio gweld Gruff_RhysCE .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S reallyreal.ADJ+ADV wantwant.N.M.SG see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN Gruff_Rhysname
  I really want to see Gruff Rhys
139NELmmmCE .
140TEG+< lle mae o ?
  wherewhere.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  where is he
141NELyn AberystwythCE yn y xxx .
  inin.PREP Aberystwythname inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF
  in Aberystwyth in the [...]
142TEG+< yn y llyfrgell ?
  inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF librarylibrary.N.M.SG
  in the library?
143NELie .
144TEGohCE yeahCE mae (y)n [//] # (we)di gwerthu allan dw meddwl do .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRT.PASTafter.PREP sell.NONFINsell.V.INFIN outout.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN yesyes.ADV.PAST
  oh yeah, it's sold out I think, hasn't it
145NEL+< tocynnau gyd (we)di mynd .
  ticketstickets.N.M.PL alljoint.ADJ+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN
  all the tickets are gone
146NELyndy .
147TEG+< yeahCE .
148NELyndy .
149NELxxx dda .
  [...] good
150NELxxx +/ .
151TEG+< ti efo CandylionCE ?
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S withwith.PREP Candylionname
  have you got Candylion?
152NELna dw i bod yn trio xxx [//] download_ioE+cym fo ar i_TunesCE .
  nono.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN download.NONFINunk PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S onon.PREP i_Tunesunk
  no, I've been trying to download it on iTunes
153NELmae genna i ryw voucherE i_TunesCE .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES with.1Sgrow_scaly.V.3S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S.[or].to.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM vouchervouch.SV.INFIN+COMP.AG.[or].voucher.N.SG i_Tunesunk
  I've got this iTunes voucher
154NELges i o Dolig .
  get.1S.PASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRON.3SMof.PREP ChristmasChristmas.N.M.SG
  I got it at Christmas
155NELohCE dw i bod mynd â fo +// .
  oh, I've been taking it...
156NELxxx i o nôl +// .
  PRON.1Sto.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S backfetch.V.INFIN
  I [...] it back...
157NELdw i bod yn ArgosCE dwywaith wan am bod pethau &m +// .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN inin.PREP Argosname twicetwice.ADV nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN thingsthings.N.M.PL
  I've been to Argos twice now because things...
158NEL<ti fod> [///] # pan ti cael voucherE i_TunesCE mae nhw fod i activate_ioE+cym fo cyn roid o i chdi .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM whenwhen.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN vouchervouch.SV.INFIN+COMP.AG.[or].voucher.N.SG i_Tunesunk be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP activate.NONFINactivate.SV.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S beforebefore.PREP give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S toto.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  you're supposed...when you get an iTunes voucher they're supposed to activate it before giving it to you
159NELond dydyn nhw ddim .
  but they haven't/don't
160NELa dw i bod (y)na dwywaith am bod obviouslyE xxx colli receiptCE # &=laugh wrth_gwrs .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV twicetwice.ADV forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN obviouslyobvious.ADJ+ADV lose.NONFINlose.V.INFIN receiptreceipt.N.SG of_courseof_course.ADV
  and I've been there twice now because obviously [...] lost the receipt, of course
161TEG+< mmmCE [?] .
162NELa # xxx gofyn (wr)thyn nhw justCE swipe_ioE+cym fo .
  andand.CONJ ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P justjust.ADV swipe.NONFINswipe.SV.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  and [...] asked them to just swipe it
163NELa [=? ond] mae nhw fel yn deud +// .
  andand.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P likelike.CONJ PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  and they, like, say...
164NELtro cynta wnaethon nhw yrru fi &nɔ [//] o (y)na yn deud # umCE # (ry)wbeth # bod raid fi edrych am y receiptCE .
  turnturn.N.M.SG firstfirst.ORD do.3PL.PASTdo.V.3P.PAST+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P send.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM fromhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP therethere.ADV PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN IMum.IM somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN necessitynecessity.N.M.SG+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF receiptreceipt.N.SG
  the first time they sent me away saying, um, something that I had to look for the receipt
165NELes i nôl deud bod fi (ddi)m yn gallu ffeindio fo .
  I went back saying that I can't find it
166NELa wedyn [?] (dde)udodd o +"/ .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV say.3S.PASTsay.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  and then he said:
167NEL+" ohCE raid chdi &g dod â (y)r cardyn ti (we)di brynu fo nôl i swipe_ioE+cym fo .
  IMoh.IM necessitynecessity.N.M.SG+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN PRTwith.PREP withthe.DET.DEF DETunk cardyou.PRON.2S PRON.2Safter.PREP PRT.PASTbuy.V.INFIN+SM buy.NONFINhe.PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMfetch.V.INFIN backto.PREP toswipe.N.SG swipe.NONFINhe.PRON.M.3S PRON.3SM
  "oh, you have to bring the card you bought it back to swipe it"
168NELa typicalE gynna i (ddi)m y cardyn # yna .
  andand.CONJ typicaltypical.ADJ with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF cardunk therethere.ADV
  and typical, I didn't have that card/didn't have the card there
169NELsoCE dw i mynd yn_ôl hwyrach ymlaen .
  soso.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN backback.ADV laterperhaps.ADV aheadforward.ADV
  so I'm going back later on
170NELxx dw isio download_ioE+cym hwnnw .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG download.NONFINunk thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG
  [...] I want to download that
171NELxxx fancyCE # albumCE newydd Gwen_StefaniCE .
  fancyfancy.ASV.INFIN albumalbum.N.SG newnew.ADJ Gwen_Stefaniname
  [...] fancy Gwen Stefani's new album
172TEGohCE gynna i hwnna os ti isio copïo fo .
  IMoh.IM with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG copy.NONFINcopy.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  oh, I've got that if you want to copy it
173NEL+< ohCE oes ?
  oh have you?
174NELohCE yeahCE (ba)sai hynna (y)n coo(l)CE +// .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT coolcool.V.INFIN
  oh yeah, that would be cool...
175NEL<ydy o (y)n un da> [///] ydy o dda ?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT oneone.NUM goodgood.ADJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S goodgood.ADJ+SM
  is it a good it good?
176TEGyndy mae o rightCE dda .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S rightright.ADJ goodgood.ADJ+SM
  yes, it is quite good
177NELmmmCE .
178TEGumCE # o'n i am ddeud (wr)tha chdi actuallyE (be)causeE dw gwybod bod chdi (y)n licio hi # bod gynno fi fo .
  IMum.IM be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S forfor.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM to.2Sto_me.PREP+PRON.1S PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV becausebecause.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT like.NONFINlike.V.INFIN PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  um, I was going to tell you actually, because I know you like her, that I've got it
179TEGwnes i # justCE prynu fo &r wythnos dwytha o TescoCE .
  do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S justjust.ADV buy.NONFINbuy.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S weekweek.N.F.SG previouslast.ADJ fromof.PREP Tesconame
  I just bought it last week from Tesco
180NELohCE <fysai hynna (y)n> [?] coolCE .
  IMoh.IM be.3S.CONDITfinger.V.3S.IMPERF+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT coolcool.V.INFIN
  oh that'd be cool
181TEG+< ond erCE mae o (y)n dda .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT goodgood.ADJ+SM
  but er, it is good
182TEGyeahCE wna i ddod <â fo> [=? efo] +// .
  yeahyeah.ADV do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S come.nofincome.V.INFIN+SM withwith.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  yeah, I'll bring it
183TEGdw (ddi)m efo fo # yn carCE actuallyE .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM withwith.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inPRT carcar.N.SG actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV
  I haven't got it in the car actually
184TEGwna i ddod â fo # wsnos nesa .
  do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN+SM withwith.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S weekweek.N.F.SG nextnext.ADJ.SUP
  I'll bring it next week
185NELia .
186NELxxx bod (y)na rywun arall dw i +// .
  be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM otherother.ADJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S
  [...] there's somebody else I...
187NELohCE KooksCE .
  IMoh.IM Kooksname
  oh Kooks
188TEGohCE yeahCE dw i (e)fo hwnna (he)fyd .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S withwith.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG alsoalso.ADV
  oh yeah, I've got that too
189NELohCE wyt ?
  IMoh.IM be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES
  oh have you?
190TEGxxx [//] dw i (we)di clywed bod nhw (y)n headline_ioE+cym &wɛ [//] erCE WakestockCE .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT headline.NONFINheadline.N.SG IMer.IM Wakestockname
  [...] I've heard that they're headlining Wakestock
191NELohCE [?] .
192TEG+< ond dw (ddi)m gwybod os mae (y)n wir .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT truetrue.ADJ+SM
  but I don't know if it's true
193TEGachos dyn nhw (ddi)m (we)di conffyrmio # eto .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3PL.PRES.NEGman.N.M.SG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP confirm.NONFINunk yetagain.ADV
  because they haven't confirmed yet
194NEL+< ie .
195TEGond umCE mae un o ffrindiau fi # ClaireCE <mae (y)n byw yn Abers(och)CE> [//] wellCE mae chartre hi # yn AbersochCE .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES oneone.NUM ofof.PREP friendsfriends.N.M.PL PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM Clairename be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN inin.PREP Abersochname wellwell.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES homehome.N.M.SG+AM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S inin.PREP Abersochname
  but um, one of my friends, Claire, she lives in Abers...well, her home is in Abersoch
196NEL+< xxx .
197TEGac dw meddwl bod hi (we)di clywed gyn # rywun .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN fromwith.PREP somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM
  and I think she's heard from somebody
198NELmmmCE .
199NELohCE (ba)sai (y)n coolCE .
  oh it'd be cool
200TEG+< dim syniad pwy .
  NEGnot.ADV ideaidea.N.M.SG whowho.PRON
  no idea who
201NELdw i definitelyE mynd os (y)dy KooksCE +.. .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S definitelydefinite.ADJ+ADV.[or].definitely.ADV go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Kooksname
  I'm definitely going if the Kooks...
202TEG+< dw i (y)n gwybod .
  I know
203TEGond o'n i meddwl ia mae sureCE bydd # hynna (y)n # timod ## yn rightCE fath â # expectedE .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN yesyes.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRTPRT rightright.ADJ kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ expectedexpect.V.INFIN+AV
  but I was thinking, yes, that will probably be, you know, quite expected
204TEGachos # oedd y ZutonsCE a FeederCE # blwyddyn dwytha .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF Zutonsname andand.CONJ Feedername yearyear.N.F.SG previouslast.ADJ
  because there were the Zutons and Feeder last year
205NEL+< xxx .
206NEL+< oedd o dda doedd blwyddyn dwytha .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S goodgood.ADJ+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF.NEG yearyear.N.F.SG previouslast.ADJ
  it was good wasn't it, last year
207TEGmae (r)eina rightCE highE profileCE dydy .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thosethose.PRON+SM rightright.ADJ highthigh.ADJ profileprofile.N.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  they're quite high profile, aren't they
208TEGsoCE +.. .
209NELyndy .
210NELbe wnaethoch chi <drwy dydd> [?] ?
  whatwhat.INT do.2PL.PASTdo.V.2P.PAST+SM PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P throughthrough.PREP+SM dayday.N.M.SG
  what did you do all day?
211NELcampio ta cysgu (y)n carCE ?
  camp.NONFINcamp.V.INFIN orbe.IM sleep.NONFINsleep.V.INFIN inPRT carcar.N.SG
  camp or sleep in the car?
212TEGwnaethon ni aros yn NefynCE .
  do.1PL.PASTdo.V.3P.PAST+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P stay.NONFINwait.V.INFIN inin.PREP Nefynname
  we stayed in Nefyn
213NELhmmCE ?
214TEGdw i (y)n campio [!] tro (y)ma .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT camp.NONFINcamp.V.INFIN turnturn.N.M.SG.[or].turn.V.2S.IMPER herehere.ADV
  I'm camping this time
215NELwyt ?
  are you?
216TEGachos +// .
217TEGohCE &n (dy)dy NefynCE ddim yn bell o_gwbl .
  IMoh.IM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG Nefynname NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT farfar.ADJ+SM at_allat_all.ADV
  oh, Nefyn's not far at all
218TEGond wnaethon [//] oedden ni (y)n disgwyl am y busesCE (y)na am oriau .
  butbut.CONJ do.1PL.PASTdo.V.3P.PAST+SM be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT wait.NONFINexpect.V.INFIN forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF busesbuses.N.PL therethere.ADV forfor.PREP hourshours.N.F.PL
  but we were waiting for those buses [/the buses there] for hours
219NEL+< ohCE .
220NELohCE xxx +/ .
  oh [...] ...
221TEG+< ac oedd hi (y)n oer .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT coldcold.ADJ
  and it was cold
222NELohCE oedd hi (y)n oer uffernol yna [?] doedd .
  IMoh.IM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT coldcold.ADJ hellishunk therethere.ADV be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.NEG
  oh, it was incredibly cold there wasn't it
223TEG+< oedd hi (y)n oer doedd .
  it was cold, wasn't it
224NELcofio mynd .
  remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN
  I remember going
225NELa oedd hi mor braf wnes i fynd efo ryw # t_shirtCE rightCE +/ .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S soso.ADV finefine.ADJ do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM withwith.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM t_shirtunk rightright.ADJ
  and it was so nice I went with a t-shirt quite...
226TEGwellCE ia dyna (y)dy peth .
  wellwell.ADV yesyes.ADV therethat_is.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thingthing.N.M.SG
  well yes, that's the thing
227TEGerCE justCE shortsCE a fath â vestCE topCE neu (ryw)beth .
  IMer.IM justjust.ADV shortsshort.ADJ+PL.[or].shorts.N.PL andand.CONJ kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.PREP vestvest.N.SG toptop.N.SG oror.CONJ somethingssomething.N.M.SG+SM
  er, just shorts and, like, a vest top or something
228NELia .
229TEG&s # <toeddwn i> [=? toedden ni] (ddi)m efo +/ .
  be.1S.IMP.NEGunk PRON.1Sto.PREP NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM withwith.PREP
  I didn't have...
230NELxxx [//] ohCE wnes i +// .
  [..] oh I...
231NELfel o'n i mynd drwy drws dyma rywun xxx deud +"/ .
  likelike.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN throughthrough.PREP+SM doordoor.N.M.SG herethis_is.ADV somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  as I was going through the door, somebody [...] said:
232NEL+" rho +// .
233NELdyma (y)n chwaer yn deud +"/ .
  herethis_is.ADV POSS.1SPRT.[or].in.PREP sistersister.N.F.SG PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  my sister said:
234NEL+" ohCE cer nôl i nôl jumperCE .
  IMoh.IM go.2S.IMPERgo.V.2S.IMPER backback.ADV.[or].fetch.V.INFIN toto.PREP fetch.NONFINfetch.V.INFIN jumperjumper.N.SG
  "oh go back to get a jumper"
235NEL+" xxx mynd i fod yn oer .
  "[...] going to be cold"
236NELa wnes i .
  andand.CONJ do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S
  and I did
237NELond o'n i dal yn +// .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S stillstill.ADV PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  but I was still...
238NELo'n i fferu xxx de .
  I was freezing [...] you know
239NELdw cofio # mynd i brynu paned o de i <gynhesu nwylo> [?] .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP buy.NONFINbuy.V.INFIN+SM cuppacupful.N.M.SG ofof.PREP teabe.IM+SM toto.PREP warm.NONFINwarm.V.INFIN+SM hands.POSSD.1Shands.N.F.PL+NM
  I remember going to buy a cup of tea to warm my hands
240TEG+< mmmCE .
241TEGo'ch chdi (y)n yfed +// .
  be.2S.IMPunk PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT drink.NONFINdrink.V.INFIN
  you were drinking...
242TEGoedda chdi (y)n umCE dreifio doedd .
  you were driving, weren't you
243NELdo .
244TEGmmmCE .
245NELblwyddyn yma raid fi berswad(io) [///] un_ai perswadio [?] chwaer i ddreifio neu xx # ella wna i gampio (y)na .
  yearyear.N.F.SG herehere.ADV necessitynecessity.N.M.SG+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM persuade.NONFINpersuade.V.INFIN+SM eithereither.ADV persuade.NONFINpersuade.V.INFIN sistersister.N.F.SG toto.PREP drive.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN+SM oror.CONJ perhapsmaybe.ADV do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S camp.NONFINcamp.V.INFIN+SM therethere.ADV
  this year I have to persuade...either persuade my sister to drive or [...] perhaps I'll camp there
246NEL<oedd o> [?] drud neu (ry)wbeth i gampio doedd .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S expensiveexpensive.ADJ oror.CONJ somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM toto.PREP camp.NONFINcamp.V.INFIN+SM be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.NEG
  it was expensive, or something, to camp, wasn't it
247NELxxx +/ .
248TEGmi oedd o (y)n ddrud sti .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT expensiveexpensive.ADJ+SM know.2Syou_know.IM
  it was expensive, you know
249TEGdw meddwl bod o werth o os ti am [?] mynd am y ddau noson ella .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S worthsell.V.3S.PRES+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S forfor.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF two.Mtwo.NUM.M+SM nightnight.N.F.SG perhapsmaybe.ADV
  I think it's worth it if you're going to go for both nights, perhaps
250NELmmmCE .
251TEGdw (ddi)m yn gwybod os mae werth o i fynd am un noson i gampio .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES worthsell.V.3S.PRES+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM forfor.PREP oneone.NUM nightnight.N.F.SG toto.PREP camp.NONFINcamp.V.INFIN+SM
  I don't know if it's worth it to go camping for one night
252TEGsoCE ella wnawn ni gysidro mynd am ddau noson .
  soso.ADV perhapsmaybe.ADV do.1PL.NONPASTdo.V.1P.PRES+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P consider.NONFINconsider.V.INFIN+SM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN forfor.PREP twotwo.NUM.M+SM nightnight.N.F.SG
  so perhaps we'll consider going for two nights
253TEGgawn ni weld .
  we'll see
254TEGni weld # tan mae nhw wedi conffyrmio pwy sy (y)na .
  PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM untiluntil.PREP be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP confirm.NONFINunk whowho.PRON be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL therethere.ADV
  we'll see until they've confirmed who's there
255NELxxx diwedd Mehefin neu Gorffennaf .
  endend.N.M.SG JuneJune.N.M.SG oror.CONJ JulyJuly.N.M.SG
  [...] the end of June or July
256TEGGorffennaf .
257NELia .
258TEGachos dw i (y)n cofio o'n i (y)n Llundain # mewn cynhadledd .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S inPRT.[or].in.PREP LondonLondon.N.F.SG.PLACE inin.PREP conferenceconference.N.F.SG
  because I remember, I was in London, in a conference
259TEGac wnes i ddod yn_ôl .
  andand.CONJ do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN+SM backback.ADV
  and I came back
260TEGa dw meddwl # y penwythnos # wedyn <oedden ni (y)n # mynd> [/] oedden ni (y)n # mynd i AbersochCE .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF weekendweekend.N.M.SG afterafterwards.ADV be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP Abersochname
  and I think it was the weekend after we were going...we were going to Abersoch
261NELmmmCE .
262TEGxxx dda thoughE bydd .
  goodgood.ADJ+SM thoughthough.CONJ be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT
  [...] good though, won't it
263NELbydd # bydd o <(y)n dda> [?] .
  be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT goodgood.ADJ+SM
  yes, it will be good
264NELhmmCE .
265NELie dw (ddi)m (gwy)bod # be i wneud fynd i SteddfodCE blwyddyn yma .
  yesyes.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT toto.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP Eisteddfodname yearyear.N.F.SG herehere.ADV
  yes, I don't know what to do [about?] going to the Eisteddfod this year
266NELxxx amser yna fydda i reallyE isi(o) [//] yn # sgwennu fyny (y)n ## timod # finalE draftCE xx .
  timetime.N.M.SG therethere.ADV be.1S.FUTbe.V.1S.FUT+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S reallyreal.ADJ+ADV wantwant.N.M.SG PRTPRT write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN upup.ADV POSS.1SPRT.[or].in.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES finalfinal.ADJ draftdraft.N.SG
  [...] that time I'll really writing up my, you know, final draft
267TEGdw i: meddwl bod fi mynd am # fewE days:E .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN forfor.PREP fewfew.ADJ daysday.N.PL
  I think I'm going for a few days
268NELia ella a i (y)r weekendE ola .
  yesyes.ADV perhapsmaybe.ADV go.1S.NONPASTand.CONJ PRON.1Sto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF weekendweekend.N.SG lastlast.ADJ
  yes, perhaps I'll go the last weekend
269TEGachos <dw i> [//] # fel arfer dw i <&n &kə> [//] yn helpu cwmni [/] # cwmni fi .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S likelike.CONJ habithabit.N.M.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT help.NONFINhelp.V.INFIN companycompany.N.M.SG companycompany.N.M.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  because I...usually I help my company
270NEL+< xxx .
271TEGachos mae nhw (e)fo stondin yna .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P withwith.PREP stallstall.N.M.SG therethere.ADV
  because they've got a stall there
272NELmmmCE .
273TEG<wsnos # dwyth(a)> [//] erCE blwyddyn dwytha # es i: # am # yr wythnos cyfa .
  weekweek.N.F.SG previouslast.ADJ IMer.IM yearyear.N.F.SG previouslast.ADJ go.1S.PASTgo.V.1S.PAST PRON.1SI.PRON.1S forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF weekweek.N.F.SG entireunk
  last, last year, I went for the whole week
274TEGumCE # a [?] wnes i enjoio fy hun thoughE .
  IMum.IM andand.CONJ do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S enjoy.NONFINenjoy.V.INFIN POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S selfself.PRON.SG thoughthough.CONJ
  um, and I enjoyed myself, though
275TEGac [//] ond oedd o (y)n Abertawe .
  andand.CONJ butbut.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inin.PREP SwanseaSwansea.NAME.PLACE
  and...but it was in Swansea
276TEGmae o # yn # Wyddgrug ?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inin.PREP Moldname
  it's in Mold?
277NEL++ +< (a)gosach .
278NELyndy MoldE yn rywle de .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH Moldname inin.PREP somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  yes, Mold somewhere, isn't it
279TEGie .
280NEL<rywle ffordd (y)na> [?] .
  somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM wayway.N.F.SG therethere.ADV
  somewhere round there
281TEGsoCE (dy)dy o (ddi)m # mor bell na(g) (y)dy .
  soso.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM soso.ADV farfar.ADJ+SM NEGthan.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES
  so it's not so far, is it
282NELna .
283NELna [?] # xxx +/ .
  no, [...] ...
284TEGxxx +// .
285TEGie ti meddwl +//?
  yesyes.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  yes, do you think..?
286TEGpa bryd ti meddwl fydd chdi (y)n # <hand_ioE+cym fyny> [//] hand_ioE+cym fewn dy # thesisCE ?
  whichwhich.ADJ timemind.N.M.SG.[or].when.INT+SM.[or].time.N.M.SG+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.2S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT hand.NONFINhand.N.SG upup.ADV hand.NONFINhand.N.SG inin.PREP+SM POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S thesisthesis.N.SG
  when do you think you'll hand up...hand in your thesis?
287NELohCE &ds aim_ioE+cym am diwedd Medi de .
  IMoh.IM aim.NONFINaim.SV.INFIN forfor.PREP endend.N.M.SG SeptemberSeptember.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh, aiming for the end of September, you know
288NELdw (ddi)m yn meddwl wna i wneud o .
  I don't think I'll do it
289NELond dw i (y)n trio meddwl amdano fo .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN about.3SMfor_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  but I'm trying to think about it
290NELam bod os dw i meddwl wna i wneud o (er)byn diwedd Medi ella wna i wneud o (er)byn diwedd Hydref .
  forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S byby.PREP endend.N.M.SG SeptemberSeptember.N.M.SG perhapsmaybe.ADV do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S byby.PREP endend.N.M.SG OctoberOctober.N.M.SG
  because if I think I'll do it by the end of September perhaps I'll do it by the end of October
291NELond os dw i meddwl +"/ .
  butbut.CONJ ifif.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  but if I think:
292NEL+" ohCE wna i (ddi)m wneud o tan [?] diwedd Hydref .
  IMoh.IM do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S untiluntil.PREP endend.N.M.SG OctoberOctober.N.M.SG
  "oh, I won't do it until the end of October"
293NELfydd hi (y)n Tachwedd [=! laughs] +" .
  be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTin.PREP NovemberNovember.N.M.SG
  it'll be November
294TEGyeahCE .
295NELsoCE # trio aim_ioE+cym [?] +/ .
  so trying to aim...
296TEGti (we)di sgwennu dipyn xx # hyd_yn_hyn ?
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRT.PASTafter.PREP write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM so_farunk
  have you written a bit so far?
297NELna dim +.. .
  nono.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV
  no, not...
298NEL&=laugh dw i (we)di bod yn trio wneud .
  I've been trying to
299TEG+< ie .
300NELond +/ .
301TEGdw gwybod .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN
  I know
302TEGdw i bod sgwennu methodoleg .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN methodologymethodology.N.F.SG
  I've been writing a methodology
303TEGac # mae hwnna mynd i fod tua ugain mil .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM approximatelytowards.PREP twentytwenty.NUM thousandthousand.N.F.SG
  and that's going to be about twenty thousand
304TEGa dw i meddwl # gorffen hwnna erbyn # diwedd mis yma # actuallyE justCE i fi cael hand_ioE+cym fo fewn i # tutorCE fi hi gael +/ .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN finish.NONFINcomplete.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG byby.PREP endend.N.M.SG monthmonth.N.M.SG herehere.ADV actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV justjust.ADV forto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM get.NONFINget.V.INFIN hand.NONFINhand.N.SG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inin.PREP+SM toto.PREP tutortutor.N.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM
  and I'm thinking of handing that in by the end of this month actually just so I can hand it in to my tutor so she can...
305NELia .
306NELdw (ddi)m meddwl bod gynna i gymaint â hynna o fethodoleg sti .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP so_muchso much.ADJ+SM PRTas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP ofof.PREP methodologymethodology.N.F.SG+SM know.2Syou_know.IM
  I don't think I've got that much methodology, you know
307TEGyeahCE [?] .
308TEGie mond holiaduron ti (we)di wneud de .
  yesyes.ADV onlybond.N.M.SG+NM questionnairesquestionnaires.N.M.PL PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRT.PASTafter.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  yes, you've only done questionnaires, haven't you
309NEL+< mae sureCE justCE +.. .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ justjust.ADV
  probably just...
310NELia .
311NELreallyE dw i (we)di iwsio # rhaglenni gwahanol (e)fo G_I_SCE [?] .
  reallyreal.ADJ+ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP use.NONFINuse.V.INFIN programmesprogrammes.N.F.PL differentdifferent.ADJ withwith.PREP G_I_Sname
  really I've used different programmes with GIS
312NELond dydy hynna (ddi)m yn ## xxx lotCE i fi de .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM PRTPRT lotlot.N.SG toto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  but that doesn't [...] me a lot, you know
313NELa cyfweliadau ohCE dydy hynna (ddi)m yn +.. .
  andand.CONJ interviewsinterviews.N.M.PL IMoh.IM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  and interviews, well that's not...
314NELcyfweliad (y)dy cyfweliad de .
  interviewinterview.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES interviewinterview.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  an interview is an interview, isn't it
315TEGia ond be &ni &ʃ +/ .
  yesyes.ADV butbut.CONJ whatwhat.INT
  yes but what...
316NEL+< xxx be fedri di xx ddeud amdano fo .
  whatwhat.INT can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM about.3SMfor_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  [...] what can you say about it
317TEGbe xxx trio ddeud (y)dy dw meddwl munud xxx dechrau sgwennu mae # actualE sgwennu # a cael yr word_countE i_fyny dw (ddi)m yn meddwl bod o (y)n jobCE justCE bod o +/ .
  whatwhat.INT try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN minuteminute.N.M.SG start.NONFINbeginning.N.M.SG.[or].begin.V.INFIN write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES actualactual.ADJ write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN andand.CONJ get.NONFINget.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF word_countunk upup.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S jobPRT justjob.N.SG be.NONFINjust.ADV PRON.3SMbe.V.INFIN he.PRON.M.3S
  what [...] trying to say is I think once [...] start to write, actually writing and getting the word-count up, I don't think it's difficult, just that it's...
318NEL++ gorod revise_ioE+cym a revise_ioE+cym fo de .
  must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN revise.NONFINrevise.SV.INFIN andand.CONJ revise.NONFINrevise.SV.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S TAGbe.IM+SM
  have to revise and revise it, isn't it
319TEGia .
320TEG+, a gael o yn # berffaith ac wneud sureCE bod o (y)n llifo wneud sureCE bod [/] # bod (y)na (ddi)m mistakesE gramadegol a ryw +.. .
  andand.CONJ get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT perfectperfect.ADJ+SM andand.CONJ do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM suresure.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT flow.NONFINdye.V.INFIN.[or].flow.V.INFIN do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM suresure.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM mistakesmistake.N.PL grammaticalunk andand.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM
  and get it perfect and make sure it flows, make sure there aren't any grammatical mistakes and...
321NELa pethau [?] wneud sureCE # bod y pethau iawn <yn y &d> [//] yn y chaptersE iawn a +.. .
  andand.CONJ thingsthings.N.M.PL do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM suresure.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF thingsthings.N.M.PL rightOK.ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF chapterschapter.N.PL rightOK.ADV andand.CONJ
  and things make sure that the right things are in the right chapters and...
322TEGia (y)n union .
  yesyes.ADV PRTPRT exactexact.ADJ
  yes, exactly
323TEGa bod chdi (ddi)m yn ailadrodd dy hun a ryw # bethau fel (yn)a # <a justCE &g> [//] ie .
  andand.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT repeat.NONFINrepeat.V.INFIN POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S selfself.PRON.SG andand.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM likelike.CONJ therethere.ADV andand.CONJ justjust.ADV yesyes.ADV
  and that you don't repeat yourself and some things like that, and just...yes
324NEL+< ie .
325NELxxx +/ .
326TEGroid o i_gyd (e)fo (e)i_gilydd de .
  put.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM.[or].give.V.0.IMPERF+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S allall.ADJ withwith.PREP each_othereach_other.PRON.3SP TAGbe.IM+SM
  putting it all together, isn't it
327NELie ond pan siarad efo HeddCE HeddCE deud +"/ .
  yesyes.ADV butbut.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ speak.NONFINtalk.V.INFIN withwith.PREP Heddname Heddname say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  yes, but when I was speaking to Hedd, Hedd said:
328NEL+" faint s(y) gyn ti sgwennu ?
  how_muchsize.N.M.SG+SM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN
  "how much have you got to write?"
329NEL<a fi deud> [?] +"/ .
  and I said:
330NEL+" dydw (ddi)m (gwy)bod .
  "I don't know"
331NEL+" rhwng wyth_deg a can mil dyn nhw fel arfer .
  betweenbetween.PREP eightyeighty.NUM andand.CONJ hundredcan.N.M.SG thousandthousand.N.F.SG be.3PL.PRESman.N.M.SG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P likelike.CONJ habithabit.N.M.SG
  "they're usually between eighty and a hundred thousand"
332TEGmmmCE .
333NELprobablyE nabod fi fydd o justCE yn wyth_deg mil ond xxx .
  probablyprobably.ADV know.NONFINknow_someone.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S justjust.ADV PRTPRT eightyeighty.NUM thousandthousand.N.F.SG butbut.CONJ
  probably knowing me it'll just be eighty thousand but [...]
334TEG&=laugh .
335NELdw i (e)rioed (we)di gallu cyrraedd +// .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S nevernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN reach.NONFINarrive.V.INFIN
  I've never been able to reach...
336NELsoCE [=? timod] fel pan mae pobl yn +/ .
  soso.ADV likelike.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES peoplepeople.N.F.SG PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  so like, when people...
337TEGna na fi chwaith .
  nono.ADV NEGno.ADV PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM eitherneither.ADV
  no, me neither
338NELa fel mae rhai pobl yn # timod mae nhw (y)n deud traethawd dwy fil a mae nhw sgwennu pedwar .
  andand.CONJ likelike.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES somesome.PREQ peoplepeople.N.F.SG PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN essayessay.N.M.SG two.Ftwo.NUM.F thousandthousand.N.F.SG+SM andand.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN four.Mfour.NUM.M
  and like, some people, you know, they say a two-thousand word essay and they write four
339NELdw i lwcus sgwennu mil a hanner fel arfer .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S luckylucky.ADJ write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN thousandthousand.N.F.SG andand.CONJ halfhalf.N.M.SG likelike.CONJ habithabit.N.M.SG
  I'm lucky if I write one and a half thousand usually
340TEG+< ia o'n i (y)r un peth hefyd .
  yesyes.ADV be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM thingthing.N.M.SG alsoalso.ADV
  yes, I was the same too
341NELa (we)dyn soCE dw i (y)n aim_ioE+cym am wyth_deg mil de .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV soso.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT aim.NONFINaim.V.INFIN for.NONFINfor.PREP eightyeighty.NUM thousandthousand.N.F.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  and then, so I'm aiming for eighty thousand, you know
342NELond [?] ddeudodd o +"/ .
  butbut.CONJ say.3S.PASTsay.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  but he said:
343NEL+" wellCE # timod os ti &sg +// .
  wellwell.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  "well, you know, if you..."
344NEL+" xxx faint ti gallu sgwennu bob diwrnod ?
  how_muchsize.N.M.SG+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN everyeach.PREQ+SM dayday.N.M.SG
  " [...] how much can you write every day?"
345NEL+" ti gallu sgwennu tua # dwy fil y diwrnod .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN approximatelytowards.PREP two.Ftwo.NUM.F thousandthousand.N.F.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF dayday.N.M.SG
  "you can write about two thousand every day"
346NELddeudodd o +" .
  say.3S.PASTsay.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  he said
347TEG+< mmmCE .
348NELsoCE mae hynna yn # deg mil mewn # wsnos .
  soso.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT tenten.NUM thousandthousand.N.F.SG inin.PREP weekweek.N.F.SG
  so that's ten thousand in a week
349NELsoCE +/ .
350TEGwyth wsnos &=laugh .
  eighteight.NUM weekweek.N.F.SG
  eight weeks
351NEL+< wyth wsnos .
  eighteight.NUM weekweek.N.F.SG
  eight weeks
352NELa (dd)eudais i +"/ .
  andand.CONJ say.1S.PASTsay.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S
  and I said:
353NEL+" mmmCE dw meddwl bod (y)na (y)chydig bach mwy iddo fo na hynna .
  IMmmm.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV a_littlea_little.QUAN smallsmall.ADJ moremore.ADJ.COMP to.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTthan.CONJ thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP
  "mmm, I think there's a little bit more to it than that"
354NEL<a (wedy)n (dde)udodd o> [?] +"/ .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV say.3S.PASTsay.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  and then he said:
355NEL+" ond hyd_(y)n_oed os ti ond sgwennu mil y diwrnod xxx (dy)dy honna [?] <mond mynd i> [?] gymryd # un_deg_naw wsnos .
  butbut.CONJ eveneven.ADV ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S onlybut.CONJ write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN thousandthousand.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF dayday.N.M.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG thatthat.PRON.DEM.F.SG.[or].claim.V.2S.IMPER.[or].claim.V.3S.PRES onlybond.N.M.SG+NM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP take.NONFINtake.V.INFIN+SM nineteenunk weekweek.N.F.SG
  "but even if you only write a thousand a day [...] that's only going to take nineteen weeks"
356TEGie .
357NELxxx un_deg_chwech wsnos sorryCE .
  sixteenunk weekweek.N.F.SG sorrysorry.ADJ
  [...] sixteen weeks, sorry
358TEGyeahCE .
359NELsoCE <mae hynna> [/] mae hynna dal yn bedwar mis .
  soso.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP stillstill.ADV PRTPRT four.Mfour.NUM.M+SM monthmonth.N.M.SG
  so that's...that's still four months
360NELdw meddwl bod chdi +// .
  I think you...
361NEL(ddi)m (gwy)bod .
  don't know
362NELo be dw i (we)di siarad (e)fo [?] pobl eraill dw meddwl bod chdi un_ai (y)n gallu wneud fel # &ka [//] fewE daysE a ti sgwennu llwyth [!] # a wedyn wnei di (ddi)m sgwennu (di)m_byd wedyn am # tua wsnos .
  fromhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP whatwhat.INT be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP speak.NONFINtalk.V.INFIN withwith.PREP peoplepeople.N.F.SG otherothers.PRON be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S eithereither.ADV PRTPRT can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM likelike.CONJ fewfew.ADJ daysday.N.PL andand.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN loadload.N.M.SG.[or].tribe.N.M.SG andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV do.2S.NONPASTdo.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM NEGnot.ADV+SM write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN nothingnothing.ADV thenafterwards.ADV forfor.PREP approximatelytowards.PREP weekweek.N.F.SG
  from what I've spoken with other people I think you can either do, like, a few days and you write loads and then you won't write anything then for about a week
363TEG+< mmmCE .
364TEGyeahCE .
365NELxxx ond +/ .
  [...] but...
366TEGtydy o (ddi)m yn mynd i weithio allan mor # drefnus ag +"/ .
  be.3S.PRES.NEGunk PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN+SM outout.ADV soso.ADV organisedorganised.ADJ+SM PRTwith.PREP
  it's not going to work out as organised as:
367TEG+" ohCE &də [//] dw i am wneud # dwy fil bob diwrnod am yr wyth wsnos nesa .
  IMoh.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S forfor.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM two.Ftwo.NUM.F thousandthousand.N.F.SG+SM everyeach.PREQ+SM dayday.N.M.SG forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF eighteight.NUM weekweek.N.F.SG nextnext.ADJ.SUP
  "oh, I'm going to do two thousand every day for the next eight weeks"
368NELna .
369TEG(dy)dy o justCE ddim na .
  be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S justjust.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM nono.ADV
  it just isn't, is it
370TEGachos bod chdi (y)n cyrraedd # stagesCE lle fod chdi yn cael writer'sE blockCE ac fod chdi (y)n totallyE stuckCE .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT reach.NONFINarrive.V.INFIN stagesunk wherewhere.INT be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN writer''swriter.N.SG+GB blockblock.N.SG andand.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT totallytotal.N.SG+ADV.[or].totally.ADV stuckstuck.AV.PAST
  because you get to stages where you get writer's block and you're totally stuck
371NEL+< na .
372TEGa fydd [?] gynno chdi ryw # resultsE lle ti (ddi)m (y)n dallt nhw # umCE # letE aloneE dechrau sgwennu amdanyn nhw # a dechrau analeisio nhw .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM with.2Swith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S somesome.PREQ+SM resultsresult.N.PL wherewhere.INT.[or].place.N.M.SG PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT understand.NONFINunderstand.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P IMum.IM letlet.SV.INFIN alonealone.ADV start.NONFINbeginning.N.M.SG.[or].begin.V.INFIN write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN about.3PLfor_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P andand.CONJ start.NONFINbegin.V.INFIN analyse.NONFINunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  and you'll have some results you won't understand, let alone start to write about them and analyse them
373NEL+< ia .
374NELmmmCE .
375TEGfydda chdi justCE (fa)th â # xxx chineseE .
  be.2S.FUTbe.V.1S.FUT+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S justjust.ADV kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ chineseunk
  you'll be just like [...] chinese
376TEGwellCE [?] mae sureCE fydd rei fi anywayE .
  wellwell.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM somesome.PRON+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM anywayanyway.ADV
  well mine will probably be anyway
377TEGsoCE &=laugh +/ .
378NELydy wellCE +.. .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES wellwell.ADV
  yes, well...
379NELxx ia dyna be wne(s) +// .
  yesyes.ADV therethat_is.ADV whatwhat.INT do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM
  [...] yes, that's what I...
380NELwnes i gychwyn wneud # un pennod .
  do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S start.NONFINstart.V.INFIN+SM do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM oneone.NUM chapterchapter.N.F.SG
  I did start doing one chapter
381NELa wedyn i meddwl +"/ .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV PRON.1Sto.PREP think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  and then I thought:
382NEL+" Duw wna i gychwyn efo hwn am bod xxx (ba)sai (y)n bennod rightCE ddiddorol i sgwennu .
  Godname do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S start.NONFINstart.V.INFIN+SM withwith.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.M.SG forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF PRTPRT chapterchapter.N.F.SG+SM rightright.ADJ interestinginteresting.ADJ+SM toto.PREP write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN
  "God, I'll start with this because [...] it'd be quite an interesting chapter to write"
383NELsoCE o'n i meddwl +"/ .
  soso.ADV be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  so I thought:
384NEL+" os wna i gychwyn efo (y)r un mwya diddorol wna i ddod i_mewn i modeE sgwennu (e)fo hwnnw .
  ifif.CONJ do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S start.NONFINstart.V.INFIN+SM withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM mostbiggest.ADJ.SUP interestinginteresting.ADJ do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN+SM intoin.ADV.[or].in.PREP toto.PREP modemode.N.SG write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN withwith.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG
  "if I start with the most interesting one, I'll get into the mode of writing with that"
385TEG+< mmmCE .
386NEL+" a (we)dyn # wna i adael (y)r un mwya boringE tan diwedd .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S leave.NONFINleave.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM mostbiggest.ADJ.SUP boringbore.SV.INFIN+ASV untiluntil.PREP endend.N.M.SG
  "and then I'll leave the most boring one til the end"
387TEGmmmCE .
388NELa wnes i gychwyn hwnna .
  andand.CONJ do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S start.NONFINstart.V.INFIN+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG
  and I started that
389NELa wnes i sylwi # wellCE er bod gynna i dataCE fi gyd oedd o justCE # mewn messCE .
  andand.CONJ do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S realise.NONFINnotice.V.INFIN wellwell.ADV althougher.IM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP datadata.N.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM alljoint.ADJ+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S justjust.ADV inin.PREP messmess.N.SG
  and I realised, well, although I had all my data, it was just in a mess
390NELdim mewn messCE ond # oedd justCE +.. .
  NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV inin.PREP messmess.N.SG butbut.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF justjust.ADV
  not in a mess but, it was just...
391NELwellCE oedd gynna i &l [//] llwyth o databasesCE gwahanol .
  wellwell.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP loadload.N.M.SG.[or].tribe.N.M.SG ofhe.PRON.M.3S databasesunk differentdifferent.ADJ
  well I had a load of different databases
392NELwedyn # am bod fi (we)di wneud setCE gwahanol o holiaduron +.. .
  thenafterwards.ADV forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM setset.SV.INFIN differentdifferent.ADJ ofof.PREP questionnairesquestionnaires.N.M.PL
  so, because I'd made a different set of questionnaires...
393NELmae rhai (oh)onyn nhw # yn edrych ar pethau gwynt a rhai edrych ar biomassCE [?] (r)hai (y)n edrych ar # fel justCE gener(al)CE [//] cyffredinol [?] .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES somesome.PRON of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN onon.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL windwind.N.M.SG andand.CONJ somesome.PRON look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN onon.PREP biomassbiomass.N.SG somesome.PRON PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN onon.PREP likelike.CONJ justjust.ADV generalgeneral.ADJ generalgeneral.ADJ
  some of them look at wind things, some look at biomass, some look at, like, just general
394NELsoCE # mae (y)na rhai cwestiynau (y)r un peth <ar tua> [//] # ar bob un .
  soso.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ questionsquestions.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM thingthing.N.M.SG onon.PREP approximatelytowards.PREP onon.PREP everyeach.PREQ+SM oneone.NUM
  so some questions are the same on about...on every one
395NELa wedyn mae (y)na rei eraill yn wahanol .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV onessome.PRON+SM otherothers.PRON PRTPRT differentdifferent.ADJ+SM
  and then other ones are different
396NELa (we)dyn dw isio trio dod â # <rhai i_gyd> [?] at ei_gilydd .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN withwith.PREP somesome.PRON allall.ADJ toto.PREP each_othereach_other.PRON.3SP
  and so I want to try to bring some all together
397TEGti isio trio amalgamate_ioE+cym xx gymaint â fedri di mewn ffordd .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN amalgamate.NONFINamalgamate.SV.INFIN so_muchso much.ADJ+SM PRTas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM inin.PREP wayway.N.F.SG
  you want to try to amalgamate [...] as much as you can in a way
398NELoes .
399NELa dw isio trio xxx dod â rhai i_gyd at ei_gilydd .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN PRTwith.PREP somesome.PRON allall.ADJ toto.PREP each_othereach_other.PRON.3SP
  and I want to try [...] bring some all together
400NELwedyn dw isio separate_ioE+cym rei eraill .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG separate.NONFINseparate.SV.INFIN somesome.PRON+SM otherothers.PRON
  then I want to separate others
401TEGyeahCE .
402NELa wedyn +.. .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV
  and then...
403NELsoCE # o'n i meddwl # raid fi wneud hynna reallyE cyn cychwyn sgwennu &m eto .
  soso.ADV be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN necessitynecessity.N.M.SG+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP reallyreal.ADJ+ADV beforebefore.PREP start.NONFINstart.V.INFIN write.NONFINwrite.V.INFIN yetagain.ADV
  so I thought, I have to do that, really, before starting to write yet
404NELsoCE dw isio trio wneud hynna erbyn tua dydd Sul neu (ryw)beth fel (yn)a .
  soso.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP byby.PREP approximatelytowards.PREP dayday.N.M.SG SundaySunday.N.M.SG oror.CONJ somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM likelike.CONJ therethere.ADV
  so I want to do that by about Sunday or something like that
405NELxxx .
406TEG+< mmmCE .
407NEL<ond ohCE isio mynedd xxx> [=! yawns] .
  butbut.CONJ IMoh.IM wantwant.N.M.SG patienceunk
  but, oh, you need patience [...]
408TEGwellCE dw i dal isio casglu dataCE fi .
  wellwell.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S stillcontinue.V.INFIN wantwant.N.M.SG collect.NONFINcollect.V.INFIN datadata.N.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  well I still need to collect my data
409TEGdw i (e)fo tri_deg_chwech # holiaduron soE farE [=! laughs] +/ .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S withwith.PREP thirty_sixunk questionnairesquestionnaires.N.M.PL soso.ADV farfar.ADV
  I've got thirty-six questionnaires so far
410NELmae hynna (y)n iawn .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT rightOK.ADV
  that's fine
411TEG+, a saith pilotCE .
  andand.CONJ sevenseven.NUM pilotpilot.N.SG
  and seven pilots
412TEGsoCE pedwar_deg_tri .
  soso.ADV forty_threeunk
  so forty-three
413TEGdw isio # aim_ioE+cym am tua dau gant .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG aim.NONFINaim.SV.INFIN forfor.PREP approximatelytowards.PREP two.Mtwo.NUM.M hundredhundred.N.M.SG+SM
  I want to aim for about two hundred
414NELmmmCE ti dechrau hassle_oE+cym pobl eto ?
  IMmmm.IM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S start.NONFINbegin.V.INFIN hassle.NONFINhassle.N.SG peoplepeople.N.F.SG yetagain.ADV
  mmm, have you started to hassle people yet?
415TEGna .
416TEGmae hyn justCE yn # ar_ôl ## Mail_MergeE [//] timod e_mailE # erCE # pan wnes i +// .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP justjust.ADV PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP afterafter.PREP Mail_Mergename know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES e_mailunk IMer.IM whenwhen.CONJ do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S
  this is just after know, e-mail, er, when I...
417NEL+< wsnos sy (y)na de .
  weekweek.N.F.SG be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL therethere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  it's only been a week, hasn't it
418NEL+< oohCE ti (we)di hitio fo eto .
  IMooh.IM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRT.PASTafter.PREP hit.NONFINhit.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S againagain.ADV
  ooh, you've hit it again
419TEGwnes i e_mail_ioE+cym # tri chant a dau_ddeg .
  do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S e_mail.NONFINunk three.Mthree.NUM.M hundredhundred.N.M.SG+AM andand.CONJ twentytwenty.NUM
  I e-mailed three hundred and twenty
420TEGa ges i tua pump_deg_pump undeliveredE .
  andand.CONJ get.1S.PASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S approximatelytowards.PREP fifty_fiveunk undeliveredunk
  and I got about fifty-five undelivered
421NELohCE gymaint â hynna ?
  IMoh.IM so_muchso much.ADJ+SM PRTas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP
  oh, that much?
422TEGsoCE dw isio # dechrau ffonio .
  soso.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG start.NONFINbegin.V.INFIN phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN
  so I want to start to phone
423TEGa gynno fi mwy o listsCE eraill # o fusnesau lleol .
  andand.CONJ with.1Swith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM moremore.ADJ.COMP ofof.PREP listslist.N.SG+PL.[or].lists.N.PL othersothers.PRON ofof.PREP businessesbusinesses.N.MF.PL+SM locallocal.ADJ
  and I've got more other lists of local businesses
424TEGa dw meddwl <ga i &lɔ> [//] # ga i luckCE efo (r)heina # xxx bod fi (y)n deud +"/ .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN get.1S.NONPASTget.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S get.1S.NONPASTget.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S luckluck.N.SG withwith.PREP thosethose.PRON be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  and I think I'll get luck with them [...] saying:
425TEG+" ohCE hiyaCE <dw i (y)n> [/] # dw i (y)n BangorCE .
  IMoh.IM hiyaunk be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S inPRT.[or].in.PREP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S inin.PREP Bangorname
  "oh hiya, I'm at...I'm at Bangor"
426NELie ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes, yes
427TEG+" fedrwch chi llenwi hwn i_fewn i fi ?
  can.2PL.NONPASTbe_able.V.2P.PRES+SM PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P fill.NONFINfill.V.INFIN thisthis.PRON.DEM.M.SG inin.PREP forto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  "can you fill this in for me?"
428TEGos dw (y)n ffonio <rywun fath â> [//] rywun yn LlanberisCE +" .
  ifif.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRTPRT phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.PREP somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM inin.PREP Llanberisname
  if I phone somebody like...somebody in Llanberis
429TEGond (o)s dw i (y)n ffonio rywun Manceinion mae nhw fath â +/ .
  butbut.CONJ ifif.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM Manchestername be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ
  but if I phone somebody in Manchester, they're like...
430NEL+" lle mae BangorCE &=laugh ?
  wherewhere.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Bangorname
  "where's Bangor"
431TEG&=laugh yn union .
  PRTPRT exactexact.ADJ
432TEGond umCE # soCE &v mae sureCE byddan nhw fath â +"/ .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM soso.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ be.3PL.FUTbe.V.3P.FUT PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ
  but um, so they'll probably be like:
433TEG+" wellCE pam mae hyn +//?
  wellwell.ADV whywhy?.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP
  "well, why's this..."
434TEG+" pam ti (y)n ffonio ni ?
  whywhy?.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P
  "why are you phoning us?"
435TEGond os ti ffonio cwmnïau lleol mae nhw (y)n +/ .
  butbut.CONJ ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN companiescompanies.N.M.PL locallocal.ADJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  but if you phone local companies, they...
436NELyndyn mae nhw mynd i fod yn haws tydyn .
  be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES.EMPH be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES prn.3PLthey.PRON.3P go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT easiereasier.ADJ be.3PL.PRES.NEGunk
  yes, they're going to be easier, aren't they
437TEGie soCE # dw meddwl +// .
  yesyes.ADV soso.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES thinkthink.V.INFIN
  yes so I think...
438TEGdw isio trio wneud hynna +// .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP
  I want to try to do that...
439TEGdw isio +// .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG
  I want...
440TEGwellCE dydd Llun dw i am gael # umCE # coldE callingE dayE dw meddwl .
  wellwell.ADV dayday.N.M.SG MondayMonday.N.M.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S forfor.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM IMum.IM coldcold.ADJ callingcall.V.PRESPART dayday.N.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  well, on Monday I'm going to have a, um, cold calling day, I think
441NELwyt ?
  are you?
442TEGdw am eistedd yn studyCE fi adre a justCE ar y phoneCE trwy dydd .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES forfor.PREP sit.NONFINsit.V.INFIN inPRT studystudy.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM homehome.ADV andand.CONJ justjust.ADV onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF phonephone.N.SG throughthrough.PREP dayday.N.M.SG
  I'm going to sit in my study at home and just on the phone all day
443NELohCE dw i casáu ffonio pobl xxx .
  IMoh.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S hate.NONFINhate.V.INFIN phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN peoplepeople.N.F.SG
  oh I hate phoning people [...]
444TEGdw gwybod .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN
  I know
445NEL(y)r unig beth pan ti wneud gymaint â hynna de # ydy mae (y)n jobCE cadw trackCE ar pwy ti (we)di ffonio a # pwy ti angen ffonio nôl .
  DETthe.DET.DEF onlyonly.PREQ thingwhat.INT whenwhen.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM so_muchso much.ADJ+SM PRTas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP TAGbe.IM+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT jobjob.N.SG keepkeep.V.INFIN tracktrack.N.SG onon.PREP whowho.PRON PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRT.PASTafter.PREP phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN andand.CONJ whowho.PRON PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S needneed.N.M.SG phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN backfetch.V.INFIN
  the only thing when you do that many, right, is it's difficult to keep track of who you've phoned and who you need to phone back
446TEGohCE yeahCE bydd raid fi justCE bod ar ExcelCE yn +/ .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT necessitynecessity.N.M.SG+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM justjust.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN onon.PREP Excelname PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  oh yeah, I'll just have to be on Excel...
447NELraid chdi fod yn drefnus &=laugh .
  necessitynecessity.N.M.SG+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT organisedorganised.ADJ+SM
  you have to be organised
448TEG+< ie .
449NELdw i ddim .
  I'm not
450TEG+< ie (y)n union .
  yesyes.ADV PRTPRT exactexact.ADJ
  yes, exactly
451TEGac os +// .
  andand.CONJ ifif.CONJ
  and if...
452TEGia .
453NELpethau [//] y pethau sy (y)n annoyingE pan mae pobl yn deud +"/ .
  thingsthings.N.M.PL DETthe.DET.DEF thingsthings.N.M.PL be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT annoyingannoy.V.PRESPART whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES peoplepeople.N.F.SG PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  things...the things that's annoying is when people say:
454NEL+" ohCE ffonia nhw nôl am bod umCE # soE andE soE ti isio siarad efo .
  IMoh.IM phone.2S.IMPERphone.V.2S.IMPER PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P backfetch.V.INFIN forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN IMum.IM soso.ADV andand.CONJ soso.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG speak.NONFINtalk.V.INFIN withwith.PREP
  "oh, phone them back because you need to speak to so and so"
455NEL+" a mae nhw mewn am un .
  andand.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P inin.PREP atfor.PREP oneone.NUM
  "and they're in at one"
456NELa wedyn ti ffonio nôl am un a wedyn mae nhw (we)di mynd am eu cinio .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN backfetch.V.INFIN atfor.PREP oneone.NUM andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN forfor.PREP POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P lunchdinner.N.M.SG
  and then you phone back at one and then they've gone for lunch
457NELa wedyn ti ffonio nôl wedyn # a mae nhw (we)di mynd i ryw [?] gyfarfod a +.. .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN backfetch.V.INFIN afterafterwards.ADV andand.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM meetingmeeting.N.M.SG+SM andand.CONJ
  and then you phone back afterwards and they've gone to some meeting, and...
458TEG+< &=laugh .
459TEGdw i gwybod .
  I know
460NELyn_de [?] .
  isn't it
461TEG[- eng] annoying .
462NELxxx .
463NELdw sureCE fyddi di teimlo well ar_ôl wneud diwrnod cyfa .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES suresure.ADJ be.2S.FUTbe.V.2S.FUT+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM feel.NONFINfeel.V.INFIN betterbetter.ADJ.COMP+SM afterafter.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM dayday.N.M.SG fullunk
  I'm sure you'll feel better after doing a full day
464NELxxx .
465TEGie .
466TEG<dw (y)n &t> [//] xxx teimlo well pan a i log_ioE+cym fewn a gweld faint sy (we)di bod yn wneud o # ac umCE xxx gweld yr rhifau (y)n # cropian i_fyny .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRTPRT feel.NONFINfeel.V.INFIN betterbetter.ADJ.COMP+SM whenwhen.CONJ go.1S.NONPASTand.CONJ PRON.1Sto.PREP log.NONFINlog.N.SG inin.PREP+SM andand.CONJ see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN how_muchsize.N.M.SG+SM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S andand.CONJ IMum.IM see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF numbersnumbers.N.M.PL PRTPRT crawl.NONFINcrawl.V.INFIN upup.ADV
  I.. . [...] feel better when I'll log in and see how many have been doing it and um [...] see the numbers going up slowly
467NEL+< xxx .
468TEGfydda i (fa)th â +"/ .
  be.1S.FUTbe.V.1S.FUT+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ
  I'll be like:
469TEG[- eng] +" yes c'mon !
  yesyes.ADV c''monunk
  "yes, c'mon!"
470TEGa <fydd o (y)n xx> [//] fydd o (y)n motivate_ioE+cym fi ffonio mwy o bobl ella .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT motivate.NONFINmotivate.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN moremore.ADJ.COMP ofof.PREP peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM perhapsmaybe.ADV
  and it''ll perhaps motivate me to phone more people
471NELie .
472TEGsoCE # <ga i> [?] weld anywayE .
  soso.ADV get.1S.NONPASTget.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM anywayanyway.ADV
  so I'll see anyway
473TEGdw i tan diwedd Mawrth i gael bob_dim at ei_gilydd .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S untiluntil.PREP endend.N.M.SG MarchTuesday.N.M.SG.[or].Mars.N.M.SG.[or].March.N.M.SG toto.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM everythingeverything.PRON.[or].everything.N.M.SG+SM toto.PREP each_othereach_other.PRON.3SP
  I'm until the end of March to get everything together
474NELyeahCE am bod o'n i isio gorffen cyfweliadau fi erbyn mis yma .
  yeahyeah.ADV forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wantwant.N.M.SG finish.NONFINcomplete.V.INFIN interviewsinterviews.N.M.PL PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM byby.PREP monthmonth.N.M.SG herehere.ADV
  yeah, because I wanted to finish my interviews this month
475NELond # gynna i un (we)di trefnu un dechrau mis Mawrth .
  butbut.CONJ with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP oneone.NUM PRT.PASTafter.PREP arrange.NONFINarrange.V.INFIN oneone.NUM startbeginning.N.M.SG.[or].begin.V.INFIN monthmonth.N.M.SG MarchMarch.N.M.SG
  but I've got one who's arranged one for the beginning of March
476NELa # xx mae (y)r ddau boyCE (y)ma dw i reallyE isio cyfweld de .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF twotwo.NUM.M+SM boyboy.N.SG herehere.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S reallyreal.ADJ+ADV wantwant.N.M.SG interview.NONFINinterview.V.INFIN TAGbe.IM+SM
  and [...] there are these two guys I really want to interview, you know
477NELa # mae (y)r # boyCE # yn timod y swyddog dw i efo yn CymadCE # mae o nabod nhw rightCE dda am bod mae (we)di bod yn gweithio efo nhw ar y prosiectau .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF boyboy.N.SG PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF officerofficer.N.M.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S withwith.PREP inin.PREP Cymadname be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S know.NONFINknow_someone.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P rightright.ADJ goodgood.ADJ+SM forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN withwith.PREP PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF projectsprojects.N.M.PL
  and the guy, you know the officer I've got in Cymad, he knows them quite well because he's been working with them on the projects
478TEG+< mmmCE .
479NELa (wed)yn [?] dw i (we)di gofyn wrtho fo +"/ .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN to.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  and then I've asked him:
480NEL+" ohCE soCE dach chi meddwl (ba)sen nhw efo diddordeb ?
  IMoh.IM soso.ADV be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.3PL.CONDITbe.V.3P.PLUPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P withwith.PREP interestinterest.N.M.SG
  "oh, so do you think they'd be interested?"
481NELa mae (we)di deud +"/ .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRT.PASTafter.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  and he said:
482NEL+" ohCE yeahCE .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV
  "oh yeah"
483NEL<a deud> [?] +"/ .
  andand.CONJ say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  and said:
484NEL+" ohCE &ds <dach chi> [//] (ba)sech chi fodlon rhoid yn [//] eu erCE manylion cyswllt nhw i mi gael ffonio nhw i drefnu o ?
  IMoh.IM be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P be.2PL.CONDITbe.V.2P.PLUPERF PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P willingcontent.ADJ+SM give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN POSS.1SPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P IMer.IM detailsdetails.N.M.PL contactlink.N.M.SG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P forto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P toto.PREP arrange.NONFINarrange.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  "oh, do you...would you be willing to give me their contact details so I can phone them to arrange it?"
485NELa mae o (we)di deud +"/ .
  and he said:
486NEL+" ohCE # wna i justCE sôn wrthyn nhw gynta .
  IMoh.IM do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S justjust.ADV mention.NONFINmention.V.INFIN to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P firstfirst.ORD+SM
  "oh, I'll just mention it to them first"
487NELa wedyn [?] bob tro dw i (y)n gofyn wrtho fo +// .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV everyeach.PREQ+SM turnturn.N.M.SG.[or].turn.V.2S.IMPER be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN to.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  and then every time I ask him:
488NELdw i (we)di ffon(io) [//] ffonio neu e_mail_ioE+cym fo dipyn o weithiau wan .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN oror.CONJ e_mail.NONFINunk PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP timestimes.N.F.PL+SM nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM
  I've phoned or e-mailed him quite a few times now
489NELxxx +/ .
490TEGfedri di (ddi)m +.. .
  can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM NEGnot.ADV+SM
  can't you..?
491NEL<mae hyd yn> [//] dw i hyd yn gofyn +"/ .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES alwayslength.N.M.SG PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S alwayslength.N.M.SG PRTPRT ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN
  he always...I always ask:
492NEL+" ohCE dach chi (we)di cael gafael ?
  IMoh.IM be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN holdgrasp.V.INFIN
  "oh have you gotten hold?"
493NEL+" dach chi (we)di sôn iddyn [?] nhw eto ?
  be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRT.PASTafter.PREP mention.NONFINmention.V.INFIN to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P yetagain.ADV
  "have you mentioned it to them yet?"
494NEL+" ohCE dw i heb wneud eto .
  IMoh.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S withoutwithout.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM yetagain.ADV
  "oh, I haven't yet"
495NEL+" ond <fe fydda i> [?] fory .
  butbut.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.1S.FUTbe.V.1S.FUT+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S tomorrowtomorrow.ADV
  "but I will be tomorrow"
496NELa mae o reallyE yn # bug_ioE+cym fi wan .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S reallyreal.ADJ+ADV PRTPRT bug.NONFINpug.N.SG+SM.[or].bug.N.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM
  and it really bugs me now
497NELachos # mae (y)n dal fi nôl de .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT hold.NONFINcontinue.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM backfetch.V.INFIN TAGbe.IM+SM
  because it's holding me back, you know
498TEG+< ie mae hynna (y)n annoyingE .
  yeayes.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT annoyingannoy.V.INFIN+ASV
  yes, that's annoying
499TEG+< achos # <fedri di (ddi)m> [///] # ti (ddi)m isio # dibynnu ar rywun arall .
  becausebecause.CONJ can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM NEGnot.ADV+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM wantwant.N.M.SG depend.NONFINdepend.V.INFIN onon.PREP somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM otherother.ADJ
  because you can' don't want to depend on someone else
500TEGti isio ffonio nhw # neu cysylltu nhw dy hun .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P oror.CONJ contact.NONFINlink.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S selfself.PRON.SG
  you want to phone them or contact them yourself
501NELmmmCE .
502TEGond fedri di (ddi)m ffonio (y)r cwmni ei hun a siarad xxx receptionistE a fedrith nhw justCE roid y # detailsE i chdi ?
  butbut.CONJ can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM NEGnot.ADV+SM phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF companycompany.N.M.SG POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S selfself.PRON.SG andand.CONJ speak.NONFINtalk.V.INFIN receptionistreceptionist.N.SG andand.CONJ can.3PL.NONPASTbe_able.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P justjust.ADV give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM.[or].give.V.0.IMPERF+SM DETthe.DET.DEF detailsdetail.N.PL toto.PREP PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2S
  but can't you phone the company itself and talk [...] receptionist and they can just give you the details
503NELohCE justCE fel ffarmwrs dyn nhw sti .
  IMoh.IM justjust.ADV likelike.CONJ farmersunk be.3PL.PRESman.N.M.SG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P know.2Syou_know.IM
  oh, they're juse, like, farmers, you know
504TEGohCE .
505NEL(ba)sai [/] (ba)sai raid i fi gae(l) [?] # un_ai # rhif phoneCE neu # cyfeiriad dw meddwl .
  be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF necessitynecessity.N.M.SG+SM forto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM eitherget.V.INFIN+SM numbereither.ADV phonenumber.N.M.SG orphone.N.SG addressor.CONJ be.1S.PRESdirection.N.M.SG think.NONFINbe.V.1S.PRES think.V.INFIN
  I'd have to get either a phone number or an address, I think
506TEG+< &=laugh .
507TEG(dy)dyn nhw (ddi)m yn y xxx # businessCE directoryCE neu rywbeth ?
  be.3PL.PRES.NEGbe.V.3P.PRES.NEG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF businessbusiness.N.SG directorydirectory.N.SG oror.CONJ somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM
  they're not in the business directory or something?
508NELxxx .
509NELa ti teimlo (y)chydig bach yn annifyr mynd tu nôl cefn y boyCE (y)na wneud hynna (he)fyd de .
  andand.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S feel.NONFINfeel.V.INFIN a_littlea_little.QUAN smallsmall.ADJ PRTPRT unpleasantannoying.ADJ go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN sideside.N.M.SG backback.ADV.[or].fetch.V.INFIN backback.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF boyboy.N.SG therethere.ADV do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP alsoalso.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  and you feel a little bit bad going behind that guy's back doing that, you know
510TEGohCE yeahCE (ba)sai fo gwybod .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN
  oh yeah, he'd know
511TEGannifyr de .
  unpleasantannoying.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  difficult, isn't it
512NELa (ba)sai gymaint haws .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF so_muchso much.ADJ+SM easiereasier.ADJ
  and it'd be so much easier
513NELmae gynna fo nhw i_gyd de .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES with.3SMwith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P allall.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  he's got them all, you know
514NELa dw (ddi)m (gwy)bod pam wneith o (ddi)m justCE roid nhw i fi .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN whywhy?.ADV do.3S.NONPASTdo.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM justjust.ADV give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P toto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  and I don't know why he doesn't just give me them
515NEL&t (dy)dy o (ddi)m fel bod fi mynd i +/ .
  it's not as if I'm going to...
516TEGachos mae sureCE # bod yr ffermwyr yma yn ddigon hapus siarad efo chdi justCE # bod nhw (ddi)m yn gwybod amdan y peth xx .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF farmersfarmers.N.M.PL herehere.ADV PRTPRT enoughenough.QUAN+SM happyhappy.ADJ speak.NONFINtalk.V.INFIN withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S justjust.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN aboutfor_them.PREP+PRON.3P DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG
  because these farmers are probably happy enough to talk to you, just that they don't know about it [...]
517NEL+< dw i (we)di +// .
518NELdw i (we)di cyfarfod un boyCE yn barod .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP meet.NONFINmeet.V.INFIN oneone.NUM boyboy.N.SG PRTPRT readyready.ADJ+SM
  I've met one guy already
519NELoedd o reallyE # timod annwyl .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S reallyreal.ADJ+ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES deardear.ADJ
  he was really, you know, nice
520NEL(dd)eudodd o wrtha fi <rywbeth ti isio> ["] .
  say.3S.PASTsay.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S to.1Sto_me.PREP+PRON.1S PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG
  he told me, "anything you want"
521NELond # wnes i ofyn [/] # &s ofyn amser hynny am ei [=? eu] &k manylion cyswllt .
  butbut.CONJ do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN+SM ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN+SM timetime.N.M.SG thatthat.ADJ.DEM.SP forfor.PREP POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S detailsdetails.N.M.PL contactlink.N.M.SG
  but I asked that time for his contact details
522NELa [?] wnaeth o (ddi)m roid de .
  and he didn't give them, you know
523TEG[- eng] annoying .
524NELmmmCE .
525NELjustCE teimlo # (ba)swn i &k justCE licio trefnu nhw # fel bod fi +.. .
  justjust.ADV feel.NONFINfeel.V.INFIN be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S justjust.ADV like.NONFINlike.V.INFIN arrange.NONFINarrange.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P likelike.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  just feel I'd just like to arrange them so that I...
526TEG+< mmmCE .
527TEG++ ti (y)n gwybod pa bryd mae nhw (y)n dod a +.. .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN whichwhich.ADJ timewhen.INT+SM be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN andand.CONJ
  you know when they're coming and...
528NELia .
529NELond umCE # yeahCE soCE dw (ddi)m yn gwybod .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM yeahyeah.ADV soso.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN
  but um, yeah so I don't know
530NEL<dw i (we)di> [/] # dw i hassle_oE+cym fo dipyn .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S hassle.NONFINhassle.N.SG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM
  I've hassled him quite a bit
531NELa dw meddwl # timod &t ti teimlo hyn a hyn (fe)dri di hassle_oE+cym rywun de .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S feel.NONFINfeel.V.INFIN thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP andand.CONJ thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM hassle.NONFINhassle.N.SG somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  and I think, you know, you feel you can only hassle somebody so much
532NELella wna i e_mail_ioE+cym fo eto bore dydd Llun # i ofyn .
  perhapsmaybe.ADV do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S e_mail.NONFINunk PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S againagain.ADV morningmorning.N.M.SG dayday.N.M.SG MondayMonday.N.M.SG toto.PREP ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN+SM
  perhaps I'll e-mail him again on Monday morning to ask
533TEGneu fydd raid chdi justCE e_mail_ioE+cym wedyn # ar_ôl # fewE daysE <os ti (ddi)m (we)di> [?] clywed (di)m_byd justCE deud +"/ .
  oror.CONJ be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM necessitynecessity.N.M.SG+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S justjust.ADV e_mail.NONFINunk thenafterwards.ADV afterafter.PREP fewfew.ADJ daysday.N.PL ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN nothingnothing.ADV justjust.ADV say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  or you'll have to e-mail then after a few days if you haven't heard anything, just say:
534TEG+" ohCE peidiwch â poeni .
  IMoh.IM desist.2PL.IMPERstop.V.2P.IMPER PRTwith.PREP worry.NONFINworry.V.INFIN
  "oh, don't worry"
535TEG+" sorryCE bod fi (y)n hassle_oE+cym chi .
  sorrysorry.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT hassle.NONFINhassle.N.SG PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P
  "sorry for hassling you"
536TEG+" peidiwch â poeni .
  desist.2PL.IMPERstop.V.2P.IMPER PRTwith.PREP worry.NONFINworry.V.INFIN
  "don't worry"
537TEG+" umCE dw i (we)di ffeindio +// .
  "um, I've found..."
538TEGumCE os wyt ti medru [?] ffeindio ## manylion # ryw ffordd arall justCE deud [?] +"/ .
  IMum.IM ifif.CONJ be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN find.NONFINfind.V.INFIN detailsdetails.N.M.PL somesome.PREQ+SM wayway.N.F.SG otherother.ADJ justjust.ADV say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  um, if you can find details some other way, just say:
539NEL+< mmmCE # ia .
  IMmmm.IM yesyes.ADV
  mmm, yes
540TEG+" ohCE peidiwch â poeni .
  IMoh.IM desist.2PL.IMPERstop.V.2P.IMPER PRTwith.PREP worry.NONFINworry.V.INFIN
  "oh, don't worry"
541TEG+" diolch fawr iawn mae (y)n helpCE xx .
  thank_youthanks.N.M.SG bigbig.ADJ+SM veryvery.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT helphelp.V.INFIN
  "thank you very much, it's a help"
542TEG<fedri di evenE deud> [//] fedri di evenE # contact_ioE+cym nhw a [?] wedyn deud +"/ .
  can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM eveneven.ADV say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM eveneven.ADJ contact.NONFINcontact.N.SG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  you can even can even contac them and then say:
543TEG+" ohCE dw i (we)di # roi caniad iddyn nhw .
  IMoh.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM callunk to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  "oh, I've given them a call"
544TEG+" ac mae nhw (y)n # hapus i gyfarfod efo fi .
  andand.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT happyhappy.ADJ toto.PREP meet.NONFINmeet.V.INFIN+SM withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  "and they're happy to meet me"
545NELie de .
  yesyes.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  yes, isn't it
546TEG+" soCE diolch fawr iawn am eich helpCE +/ .
  soso.ADV thank_youthanks.N.M.SG bigbig.ADJ+SM veryvery.ADV forfor.PREP POSS.2PLyour.ADJ.POSS.2P helphelp.SV.INFIN
  "so thank you very much for the help"
547NELmmmCE .
548TEG[- eng] +, &=laugh not [!] &=laugh .
549NEL+< <a dw i &d> [//] # <ond dw i> [//] ie ond bod dw i (we)di deud (wr)tho fo <bod fi isio> [//] # bod fi wedi bwriadu gorffe(n) [//] wneud nhw erbyn diwedd [/] # diwedd [/] diwedd Chwefror de .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S yesyes.ADV butbut.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN to.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM wantwant.N.M.SG be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP intend.NONFINintend.V.INFIN finish.NONFINcomplete.V.INFIN do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P byby.PREP endend.N.M.SG endend.N.M.SG endend.N.M.SG FebruaryFebruary.N.M.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  and I...but I...yes but I've told him that I want...that I intended to them by the end...end...end of February, you know
550TEG+< &=laugh .
551NEL+" ohCE &g mor fuan â hynny ?
  IMoh.IM soas.ADJ soonsoon.ADJ+SM PRTas.CONJ thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP
  "oh, that soon?"
552NEL&=laugh <o'n i meddwl> [=! laughs] # &=groan &=laugh .
  I thought, oh
553TEG+" umCE helloCE [!] # dw isio trio hand_ioE+cym fewn y thesisCE [!] # mis Medi [!] .
  IMum.IM hellohello.N.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN hand.NONFINhand.N.SG inin.PREP+SM DETthe.DET.DEF thesisthesis.N.SG monthmonth.N.M.SG SeptemberSeptember.N.M.SG
  "um hello, I want to try and hand in the thesis in September"
554NEL&=laugh .
555TEG+" &=laugh (ba)sai (y)n helpCE .
  "it would help"
556NELmmmCE .
557NEL&mm mae [/] mae o (y)r boyCE mor annwyl .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF boyboy.N.SG soso.ADV deardear.ADJ
  he's such a nice guy
558NELond mae rightCE slowCE .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES rightright.ADJ slowslow.ADJ
  but he's quite slow
559NELmae licio wneud pethau yn iawn timod # fel # gyrru llythyr a timod pob_dim yn ei le (fe)lly [?] .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES like.NONFINlike.V.INFIN do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM thingsthings.N.M.PL PRTPRT rightOK.ADV know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES likelike.CONJ send.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN letterletter.N.M.SG andand.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES everythingeverything.N.M.SG inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S placeplace.N.M.SG+SM.[or].where.INT+SM thusso.ADV
  he likes to do things right, you know, like send a letter and, you know, everything in place, like
560TEG+< &=sigh .
561NEL<ond (dy)na fo> [?] .
  butbut.CONJ therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  but here we go
562NELsoCE +.. .
563NELmae isio fi wneud <fel umCE> [/] # erCE fel timod gwaith i (y)r cwmni fel gyrru holiaduron allan i bobl # pawb mae [//] sy (we)di [/] wedi cysylltu efo fo xx <fel bod fi (y)n gallu &r # deud> [///] # fel iddo [=? i gael] gweld be [//] # <os oedden nhw> [///] # timod xxx (y)r cwmni (we)di <trin nhw (y)n> [/] # trin nhw (y)n iawn a pethau [?] .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM likelike.CONJ IMum.IM IMer.IM likelike.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES worktime.N.F.SG.[or].work.N.M.SG forto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF companycompany.N.M.SG likelike.CONJ send.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN questionnairesquestionnaires.N.M.PL outout.ADV toto.PREP peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM everybodyeveryone.PRON be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRT.PASTafter.PREP PRT.PASTafter.PREP contact.NONFINlink.V.INFIN withwith.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S likelike.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN likelike.CONJ for.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT ifif.CONJ be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF companycompany.N.M.SG PRT.PASTafter.PREP treat.NONFINtreat.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT treat.NONFINtreat.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT rightOK.ADV andand.CONJ thingsthings.N.M.PL
  he wants me to do, like, like, you know, work for the company, like send out questionnaires to people, everybody that's contacted him so I can say...for him to see what...if know, [...] the company treated them...treated them right and so on
564TEG+< mmmCE .
565NELa dw i (we)di deud +"/ .
  and I've said:
566NEL+" wellCE unwaith rowch chi manylion cyswllt i fi wna i yrru llythyr allan i bawb de .
  wellwell.ADV onceonce.ADV give.2PL.NONPASTgive.V.2P.PRES+SM PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P detailsdetails.N.M.PL contactlink.N.M.SG toto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S send.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN+SM letterletter.N.M.SG outout.ADV toto.PREP everybodyeveryone.PRON+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  "well once you give me the contact details, I'll send a letter out to everybody, you know"
567NELond (dy)dy o dal heb wneud hynna .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S stillcontinue.V.INFIN withoutwithout.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP
  but he still hasn't done that
568NELond i ddeud gwir dw (ddi)m yn annog hynna .
  butbut.CONJ toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM truthtrue.ADJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT encourage.NONFINurge.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP
  but to tell you the truth, I'm not encouraging that
569NELachos # wellCE # mae hynna fwy o waith i fi dydy .
  becausebecause.CONJ wellwell.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP moremore.ADJ.COMP+SM ofof.PREP workwork.N.M.SG+SM forto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  because, well, that's more work for me, isn't it
570TEGmmmCE # yeahCE (y)n union .
  IMmmm.IM yeahyeah.ADV PRTPRT exactexact.ADJ
  mmm, yeah exactly
571TEGmmmCE soCE be ti am wneud # weekendE (y)ma ?
  IMmmm.IM soso.ADV whatwhat.INT PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S forfor.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM weekendweekend.N.SG herehere.ADV
  mmm, so what are you going to do this weekend?
572NELohCE dw i am # xxx gwaith +// .
  IMoh.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S forfor.PREP worktime.N.F.SG.[or].work.N.M.SG
  oh I'm going to [...] work...
573NELmae ffrind # ysgol i fi mae hi mynd # i Hong_KongCE wsnos nesa # am +// .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES friendfriend.N.M.SG schoolschool.N.F.SG toto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP Hong_Kongname weekweek.N.F.SG nextnext.ADJ.SUP forfor.PREP
  a school friend of mine, she's going to Hong Kong next week for...
574NELmae mynd i drafaelio am chwe mis .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP travel.NONFINlabour.V.INFIN+SM forfor.PREP sixsix.NUM monthmonth.N.M.SG
  she's going travelling for six months
575NELsoCE # dan ni mynd allan nos Sadwrn .
  soso.ADV be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN outout.ADV nightnight.N.F.SG SaturdaySaturday.N.M.SG
  so we're going out on Saturday night
576TEG+< braf .
577TEGAberystwythCE ?
578NELna yn PortCE .
  nono.ADV inin.PREP Portname
  no, in Port
579TEGohCE rightCE .
  IMoh.IM rightright.ADJ
  oh right
580NELyeahCE dw heb [?] fod allan yn PortCE ers oes .
  yeahyeah.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES withoutwithout.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM outout.ADV inin.PREP Portname sincesince.PREP agebe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF
  yeah, I haven't been out in Port for ages
581NEL(dy)dy o (ddi)m rywle mynd [?] [//] dw i mynd # allan rywsut .
  be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN outout.ADV somehowsomehow.ADV+SM
  it's not somewhere go...I go out, somehow
582NELsoCE # awn ni fan (y)na .
  soso.ADV go.1PL.NONPASTgo.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV
  so we'll go there
583NELa mae (y)na ryw hogan arall +// .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM girlgirl.N.F.SG otherother.ADJ
  and there's some other girl...
584NELwellCE xx <o'n i> [//] xxx (y)n ysgol efo hi # xxx .
  wellwell.ADV be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S inPRT.[or].in.PREP schoolschool.N.F.SG withwith.PREP PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S
  well [...] I was.. . [...] in school with her [...]
585NELond oedden ni mewn criwiau gwahanol .
  butbut.CONJ be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P inin.PREP crewscrews.N.M.PL differentdifferent.ADJ
  but we were in different gangs
586NELond oedd mamau ni ffrindiau .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF mothersmothers.N.F.PL PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P friendsfriends.N.M.PL
  but our mothers were friends
587NEL(we)dyn mae hi newydd ddod nôl i fyw i (y)r ardal .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S newnew.ADJ come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN+SM backfetch.V.INFIN toto.PREP live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF arearegion.N.F.SG
  so she's just come back to live in the area
588NELa mae hi (we)di cael babi bach .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN babybaby.N.MF.SG smallsmall.ADJ
  and she's had a little baby
589NELa (we)dyn dw meddwl bod hi teimlo rightCE # unig # am bod +// .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S feel.NONFINfeel.V.INFIN rightright.ADJ lonelyonly.PREQ.[or].lonely.ADJ forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN
  and then I think she's feeling quite lonely because...
590NELtimod mae ffrindiau hi +/ .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES friendsfriends.N.M.PL PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S
  you know, her friends...
591TEGmmmCE .
592NEL+, i_gyd (we)di mynd i wahanol lefydd a # <peth felly> [?] .
  allall.ADJ PRT.PASTafter.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP differentdifferent.ADJ+SM placesplaces.N.M.PL+SM andand.CONJ thingthing.N.M.SG thusso.ADV
  have all gone to different places and so on
593NELsoCE &d <dw &m> [//] ella wna i ffonio hi weld os (y)dy hi isio dod am ddrinkE nos Sadwrn xxx .
  soso.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES perhapsmaybe.ADV do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S phone.NONFINphone.V.INFIN PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S wantwant.N.M.SG come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN forfor.PREP drinkunk nightnight.N.F.SG SaturdaySaturday.N.M.SG
  so I...perhaps I'll phone her to see if she wants to come for a drink on Saturday night [...]
594NELond erCE # dw (ddi)m yn gwybod <am gwaith> [?] .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP worktime.N.F.SG.[or].work.N.M.SG
  but er, I don't know about work
595NELmae sureCE # ella a i yogaCE nos Wener .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ perhapsmaybe.ADV go.1S.NONPASTand.CONJ PRON.1Sto.PREP yogayoga.N.SG nightnight.N.F.SG FridayFriday.N.F.SG+SM
  probably perhaps I'll go to yoga on Friday night
596NELgawn ni weld .
  we'll see
597NELwnes i fynd dydd Gwener ddwytha (y)n diwedd .
  do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM dayday.N.M.SG FridayFriday.N.F.SG perviouslast.ADJ+SM inPRT.[or].in.PREP endend.N.M.SG
  I went last Friday in the end
598NELxxx .
599TEGia o'ch chdi deud bod chdi meddwl mynd .
  yesyes.ADV be.2S.IMPunk PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN
  yes, you said you were thinking of going
600NELmmmCE .
601TEGdw i Menai_BridgeE naw tan chwech fory &=sigh .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1Sto.PREP Menai_Bridgename ninenine.NUM untiluntil.PREP sixsix.NUM tomorrowtomorrow.ADV
  I'm in Menai Bridge from nine to six tomorrow
602NEL[- eng] Menai_Bridge ?
  Menai Bridge?
603TEGmae (y)na (fa)th â researchE methodsCE workshopCE .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.PREP researchresearch.N.SG methodsmethod.N.SG+PL workshopworkshop.N.SG
  there's like a research methods workshop
604NELohCE oes ?
  oh is there?
605TEGa wedyn # umCE # dan ni gyd yn sortCE ofE wneud # fel lectureCE (fe)lly .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV IMum.IM be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P alljoint.ADJ+SM PRTPRT sortsort.N.SG ofof.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM likelike.CONJ lecturelecture.N.SG thusso.ADV
  and then we're all doing like a lecture, like
606TEGmae <i sec(ond)@s:eng> [//] i +/ .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES forI.PRON.1S.[or].to.PREP secondsecond.ADJ forto.PREP
  it's for second...for...
607NEL+< ohCE hwnna oedd <yr un o'ch chdi> [///] yr workshopCE xxx +.. .
  IMoh.IM thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM be.2S.IMPunk PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S DETthe.DET.DEF workshopworkshop.N.SG
  oh that was the one you...the workshop [...] ..?
608TEG+< ia <y sec(ond)@s:eng> [//] i secondE yearE studentsCE ydy o .
  yesyes.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF secondsecond.ADJ forto.PREP secondsecond.ADJ yearyear.N.SG studentsstudent.N.SG+PL be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  yes the's for second year students
609TEGa gesia faint o gloch # mae lectureCE fi .
  andand.CONJ guess.2S.IMPERguess.V.2S.IMPER how_muchsize.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP clockbell.N.F.SG+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES lecturelecture.N.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  and guess what time my lecture is
610NELnaw .
611TEGchwarter wedi pump # &=laugh .
  quarterquarter.N.M.SG pastafter.PREP fivefive.NUM
  quarter past five
612NEL+< ohCE na .
  IMoh.IM nono.ADV
  oh no
613TEGfi [=? ni] (y)dy (y)r un ddwytha .
  PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM finallast.ADJ+SM
  I'm the last one
614TEGfydd pawb yn cysgu .
  be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM everybodyeveryone.PRON PRTPRT sleep.NONFINsleep.V.INFIN
  everybody will be sleeping
615NELfydd (y)na neb ar_ôl (er)byn hynna na fydd .
  be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM therethere.ADV nobodyanyone.PRON afterafter.PREP byby.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP NEGPRT.NEG be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM
  there'll be nobody left by then, will there
616TEGfi [?] (y)n gwybod .
  I know
617NELdim bod nhw (ddi)m isio clywed un chdi &v ond fyddan nhw (ddi)m isio clywed (di)m_byd .
  NEGnot.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM wantwant.N.M.SG hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN oneone.NUM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S butbut.CONJ be.3PL.FUTbe.V.3P.FUT+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM wantwant.N.M.SG hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN nothingnothing.ADV
  not that they won't want to hear yours, but they won't want to hear anything
618TEGohCE na # achos bod nhw (y)n studentsCE .
  IMoh.IM nono.ADV becausebecause.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT studentsstudent.N.SG+PL
  oh no, because they're students
619TEGa mae (y)n &b nos Wener .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP nightnight.N.F.SG FridayFriday.N.F.SG+SM
  and it's Friday night
620NELmmmCE .
621TEG&=laugh .
622NELchwarter wedi pump tan chwech ?
  quarterquarter.N.M.SG pastafter.PREP fivefive.NUM untiluntil.PREP sixsix.NUM
  quarter past five until six?
623TEGia .
624NEL<ohCE nuisanceCE> [=! whispers] .
  IMoh.IM nuisancenuisance.N.SG
  oh nuisance
625TEG+< fi (y)dy (y)r dwytha .
  PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF finallast.ADJ
  I'm the last one
626NELti gorod bod yna drwy dydd hefyd [?] .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV throughthrough.PREP+SM dayday.N.M.SG alsoalso.ADV
  you have to be there all day too
627TEGie (y)n union .
  yesyes.ADV PRTPRT exactexact.ADJ
  yes, exactly
628TEG(peta)sai gynno fi # xxx gynta <(ba)swn i (y)n> [//] # ella (ba)swn i medru aros amser cinio wedyn heglio hi o (y)na .
  if_be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF.HYP with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM firstfirst.ORD+SM be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT perhapsmaybe.ADV be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN stay.NONFINwait.V.INFIN timetime.N.M.SG lunchdinner.N.M.SG thenafterwards.ADV go_on_foot.NONFINunk PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S fromhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP therethere.ADV
  if I had the first [...] I could...perhaps I could stay lunch time then leg it
629TEGond umCE # mae # pobl sy (y)n gweithio i [//] yn y cwmni mae nhw # bob tro mynd i (y)r VicCE ar nos Wener # ar_ôl gwaith .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES peoplepeople.N.F.SG be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN forto.PREP inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF companycompany.N.M.SG be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P everyeach.PREQ+SM turnturn.N.M.SG.[or].turn.V.2S.IMPER go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF Vicname onon.PREP nightnight.N.F.SG FridayFriday.N.F.SG+SM afterafter.PREP worktime.N.F.SG.[or].work.N.M.SG
  but um, the people who work at the company, they always go to the Vic on Friday night after work
630TEGwedyn # mae sureCE a i justCE cyfarfod nhw am ## diod bach .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ go.1S.NONPASTand.CONJ PRON.1Sto.PREP justjust.ADV meet.NONFINmeet.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P forfor.PREP drinkdrink.N.F.SG smallsmall.ADJ
  so I'll probably just go meet them for a little drink
631NEL+< mmmCE .
632TEGxxx [//] ond dw isio dreifio adre .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG drive.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN homehome.ADV
  [...] but I want to drive home
633TEGsoCE wna i (ddi)m # <cael y> [?] seshCE na (di)m_byd # justCE mynd i ddeud helloCE ["] .
  soso.ADV do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM get.NONFINget.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF seshsession.N.SG NEGno.ADV.[or].PRT.NEG.[or].who_not.PRON.REL.NEG.[or].(n)or.CONJ.[or].than.CONJ nothingnothing.ADV justjust.ADV go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM hellohello.N.SG
  so I won't have a sesh or anything, just go to say "hello"
634TEGwedyn dw i am gael # noswaith bach ddistaw # nos fory &=laugh # wedyn mynd i Manceinion dydd Sadwrn .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S forfor.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM nightevening.N.F.SG smallsmall.ADJ quietsilent.ADJ+SM nightnight.N.F.SG tomorrowtomorrow.ADV thenafterwards.ADV go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP Manchestername dayday.N.M.SG SaturdaySaturday.N.M.SG
  so I'm going to have a quiet little night tomorrow night, then go to Manchester on Saturday
635NELsoCE faint o hir wneith o gymryd chdi dreifio i # Manceinion ?
  soso.ADV how_muchsize.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP longlong.ADJ do.3S.NONPASTdo.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3SMof.PREP take.NONFINtake.V.INFIN+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S drive.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN toto.PREP Manchestername
  so how long will it take you to drive to Manchester?
636TEGdwy awr # union .
  twotwo.NUM.F hourhour.N.F.SG exactexact.ADJ
  two hours exactly
637NELohCE mae hynna (y)n iawn dydy .
  oh, that's fine, isn't it
638TEGos dw i (y)n gyrru # awr a tri_chwarter .
  ifif.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT drive.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN hourhour.N.F.SG andand.CONJ three_quarterunk
  if I drive, an hour and three-quarters
639NEL&=laugh .
640TEGond wna i (ddi)m gyrru .
  but I won't drive
641NELo lle mae bawb xxx o ffrindiau Manceinion &d chdi ?
  fromof.PREP wherewhere.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES everybodyeveryone.PRON+SM ofof.PREP friendsfriends.N.M.PL Manchestername PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  where are all your Manchester friends from?
642NEL(y)dyn nhw i_gyd o # ar_draws Prydain i_gyd wan ?
  be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P allall.ADJ fromhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP acrossacross.PREP BritainBritain.N.F.SG.PLACE allall.ADJ nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM
  are they all from all across Britain now?
643TEGyndyn mae un yn BrightonCE un yn # NewcastleCE .
  be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES.EMPH be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES oneone.NUM inin.PREP Brightonname oneone.NUM inin.PREP Newcastlename
  yes, one's in Brighton, one in Newcastle
644TEGdw i yn f(an) yma .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM herehere.ADV
  I'm here
645TEGmae LouiseCE yn WrexhamCE # un yn StaffordCE un yn DundeeCE .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Louisename inin.PREP Wrexhamname oneone.NUM inin.PREP Staffordname oneone.NUM inin.PREP Dundeename
  Louise is in Wrexham, one in Stafford, one in Dundee
646NELcoolCE .
647TEG&=laugh .
648NELlotCE o llefydd niceCE i fynd ar holidaysCE .
  lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP placesplaces.N.M.PL nicenice.ADJ toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM onon.PREP holidaysholiday.N.SG+PL
  lots of nice places to go on holidays
649TEGia dw i gwybod .
  yesyes.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN
  yes, I know
650NEL&=laugh .
651TEGsoCE os ti ffansïo changeCE mae rightCE handyCE .
  soso.ADV ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S fancy.NONFINfancy.V.INFIN changechange.SV.INFIN be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES rightright.ADJ handyhandy.ADJ
  so if you fancy a change it's quite handy
652TEGmae o justCE fath â # pigo un rhan o (y)r wlad .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S justjust.ADV kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ pick.NONFINpick.V.INFIN oneone.NUM partpart.N.F.SG ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF countrycountry.N.F.SG+SM
  it's just like, pick one part of the country
653TEGmmmCE .
654TEGmae NewcastleCE yn dda .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Newcastlename PRTPRT goodgood.ADJ+SM
  Newcastle is good
655TEGdw i licio mynd i NewcastleCE .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S like.NONFINlike.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP Newcastlename
  I like going to Newcastle
656NELdw i (e)rioed (we)di bod fan (y)na .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S nevernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN place.NONFINplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV
  I've never been there
657TEGxxx # mae o (y)n bell de .
  [...] it's far, you know
658TEG(y)dy .
659TEGlotCE yn mynd i umCE # Alban +/ .
  lotlot.N.SG PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP IMum.IM ScotlandScotland.NAME.F.SG.PLACE
  a lot are going to, um, Scotland...
660NELoes xxx +/ .
  yes [...] ...
661TEG+, weekendE (y)ma .
  weekendweekend.N.SG herehere.ADV
  this weekend
662NELmmmCE mae chwaer i mynd .
  IMmmm.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES sistersister.N.F.SG PRON.1Sto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN
  mmm, my sister's going
663NELo'n i (we)di bod isio mynd .
  I'd wanted to go
664TEG+< <mae DonCE> [/] mae DonCE yn mynd hefyd .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Donname be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Donname PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN alsoalso.ADV
  Don's...Don's going too
665TEGa mae rei o ffrindiau fi mynd .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES somesome.PRON+SM ofof.PREP friendsfriends.N.M.PL PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN
  and some of my friends are going
666NELdw meddwl bod PeteCE yn mynd hefyd dydy .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN Petename PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN alsoalso.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  I think Pete's going too, isn't it
667TEGohCE yeahCE ie .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV yesyes.ADV
  oh yeah, yes
668NEL(y)dy [?] .
669NELohCE .
670NEL(ba)swn i (we)di licio mynd .
  I'd have liked to go
671NELond umCE # dyna fo .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  but um, there we go
672NELxxx gynnon ni dripCE Dulyn edrych ymlaen i xxx .
  with.1PLwith_us.PREP+PRON.1P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P tripdrip.SV.INFIN.[or].trip.N.SG+SM Dublinname look.NONFINlook.V.2S.IMPER.[or].look.V.3S.PRES.[or].look.V.INFIN forwardforward.ADV toto.PREP
  [...] we've got the Dublin trip to look forward to [...]
673TEGyeahCE .
674NELhmmCE .
675TEGyeahCE fydd hwnna laughE dw meddwl .
  yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG laughlaugh.SV.INFIN be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  yeah, that'll be a laugh, I think
676NELmmmCE # <dw i meddwl (he)fyd> [?] .
  IMmmm.IM be.1S.persbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN alsoalso.ADV
  mmm, I think so also
677NELna [?] .
678NELxxx justCE cael rywbeth bob [//] # xxx pawb wneud efo (e)i_gilydd .
  justjust.ADV get.NONFINget.V.INFIN somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM everyeach.PREQ+SM everybodyeveryone.PRON do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM withwith.PREP each_othereach_other.PRON.3SP
  [...] just have something every.. . [...] everybody does together
679TEGie .
680NELxxx +/ .
681TEGrywbeth edrych ymlaen at dydy .
  somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM look.NONFINlook.V.2S.IMPER.[or].look.V.3S.PRES.[or].look.V.INFIN forwardforward.ADV toto.PREP be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  something to look forward to, isn't it
682NELxxx yndy .
  [...] yes
683NELmae sureCE na hwnna fydd holidaysCE fi blwyddyn yma &=yawn .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ PRTno.ADV.[or].PRT.NEG.[or].who_not.PRON.REL.NEG.[or].(n)or.CONJ.[or].than.CONJ thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM holidaysholiday.N.SG+PL PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM yearyear.N.F.SG herehere.ADV
  that'll probably be my holiday this year
684TEG+< &=laugh .
685NELmmmCE .
686NEL&am # byw yn tŷ RhiannonCE am dair wsnos &=laugh .
  live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN inPRT.[or].in.PREP househouse.N.M.SG Rhiannonname forfor.PREP three.Fthree.NUM.F+SM weekweek.N.F.SG
  living in Rhiannon's house for three weeks
687TEG+< ohCE ia de .
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh yes, isn't it
688NELia dw i cael trialCE runCE # wsnos xxx +// .
  yesyes.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN trialtrial.N.SG runrun.SV.INFIN weekweek.N.F.SG
  yes, I'm having a trial run the week [...] ...
689NELwsnos nesa ?
  weekweek.N.F.SG nextnext.ADJ.SUP
  next week?
690NELna wsnos wedyn # am dri noson .
  nono.ADV weekweek.N.F.SG afterafterwards.ADV forfor.PREP three.Mthree.NUM.M+SM nightnight.N.F.SG
  no the week after, for three nights
691NELsoCE # gawn ni weld sut mae hwnnw mynd .
  soso.ADV get.1PL.NONPASTget.V.1P.PRES+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM howhow.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN
  so we'll se how that goes
692NELmmmCE .
693NELohCE ti (y)n gweithio nos Sad(wrn) [//] Sul ?
  IMoh.IM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN nightnight.N.F.SG SaturdaySaturday.N.M.SG SundaySunday.N.M.SG
  oh, you're working Sat...Sunday night?
694TEGdw i (y)n gweithio nos Sul yma (y)ndw # tri tan (u)n_ar_ddeg .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN nightnight.N.F.SG SundaySunday.N.M.SG herehere.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES.EMPH threethree.NUM.M untiluntil.PREP eleveneleven.NUM
  I'm working this Sunday night, yes, three til eleven
695TEGsoCE wna i justCE cychwyn yn_ôl tua hanner dydd o Manceinion .
  soso.ADV do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S justjust.ADV start.NONFINstart.V.INFIN backback.ADV approximatelytowards.PREP halfhalf.N.M.SG dayday.N.M.SG fromfrom.PREP Manchestername
  so I'll just start off at about midday from Manchester
696TEGfydda i nôl (er)byn dau .
  be.1S.FUTbe.V.1S.FUT+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S backfetch.V.INFIN byby.PREP twotwo.NUM.M
  I'll be back by two
697NELmmmCE mae hynna rightCE handyCE gweithio (y)r amser yna am bod # ti (dd)igon o amser i wneud pethau xxx weekendE .
  IMmmm.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP rightright.ADJ handyhandy.ADJ work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF timetime.N.M.SG therethere.ADV forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S enoughenough.QUAN+SM ofof.PREP timetime.N.M.SG toto.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM thingsthings.N.M.PL [...]weekend.N.SG weekend
  mmm, that's quite handy, working at that time, because you [have] enough time to do things [...] weekend
698TEG+< mae rightCE wrth ymyl tŷ fi .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES rightright.ADJ byby.PREP sideedge.N.F.SG househouse.N.M.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  it's right by my house
699TEGmae fath â pum munud o driveCE o tŷ .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ fivefive.NUM minuteminute.N.M.SG ofhe.PRON.M.3S drivedrive.SV.INFIN fromof.PREP househouse.N.M.SG
  it's, like a five minute drive from the house
700NELohCE yndy ?
  oh, is it?
701TEGa mae (y)r lle mor [!] ddistaw nos Sul .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF placeplace.N.M.SG soso.ADV quietsilent.ADJ+SM nightnight.N.F.SG SundaySunday.N.M.SG
  and the place is so quiet on Sunday night
702TEGdw i justCE eistedd (y)na (y)n gwneud dim_byd .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S justjust.ADV sit.NONFINsit.V.INFIN therethere.ADV PRTPRT do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN nothingnothing.ADV
  I just sit there doing nothing
703TEGsoCE fedra i &w [//] # mynd â dipyn o waith efo fi .
  soso.ADV can.1S.NONPASTbe_able.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN PRTwith.PREP a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP workwork.N.M.SG+SM withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  so I can take some work with me
704TEGneu fedra i justCE mynd ar M_S_NCE a My_SpaceCE a # justCE siarad efo pwy bynnag sy (y)na .
  oror.CONJ can.1S.NONPASTbe_able.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S justjust.ADV go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN onon.PREP M_S_Nname andand.CONJ My_Spacename andand.CONJ justjust.ADV speak.NONFINtalk.V.INFIN withwith.PREP whowho.PRON ever-ever.ADJ be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL therethere.ADV
  or I can just go on MSN and MySpace and just talk to whoever's there
705NEL+< &=laugh .
706TEGachos <toes (yn)a (ddi)m> [/] # (doe)s (yn)a (ddi)m llawer o ddim_byd yn digwydd justCE bod rhaid i nhw gael ryw fath o goverCE .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRES.NEGunk therethere.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM muchmany.QUAN ofof.PREP nothingnothing.ADV+SM PRTPRT happen.NONFINhappen.V.INFIN justjust.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN necessitynecessity.N.M.SG forto.PREP PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM somesome.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP covercover.SV.INFIN+SM
  because there's not...there's not much that goes on, just that they have to have some sort of cover
707TEGond [?] weekendE wedyn dw i gweithio dydd Sadwrn a dydd Sul .
  butbut.CONJ weekendweekend.N.SG afterafterwards.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN dayday.N.M.SG SaturdaySaturday.N.M.SG andand.CONJ dayday.N.M.SG SundaySunday.N.M.SG
  but the weekend after I'm working Saturday and Sunday
708TEGwellCE dw i gweithio fath â tenE sixE dydd Sadwrn a tri un_ar_ddeg dydd Sul .
  wellwell.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ tenten.NUM sixsix.NUM dayday.N.M.SG SaturdaySaturday.N.M.SG andand.CONJ threethree.NUM.M eleveneleven.NUM dayday.N.M.SG SundaySunday.N.M.SG
  well, I'm working, like, ten to six on Saturday and three til eleven on Sunday
709TEGachos mae gynnyn nhw # penwythnos rightCE brysur .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES with.3PLunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P weekendweekend.N.M.SG rightright.ADJ busybusy.ADJ+SM
  because they've got quite a busy weekend
710TEGond umCE # &m mae (y)n handyCE .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT handyhandy.ADJ
  but um, it's handy
711NEL+< (y)dy o (y)n le niceCE i fynd am # xxx ?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT placeplace.N.M.SG+SM.[or].where.INT+SM nicenice.ADJ toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM forfor.PREP
  is it a nice place to go for [...] ?
712TEG+< yndy mae (y)n # braf .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT finefine.ADJ
  yes it's nice
713NELxxx wnes i edrych arno fo fel pan <o'n i> [?] wneud [?] [//] trefnu henE nightE yn ffrind .
  do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN at.3SMon_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S likelike.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM arrange.NONFINarrange.V.INFIN henhen.N.SG nightnight.N.SG POSS.1SPRT.[or].in.PREP friendfriend.N.M.SG
  [...] I looked at it when I was doing...organising my friend's hen night
714NELond # oedd o justCE rhy ddrud reallyE i fynd .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S justjust.ADV tootoo.ADJ expensiveexpensive.ADJ+SM reallyreal.ADJ+ADV toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM
  but it was just too expensive really to go
715TEGmae o rightCE ddrud de .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S rightright.ADJ expensiveexpensive.ADJ+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  it is quite expensive, you know
716NEL&=laugh mae (y)n iawn am treatCE dydy rywsut .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT rightOK.ADV forfor.PREP treattreat.N.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG somehowsomehow.ADV+SM
  it's fine for a treat, isn't it, somehow
717TEGmmmCE a mae rhy ddistaw i henE nightE hefyd # dw i meddwl .
  IMmmm.IM andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES tootoo.ADJ quietsilent.ADJ+SM forto.PREP henhen.N.SG nightnight.N.SG alsoalso.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  mmm, and it's too quiet for a hen night too, I think
718NELwellCE +/ .
719TEGachos dw meddwl (ba)sai niceCE mynd [?] +/ .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF nicenice.ADJ go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN
  because I think it'd be too nice to go...
720NELxxx (we)di meddwl <mynd xx> [//] mynd yna am y diwrnod a wedyn dod yn_ôl a mynd allan rywle wedyn rywbeth [?] .
  PRT.PASTafter.PREP think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN therethere.ADV forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF dayday.N.M.SG andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN backback.ADV andand.CONJ go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN outout.ADV somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM thenafterwards.ADV somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM
  [...] had thought to go [...] ...go there for the day and then come back and go out somewhere afterwards or something
721TEGia # yeahCE (ba)sai hynna (y)n iawn .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT rightOK.ADV
  yes, yeah that'd be fine
722TEGond dw i (ddi)m (we)di clywed am lotCE yn wneud hynna .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP lotlot.N.SG PRTPRT do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP
  but I haven't heard about a lot of people doing that
723NELna .
724NELohCE +/ .
725TEGlotCE o briodasau (y)na de bob weekendE .
  lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP weddingsmarriages.N.F.PL+SM therethere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM everyeach.PREQ+SM weekendweekend.N.SG
  a lot of weddings there, you know, every weekend
726NELoes .
727NELohCE pan o'n i (y)n ThailandE oedd gynnyn nhw fel spasCE anhygoel yna de .
  IMoh.IM whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S inin.PREP Thailandname be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.3PLunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P likelike.CONJ spasspa.N.SG+PL incredibleincredible.ADJ therethere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  oh, when I was in Thailand they had incredible spas there, you know
728NELxx reallyE reallyE niceCE .
  reallyreal.ADJ+ADV reallyreal.ADJ+ADV nicenice.ADJ
  [...] really really nice
729TEGia # dw isio mynd i ThailandE <blwyddyn xx> [//] blwyddyn nesa dw meddwl .
  yesyes.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP Thailandname yearyear.N.F.SG yearyear.N.F.SG nextnext.ADJ.SUP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  yes, I want to go to Thailand next year, I think
730NELmmmCE .
731NELxxx # xxx [//] ddo i am dro efo chdi os oes gen ti awydd cwmni # &=laugh .
  xyes.ADV.PAST+SM come.1S.NONPASTto.PREP PRON.1Sfor.PREP forturn.N.M.SG+SM turnwith.PREP withyou.PRON.2S PRON.2Sif.CONJ ifbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF be.3S.PRESwith.PREP withyou.PRON.2S PRON.2Sdesire.N.M.SG desirecompany.N.M.SG company
  [...] ...I'll come with you if you'd like the company
732TEGiawn .
733NELond erCE +.. .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM
  but er...
734TEGxx genno(d) [//] erCE crewCE o gennod sy am fynd dw meddwl # tua pump (oh)onon ni .
  girlsunk IMer.IM crewcrew.N.SG ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP girlsunk be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL forfor.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN approximatelytowards.PREP fifefive.NUM of.1PLfrom_us.PREP+PRON.1P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P
  [...], a think it's a group of girs that are going, about five of us
735TEGsoCE tyrd .
  soso.ADV come.2S.IMPERcome.V.2S.IMPER
  so come along
736NELia (o)s na dw i (we)di cael jobCE <bod fi> [?] # yn mynd yn_ôl i (y)r byd go iawn .
  yesyes.ADV ifif.CONJ NEGPRT.NEG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN jobjob.N.SG be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN backback.ADV toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF worldworld.N.M.SG ratherrather.ADV rightOK.ADV
  yes, unless I've gotten a job that I go back to the real world
737TEG+< wellCE be o'n i (y)n gobeithio (y)dy bod fi am gael joban # yn y brifysgol .
  wellwell.ADV whatwhat.INT be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF porn.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT hope.NONFINhope.V.INFIN be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM forfor.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM jobunk inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF univeristyuniversity.N.F.SG+SM
  well, what I was hoping was that I'll get a job at the university
738TEGa wedyn ti (y)n cael lotCE o wyliau dwyt .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP holidaysholidays.N.F.PL+SM be.2S.PRES.NEGbe.V.2S.PRES.NEG
  and then you get a lot of holidays, don't you
739TEGsoCE # y gwyliau (y)n dechrau fath â ## diwedd Mai dydy .
  soso.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF holidaysholidays.N.F.PL PRTPRT start.NONFINbegin.V.INFIN kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.PREP startend.N.M.SG MayMay.N.M.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  so, the holidays start at about the beginning of May, don't they
740NEL+< ohCE yeahCE .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV
  oh yeah
741TEGsoCE # <(o)'n i justCE meddwl> [?] fath â mynd straightawayE # am pythefnos .
  soso.ADV be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S justjust.ADV think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN straightawaystraightaway.ADV forfor.PREP two_weeksfortnight.N.MF.SG
  so I was just thinking of, like, going straightaway for two weeks
742NELmmmCE xxx .
  mmm, [...]
743NELohCE na # mae nhw (y)n bob man xx sti rhad rhad rhad de fel +.. .
  IMoh.IM nono.ADV be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P inin.PREP everyeach.PREQ+SM placeplace.N.MF.SG know.2Syou_know.IM cheapcheap.ADJ cheapcheap.ADJ cheapcheap.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM likelike.CONJ
  oh no, they're everywhere [...] you know, really cheap, you know, like...
744TEG+< yeahCE [?] .
745NELmeddwl bod fi (we)di &tan [//] talu tua pedair punt am ryw facialE .
  think.NONFINthink.V.2S.IMPER be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP pay.NONFINpay.V.INFIN approximatelytowards.PREP four.Ffour.NUM.F poundpound.N.F.SG.[or].pound.N.F.SG forfor.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM facialfacial.ADJ
  think that I paid about four pounds for this facial
746TEG&=gasp braf .
747NEL+< oedd o (y)n anhygoel .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT incredibleincredible.ADJ
  it was incredible
748NELa dim justCE facialE .
  andand.CONJ NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV justjust.ADV.[or].just.ADJ facialfacial.ADJ
  and not just a facial
749NELond <oedda chdi (y)n> [//] o'n i (y)na am tua awr a hanner .
  butbut.CONJ be.2S.IMPbe.V.2S.IMPERF PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S therethere.ADV forfor.PREP approximatelytowards.PREP hourhour.N.F.SG andand.CONJ halfhalf.N.M.SG
  but you...I was there for about an hour and a half
750NELfel [?] os o'ch chdi mynd justCE i gael facialE neu justCE i cael dw i (ddi)m yn gwybod manicureE <neu rywbeth> [?] # oedden nhw (y)n golchi dy draed di gynta sti .
  likelike.CONJ ifif.CONJ be.2S.IMPunk PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN justjust.ADV toto.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM facialfacial.ADJ oror.CONJ justjust.ADV get.NONFINto.PREP be.1S.PRESget.V.INFIN PRON.1Sbe.V.1S.PRES NEGI.PRON.1S PRTnot.ADV+SM know.NONFINPRT manicureknow.V.INFIN ormanicure.N.SG somethingor.CONJ be.3PL.IMPsomething.N.M.SG+SM PRON.3PLbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRTthey.PRON.3P wash.NONFINPRT POSS.2Swash.V.INFIN feetyour.ADJ.POSS.2S PRON.2Sfeet.N.MF.SG+SM firstyou.PRON.2S+SM know.2Sfirst.ORD+SM you_know.IM
  like, if you went just to have a facial or just to have, I don't know, a manicure or something, they'd wash your feet first, you know
751NELa wedyn oedden nhw fel # yn roid y [?] facialE (y)ma .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P likelike.CONJ PRTPRT put.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF facialfacial.ADJ herehere.ADV
  and then they'd, like, give this facial
752NELa wedyn (ba)sen nhw roid thaiCE massageCE ar dy ysgwyddau di a dy freichiau di .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3PL.CONDITbe.V.3P.PLUPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P put.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM thaiunk massagemassage.N.SG onon.PREP POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S shouldersshoulders.N.F.PL PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM andand.CONJ POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S armsarms.N.F.PL+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM
  and then they'd give you a thai massage on your shoulders and your arms
753TEGmmmCE niceCE .
  IMmmm.IM nicenice.ADJ
  mmm nice
754NELxxx niceCE .
  [...] nice
755TEG+< ie .
756TEGsoCE mae (y)n lle rightCE rhad justCE <bod o> [//] # bod chdi isio +/ .
  soso.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTin.PREP placewhere.INT rightright.ADJ cheapcheap.ADJ jusejust.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG
  so it's quite a cheap place, just that it's...just that you need...
757NELbwyd yn rhad (y)na (he)fyd .
  foodfood.N.M.SG PRTPRT cheapcheap.ADJ therethere.ADV alsoalso.ADV
  food is cheap there too
758TEG+, justCE bod y flightE yn ddrud yna # a bod chdi isio insuranceCE a ryw +.. .
  justjust.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF flightflight.N.SG PRTPRT expensiveexpensive.ADJ+SM therethere.ADV andand.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG insuranceinsurance.N.SG andand.CONJ somesome.PREQ+SM
  just that the flight there is expensive and that you need insurance and some...
759NEL+< ie .
760TEGti isio talu am lle i aros a pethau .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG pay.NONFINpay.V.INFIN forfor.PREP placeplace.N.M.SG toto.PREP stay.NONFINwait.V.INFIN andand.CONJ thingsthings.N.M.PL
  you need to pay for a place to stay and so on
761TEGa ti isio mynd am bythefnos dwyt reallyE .
  andand.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S wantwant.N.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN forfor.PREP two_weeksfortnight.N.MF.SG+SM be.2S.PRES.NEGbe.V.2S.PRES.NEG reallyreal.ADJ+ADV
  and you need to go for two weeks, don't you, really
762NELmmmCE oes .
  mmm, yes
763NELxxx niceCE # wlad niceCE .
  nicdnice.ADJ countrycountry.N.F.SG+SM nicenice.ADJ
  [...] nice, nice country
764TEGawê # treatCE fi ar_ôl fi gorffen P_h_DCE .
  awayunk treattreat.N.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM afterafter.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM finish.NONFINcomplete.V.INFIN P_h_Dname
  let's go, my treat after I finish my PhD
765NELia .
766NELdw i deud os dw i (y)n # gorffen ar amser a bod fi wedi safio pres # dw i am fynd i rywle .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT finish.NONFINcomplete.V.INFIN onon.PREP timetime.N.M.SG andand.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP save.NONFINsave.V.INFIN moneymoney.N.M.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S forfor.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM
  I've said if I do finish on time and I have saved money, I'm going to go somewhere
767NELella <a i &l> [?] draw i LesothoCE i weld RachelCE yn ffrind yn fan (y)na .
  perhapsmaybe.ADV go.1S.NONPASTand.CONJ PRON.1Sto.PREP overyonder.ADV toto.PREP Lesothoname toto.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM Rachelname POSS.1SPRT.[or].in.PREP friendfriend.N.M.SG inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV
  perhaps I'll go over to Lesotho to see Rachel, my friend there
768TEGmmmCE ia .
  IMmmm.IM yesyes.ADV
  mmm yes
769TEGlle mae LesothoCE ?
  wherewhere.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Lesothoname
  where's Lesotho?
770NELyn erCE de AfricaCE [=? De_Affrica] .
  inPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM South_Africabe.IM+SM name
  in, er, South Africa/southern Africa
771TEGohCE ia .
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV
  oh yes
772NELxxx fflio wedyn i xxx safariCE am (y)chydig xxx .
  fly.NONFINunk thenafterwards.ADV toto.PREP safarisafari.N.SG forfor.PREP a_littlea_little.QUAN
  [...] fly then to [...] safari for a while [...]
773NELgawn ni weld .
  we'll see
774NELell(a) +/ .
775TEGpam lai de ?
  whywhy?.ADV lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  why not, isn't it?
776NELella (ba)swn i (dd)im yn meindio thingE (y)na .
  perhapsmaybe.ADV be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT mind.NONFINmind.V.INFIN thingthing.N.SG therethere.ADV
  perhaps I wouldn't mind that thing
777NELtimod <ti gallu cael &t> [//] # ti cael trainCE i fynd roundCE EuropeCE am fis xxx dwyt .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN get.NONFINget.V.INFIN PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN traintrain.SV.INFIN toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM roundround.ADJ Europename forfor.PREP monthmonth.N.M.SG+SM be.2S.PRES.NEGbe.V.2S.PRES.NEG
  you know, you can get a train to take you round Europe for a month [...] don't you
778TEGohCE ia .
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV
  oh yes
779NEL<xxx hwnnw> [=! yawns] .
  [...] that
780NELgawn ni weld .
  we'll see
781NELohCE [=? ond] mae hynna (y)n dibynnu os <dw i> [?] gorffen ar amser a [=! laughs] [/] mmmCE # a bod fi gallu +// .
  IMoh.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT depend.NONFINdepend.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S finish.NONFINcomplete.V.INFIN onon.PREP timetime.N.M.SG andand.CONJ IMmmm.IM andand.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN
  oh that depends if I finish on time and...mmm, and that I can...
782NELwellCE # dw (ddi)m yn gwybod .
  wellwell.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN
  well I don't know
783NELella a i ar ben yn hun deud gwir os xxx gallu ffeindio neb sy fancyCE dod efo fi .
  perhapsmaybe.ADV go.1S.NONPASTand.CONJ PRON.1Sto.PREP onon.PREP headhead.N.M.SG+SM POSS.1Sin.PREP selfself.PRON.SG say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN truthtrue.ADJ ifif.CONJ can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN.[or].capability.N.M.SG find.NONFINfind.V.INFIN nobodyanyone.PRON be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL fancyfancy.ASV.INFIN come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  perhaps I'll go by myself, to tell the truth, if [...] find nobody to come with me
784NELmmmCE ## gawn ni weld .
  mmm, we'll see
785TEGa i rywle de .
  go.1S.NONPASTand.CONJ PRON.1Sto.PREP somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  I'll go anywhere, you know
786TEGdw i (ddi)m yn fussedE .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP fussedfuss.N.SG+AV
  I'm not fussed
787NELna dw i (ddi)m yn meindio .
  no, I don't mind
788NELmae (y)na gymaint o lefydd dw isio mynd # (dy)dy o (ddi)m yn +/ .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV so_muchso much.ADJ+SM ofof.PREP placesplaces.N.M.PL+SM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  there are so many places I want to go, it's not...
789TEG+< mmmCE .
790TEGmae (y)na rei dw i fancyCE <mwy na (e)i_gil(ydd)> [//] mwy na # llefydd eraill .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV somesome.PRON+SM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S fancyfancy.ASV.INFIN moremore.ADJ.COMP PRT(n)or.CONJ each_othereach_other.PRON.3SP moremore.ADJ.COMP PRT(n)or.CONJ placesplaces.N.M.PL otherothers.PRON
  there are some I fancy more than others...more than other places
791NEL+< mmmCE .
792TEGond # (ba)swn i (ddi)m yn deud na ["] i xxx (di)m_byd dw (ddi)m yn meddwl +/ .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN no(n)or.CONJ toto.PREP nothingnothing.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  but I wouldn't say no to [...] anything, I don't think
793NELna (ba)swn i (ddi)m chwaith .
  nono.ADV be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM eitherneither.ADV
  no, I wouldn't either
794TEG+, heblaw am xxx fath â IraqCE &=laugh .
  exceptwithout.PREP forfor.PREP kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ Iraqname
  except for [...] like Iraq
795NEL&=laugh .
796NELie xxx (ba)sai hwnna (ddi)m xxx topCE yn listCE i .
  yesyes.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG NEGnot.ADV+SM toptop.N.SG POSS.1SPRT listlist.N.SG PRON.1Sto.PREP
  yes [...] that wouldn't [...] top of my list
797TEG+< ohCE .
798TEGond erCE # dim # achos yr lle justCE achos <y be> [?] sy mynd ymlaen (y)na [?] .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM NEGnot.ADV becausebecause.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF placeplace.N.M.SG justjust.ADV.[or].just.ADJ becausebecause.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF whatwhat.INT be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN aheadforward.ADV therethere.ADV
  but er, not because of the place just because of what's going on there
799NELie [?] .
800NELdw (ddi)m (gwy)bod dw cofio rywun deud &b unwaith bod nhw isio mynd i RussiaCE .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN onceonce.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P wantwant.N.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP Russianame
  I don't know, I remember somebody saying once they want to go to Russia
801NEL<(o)'n i meddwl> [?] (ba)sai hwnna (ddi)m ar topCE yn restr i de .
  be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM onon.PREP toptop.N.SG POSS.1SPRT listlist.N.F.SG+SM PRON.1Sto.PREP TAGbe.IM+SM
  I was thinkning, that wouldn't be on the top of my list, you know
802TEGMoscowCE # neu St_PetersburgCE .
  Moscowname oror.CONJ St_Petersburgname
  Moscow or St Petersburg
803NEL+< yeahCE [?] .
804NELyeahCE .
805TEGond ia fasai [//] wellCE # (ba)sa chdi yn justCE mynd i rywle fel (yn)a fasai .
  butbut.CONJ yesyes.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF+SM wellwell.ADV be.2S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT justjust.ADV go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM likelike.CONJ therethere.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF+SM
  but yes, you would just go somewhere like that, wouldn't you
806TEG(ba)sa chdi (ddi)m reallyE mynd i (y)r sticksCE yn RussiaCE mae sureCE .
  be.2S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM reallyreal.ADJ+ADV go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF sticksstick.N.SG+PL inin.PREP Russianame be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ
  you probably wouldn't go to the sticks in Russia
807NELna # dw (ddi)m yn gwybod [?] .
  no, I don't know
808TEGna (ba)sai xxx ddim yn topCE yn listCE i chwaith .
  nono.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF NEGnot.ADV+SM inPRT toptop.N.SG POSS.1SPRT listlist.N.SG PRON.1Sto.PREP eitherneither.ADV
  no, it wouldn't be at the top of my list either
809TEG(ba)sai CanadaCE ddim yn topCE y listCE .
  be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF Canadaname NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM inPRT toptop.N.SG DETthe.DET.DEF listlist.N.SG
  Canada wouldn't be at the top of the list
810NELmmmCE (ba)swn i (ddi)m meindio mynd i CanadaCE .
  mmm, I wouldn't mind going to Canada
811TEGna ohCE (ba)swn i yn licio .
  no, oh I would like to
812NEL+< ti (we)di bod o blaen ?
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN ofhe.PRON.M.3S beforefront.N.M.SG.[or].plain.ADJ+SM
  have you been before?
813NELie .
814TEG&=laugh dw i (e)rioed (we)di bod .
  I've never been
815TEG(ba)swn i licio mynd [?] weld Niagra_FallsCE .
  I'd like to go see Niagra Falls
816NELohCE ia a fi (he)fyd .
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV andand.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM alsoalso.ADV
  oh yes, me too
817NELwnaeth HeddCE gael tripCE ysgol i fan (y)na sti .
  do.3S.PASTdo.V.3S.PAST+SM Heddname get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM triptrip.N.SG schoolschool.N.F.SG toto.PREP placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV know.2Syou_know.IM
  Hedd had a school trip there, you know
818NELaethon nhw i CanadaCE i sgïo # efo tripCE ysgol .
  go.3PL.PASTgo.V.3P.PAST PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P toto.PREP Canadaname toto.PREP ski.NONFINunk withwith.PREP triptrip.N.SG schoolschool.N.F.SG
  they went skiing in Canada with the school trip
819TEG[- eng] +< no way !
  nono.ADV wayway.N.SG
  no way!
820TEGpa ysgol ?
  whichwhich.ADJ schoolschool.N.F.SG
  what school?
821NELumCE Glan_y_MôrCE .
  IMum.IM Glan_y_Môrname
  um, Glan-y-Môr
822NEL<ysgol Eifio(nydd)CE> [//] erCE timod # ysgol EifonyddCE # xxx # lwcus mynd i Ffrainc # &=laugh .
  schoolschool.N.F.SG Eifionyddname IMer.IM know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES schoolschool.N.F.SG Eifionyddname luckylucky.ADJ go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP FranceFrance.N.F.SG.PLACE
  Eifionydd, you know, Eifionydd school [...] lucky to go to France
823TEG+< da de .
  goodbe.IM+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  good, yeah
824TEGbraf .
825NELa aethon nhw (y)r Eidal xxx (he)fyd i sgïo .
  andand.CONJ go.3PL.PASTgo.V.3P.PAST PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P DETthe.DET.DEF Italyname alsoalso.ADV toto.PREP ski.NONFINunk
  and they went to Italy [...] too, to ski
826TEGohCE # braf .
  IMoh.IM finefine.ADJ
  oh, nice
827NELmmmCE .
828TEGaethoch chi ar tripCE ysgol i rywle ?
  go.2PL.PASTgo.V.2P.PAST PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P onon.PREP triptrip.N.SG schoolschool.N.F.SG toto.PREP somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM
  did you go on a school trip somewhere
829TEGumCE # oedden ni fod i fynd i Ffrainc .
  um, we were supposed to go to France
830TEGond wnes i ddim mynd ar yr adeg .
  butbut.CONJ do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF timetime.N.F.SG
  but I didn't go at the time
831TEGdw (ddi)m yn meddwl o'n i gallu mynd am ryw reswm neu gilydd .
  be.1S.persbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN forfor.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM reasonreason.N.M.SG+SM oror.CONJ otherother.N.M.SG+SM
  I don't think I could go for one reason or another
832TEGond erCE dw i (we)di bod yn Ffrainc # dipyn o weithiau .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN inPRT.[or].in.PREP FranceFrance.N.F.SG.PLACE a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP timestimes.N.F.PL+SM
  but er, I've been in France, a few times
833TEGond umCE # xxx ## <toedd (y)na (ddi)m_byd heblaw am Ffrai(nc)> [///] toedd (y)na (ddi)m_byd pellach na Ffrainc .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM be.3S.IMP.NEGunk therethere.ADV nothingnothing.ADV+SM exceptwithout.PREP forfor.PREP FranceFrance.N.F.SG.PLACE be.3S.IMP.NEGunk therethere.ADV nothingnothing.ADV+SM furtherfar.ADJ.COMP PRT(n)or.CONJ FranceFrance.N.F.SG.PLACE
  but um [...] ...there was nothing except for Franc...there was nothing further than France
834TEGmae rei o ffrindiau fi newydd ddod yn_ôl o BulgariaCE .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES somesome.PRON+SM ofof.PREP friendsfriends.N.M.PL PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM newnew.ADJ come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN+SM backback.ADV fromfrom.PREP Bulgarianame
  some of my friends have just come home from Bulgaria
835TEG<na di(m)> [?] +// .
  nono.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV
  no, not...
836TEGia BulgariaCE ?
  yesyes.ADV Bulgarianame
  yes, Bulgaria?
837TEGond mae nhw (we)di bod yn snowboard_ioE+cym .
  butbut.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP snowboard.NONFINunk
  but they've been snowboarding
838NELohCE coolCE .
  IMoh.IM coolcool.SV.INFIN
  oh cool
839TEGBulgariaCE dŵad [=? de] ?
  Bulgarianame say.2S.IMPERcome.V.INFIN
  Bulgaria is it?
840TEGnaci # mae hwnna (y)n boeth .
  nono.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG PRTPRT hothot.ADJ+SM
  no, that's hot
841TEGrywle fath â up_and_comingE .
  somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ up_and_comingunk
  somewhere like up-and-coming
842NELDuw .
843TEGdw i methu &m xxx .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES fail.NONFINI.PRON.1S fail.V.INFIN
  I can't [...]
844NEL<ti (we)di &p> [/] ti (we)di sgïo o blaen ?
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRT.PASTafter.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRT.PASTafter.PREP ski.NONFINunk ofof.PREP frontfront.N.M.SG.[or].plain.ADJ+SM
  have you...have you skied before?
845TEGna .
846NELna fi chwaith .
  NEGno.ADV PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM eitherneither.ADV
  me neither
847NEL(ba)swn i licio mynd ar skiingE holidayCE .
  be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S like.NONFINlike.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN skiingon.PREP holidayunk holiday.N.SG
  I'd like to go on a skiing holiday
848NELond &=laugh <dw (ddi)m yn gwybod (ba)swn i gallu sgïo> [=! laughs] .
  but I don't know if I could ski
849TEG(ba)swn i (y)n crapE # dw i sureCE .
  be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP crapcrap.N.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S suresure.ADJ
  I'd be crap, I'm sure
850NELsnowboard_ioE+cym edrych yn coolCE (he)fyd .
  snowboard.NONFINunk look.NONFINlook.V.2S.IMPER.[or].look.V.3S.PRES.[or].look.V.INFIN PRTPRT coolcool.V.INFIN alsoalso.ADV
  snowboarding looks cool too
851TEGmmmCE .
852TEG(ddi)m (gwy)bod <(ba)swn i> [//] # sureCE (ba)swn [/] # (ba)swn i (y)n bitCE ofnus .
  NEGnot.ADV+SM know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S suresure.ADJ be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT bitbit.N.SG.[or].pit.N.SG+SM scaredtimid.ADJ
  don't know, I'd be...I'm sure I'd...I'd be a bit scared
853NELmmmCE # (ba)swn i (y)n disgyn mae sureCE .
  mmm, I'd probably fall
854TEG&=laugh .
855NEL(dd)eudodd rywun (wr)tha fi unwaith # umCE # yeahCE # xxx ohCE yeahCE # (ba)sai fo mynd â fi snowboard_ioE+cym .
  say.3S.PASTsay.V.3S.PAST+SM somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM to.1Sto_me.PREP+PRON.1S PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM onceonce.ADV IMum.IM yeahyeah.ADV IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN PRTwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM snowboard.NONFINunk
  somebody told me once, um, yeah [...] oh yeah, he'd take me snowboarding
856NELa &w (dde)udais i +"/ .
  andand.CONJ say.1S.PASTsay.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S
  and I said:
857NEL+" ohCE Duw o_kCE iawn ddo i .
  IMoh.IM Godname o_kOK.IM rightOK.ADV come.1S.NONPASTcome.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S
  "oh God, ok, fine, I'll come"
858NEL+" xxx ti (ddi)m yn meindio cleisio (y)chydig bach nag wyt .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT mind.NONFINmind.V.INFIN bruise.NONFINbruise.V.INFIN a_littlea_little.QUAN smallsmall.ADJ NEGthan.CONJ be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES
  "[...] you don't mind bruising a little bit, do you"
859NEL<a fi deud> [?] +"/ .
  and I said:
860NEL+" cleisio &=laugh ?
861NEL+" wnest ti (ddi)m deud dim_byd am cleisio (e)fo snowboardingE xxx tan wan .
  do.2S.PASTdo.V.2S.PAST+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN nothingnothing.ADV aboutfor.PREP bruise.NONFINbruise.V.INFIN withwith.PREP snowboardingunk untiluntil.PREP nowweak.ADJ+SM.[or].pale.ADJ+SM
  "you didn't say anything about bruising with snowboarding [...] until now"
862TEG+" umCE # actuallyE yndw dw i meindio # cleisio dipyn bach .
  IMum.IM actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES.EMPH be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S mind.NONFINmind.V.INFIN bruise.NONFINbruise.V.INFIN a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM smallsmall.ADJ
  "um, actually yes, I do mind bruising a little bit"
863NEL+< ohCE wellCE .
  IMoh.IM wellwell.ADV
  oh well
864NEL+< <ohCE yeahCE> [?] .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV
  oh yeah
865NEL+< &=laugh .
866TEGdw i cleisio (y)n hawdd hefyd .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S bruise.NONFINbruise.V.INFIN PRTPRT easyeasy.ADJ alsoalso.ADV
  I bruise easily, too
867NELie dyna o'n i xxx +.. .
  yesyes.ADV therethat_is.ADV be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S
  yes, that's what I [...] ...
868TEGtimod [?] (ba)swn i ddu (y)n dod o (y)na .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S blackblack.ADJ+SM PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN fromhe.PRON.M.3S therethere.ADV
  you know, I'd be black coming away
869NELmmmCE # &=laugh .
870NELond oedd hynna ar yr # dryE slopesE .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF drydry.ADJ slopesslope.N.PL
  but that was on the dry slopes
871NELella (ba)sai # <(ddi)m mor> [?] ddrwg ar [/] # ar yr umCE # slopesE go iawn .
  perhapsmaybe.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF NEGnot.ADV+SM soso.ADV badbad.ADJ+SM onon.PREP onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM slopesslope.SV.INFIN+PV ratherrather.ADV rightOK.ADV
  perhaps it wouldn't be so bad on the real slopes
872TEGmmmCE .
873NELohCE .
874TEGsoCE be ti am wneud ?
  soso.ADV whatwhat.INT PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S forfor.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM
  so what are you going to do?
875TEGti am mynd adre ar_ôl hyn ta +.. .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S forfor.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN homehome.ADV afterafter.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP orbe.IM
  are you going to go home after this, or..?
876NELyndw dw meddwl .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES.EMPH be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  yes, I think so
877NELer <dw (ddi)m # &gwɛ> [//] eira (ddi)m yn badE chwaith na .
  althougher.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM snowsnow.N.M.SG NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT badbad.ADJ eitherneither.ADV nono.ADV
  although, I'm not...snow isn't bad either, is it
878TEGna dim badE o_gwbl .
  nono.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV badbad.ADJ at_allat_all.ADV
  no, not bad at all
879TEGo'n i (y)n +// .
  I was...
880TEGwellCE mae [/] mae rightCE # ddrwg yn lle dan ni (y)n byw .
  wellwell.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES rightright.ADJ badbad.ADJ+SM inin.PREP wherewhere.INT be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN
  well, it's quite bad where we live
881TEGond mae (y)r lonydd yn championCE achos bod nhw (we)di grutio nhw gymaint neithiwr .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF roadsstill.ADJ+SM PRTPRT championchampion.N.SG becausebecause.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP grit.NONFINunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P so_muchso much.ADJ+SM last_nightlast_night.ADV
  but the roads are great because they gritted them so much last night
882NELmmmCE .
883NELoedd o (y)r un peth lle o'n i .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM thingthing.N.M.SG wherewhere.INT be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S
  it was the same where I was
884TEGond erCE nos(on) [?] [//] bore blaen bore dydd Llun neu bore dydd Mawrth +.. .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM nightnight.N.F.SG morningmorning.N.M.SG frontfront.N.M.SG.[or].plain.ADJ+SM morningmorning.N.M.SG dayday.N.M.SG MondayMonday.N.M.SG oror.CONJ morningmorning.N.M.SG dayday.N.M.SG TuesdayTuesday.N.M.SG
  but er, the other night...morning, Monday morning or Tuesday morning
885NELohCE bore dydd Mawrth oedd hi (we)di rhewi (y)n ofnadwy xxx .
  IMoh.IM morningmorning.N.M.SG dayday.N.M.SG TuesdayTuesday.N.M.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP freeze.NONFINfreeze.V.INFIN PRTPRT terribleterrible.ADJ
  oh, Tuesday morning there was incredible frost
886TEG+< ia .
887NELxxx .
888TEGges i shakyE momentCE <ar y lonydd> [=! laughs] .
  get.1S.PASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S shakyshaky.ADJ momentmoment.N.SG onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF roadsstill.ADJ+SM
  I had a shaky moment on the roads
889TEGo'n i fath â oohCE ["] !
  be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ IMooh.IM
  I was like "ooh!"
890NEL+< ohCE do ?
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV.PAST
  oh did you?
891NELdw i (e)rioed (we)di cael un o (r)heina chwaith de .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S nevernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN oneone.NUM ofof.PREP thosethose.PRON eitherneither.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  I've never had one of those either, you know
892TEGoedd o justCE un bach .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S justjust.ADV oneone.NUM smallsmall.ADJ
  it was just a small one
893TEGond ## mae o (y)n justCE # dangos i chdi pa mor # mmmCE GodE +.. .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT justjust.ADV show.NONFINshow.V.INFIN toto.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S whichwhich.ADJ soso.ADV IMmmm.IM Godname
  but it just shows you how, mmm God...
894NEL+< (d)igon xxx <dychryn chdi> [?] xxx .
  enoughenough.QUAN frighten.NONFINfrighten.V.2S.IMPER PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  enough [...] frighten you [...]
895NELwnaeth yn [?] ffrind i blwyddyn dwytha wnaeth hi fynd i [//] ar ryw gwrs <i rywle> [?] .
  do.3S.PASTdo.V.3S.PAST+SM POSS.1SPRT.[or].in.PREP friendfriend.N.M.SG PRON.1Sto.PREP yearyear.N.F.SG previouslast.ADJ do.3S.PASTdo.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP onon.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM coursecourse.N.M.SG+SM toto.PREP somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM
  my friend last year, she went on some course somewhere
896NELa wnaeth hi [//] <y &tr > [//] y carCE i_gyd sbinio roundCE .
  andand.CONJ do.3S.PASTdo.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF carcar.N.SG allall.ADJ spin.NONFINunk roundround.ADJ
  and she...the whole car spun round
897TEG&=gasp !
898NEL+< a oedd hi actuallyE yn yr # ochr arall yn gwynebu am y ffordd arall .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF sideside.N.F.SG otherother.ADJ PRTPRT face.NONFINface.V.INFIN forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF sideway.N.F.SG otherother.ADJ
  and she was actually on the other side facing the other direction
899TEGohCE myE GodE !
  IMoh.IM mymy.ADJ.POSS.1S Godname
  oh my God!
900NELsoCE wnaeth hi justCE penderfynu +"/ .
  soso.ADV do.3S.PASTdo.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S justjust.ADV decide.NONFINdecide.V.INFIN
  so she just decided:
901NEL+" iawn mae hynna (y)n signCE .
  rightOK.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT signsign.N.SG
  "right, that's a sign"
902NEL<a &d> [//] a mynd &a nôl adre &=laugh +" .
  andand.CONJ andand.CONJ go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN backfetch.V.INFIN homehome.ADV
  and...and went back home
903TEG+< &=laugh .
904NELa wnaeth hi gymryd y diwrnod offCE .
  andand.CONJ do.3S.PASTdo.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S take.NONFINtake.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF dayday.N.M.SG offoff.PREP
  and she took the day off
905TEG+< bloodyCE hellE !
  bloodybloody.ADJ hellhell.N.SG
  bloody hell!
906TEGpa mor scaryE (ba)sai hynna ?
  whichwhich.ADJ soso.ADV scaryscary.ADJ be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP
  how scary would that be?
907NELohCE .
908TEGia (ba)swn i (y)n # crynu trwy dydd ar_ôl hynna dw meddwl .
  yesyes.ADV be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT tremble.NONFINshiver.V.INFIN throughthrough.PREP dayday.N.M.SG afterafter.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  yes, I'd be trembling all day after that, I think
909NELmmmCE a fi (he)fyd .
  IMmmm.IM andand.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM alsoalso.ADV
  mmm, me too
910NELdw (e)rioed (we)di cael crashE <na (di)m_byd> [?] +// .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES nevernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP bet.NONFINget.V.INFIN crashcrash.SV.INFIN NEGno.ADV.[or].PRT.NEG.[or].who_not.PRON.REL.NEG.[or].(n)or.CONJ.[or].than.CONJ nothingnothing.ADV
  I've never had a crash or anything
911NELwellCE dw i (we)di bump_ioE+cym mewn i dipyn o bethau .
  wellwell.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP bump.NONFINbump.SV.INFIN.[or].pump.N.SG+SM inin.PREP toto.PREP a_littlelittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM
  well I've bumped into a few things
912NELond ## mae (y)na wahaniaeth rhwng # bump_ioE+cym a <crash_oE+cym does> [=! laughs] .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV differencedifference.N.M.SG+SM betweenbetween.PREP bump.NONFINbump.SV.INFIN.[or].pump.N.SG+SM andand.CONJ crash.NONFINcrash.SV.INFIN be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG
  but there's a difference between bumping and crashing, isn't there
913TEG+< mmmCE na dw i (e)rioed (we)di cael crashE touchE woodE &=laugh .
  IMmmm.IM noPRT.NEG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S nevernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN crashcrash.SV.INFIN touchtouch.SV.INFIN woodwood.N.SG
  mmm, no, I've never had a crash, touch wood
914TEGdw i (we)di rifyrsio mewn i ryw wal a ballu .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP reverse.NONFINunk inin.PREP toto.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM wallwall.N.F.SG andand.CONJ suchsuchlike.PRON
  I've reversed into a wall and so on
915NELia # do dw i (we)di wneud (he)fyd [?] .
  yesyes.ADV yescome.V.1S.PRES.[or].yes.ADV.PAST.[or].roof.N.M.SG+SM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM alsoalso.ADV
  yes, yes I've done so too
916TEGwnes i (rif)yrsio carCE [/] carCE chwaer fi wal actuallyE .
  do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S reverse.NONFINunk carcar.N.SG carcar.N.SG sistersister.N.F.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM wallwall.N.F.SG actuallyactual.ADJ+ADV
  I reversed my sister's car into a wall, actually
917NEL&=gasp .
918TEG<dw i bob tro (y)n> [///] # dw i manejio # bump_ioE+cym ceir [=? carCE] pobl eraill ond dim un fi fy hun .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S everyeach.PREQ+SM turnturn.N.M.SG.[or].turn.V.2S.IMPER PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S manage.NONFINunk bump.NONFINbump.SV.INFIN.[or].pump.N.SG+SM carscars.N.M.PL.[or].get.V.0.PRES peoplepeople.N.F.SG otherothers.PRON butbut.CONJ NEGnot.ADV oneone.NUM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S selfself.PRON.SG
  I always...I manage to bump other people's cars but not my own
919NELy MiniCE (y)na ?
  DETthe.DET.DEF Mininame therethere.ADV
  that Mini?
920TEGohCE na dim y MiniCE .
  IMoh.IM nono.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF Mininame
  oh no, not the Mini
921NELohCE .
922TEGohCE myE GodE (ba)sai (y)n lladd fi .
  oh my God, she'd kill me
923TEG(ba)swn i (ddi)m yma heddiw (peta)sai (y)r MiniCE &=laugh +.. .
  be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM herehere.ADV todaytoday.ADV if_be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF.HYP DETthe.DET.DEF Mininame
  I wouldn't be here today if the Mini...
924NEL&=laugh .
925TEGerCE &he y [=? erCE] carCE # cyn iddi gael y MiniCE .
  IMer.IM DETthe.DET.DEF carcar.N.SG beforebefore.PREP for.3SFto_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF Mininame
  er, the car before she got the Mini
926TEGond <oedd hi (y)n chwilio> [///] oedd hi (y)n dead_setE am gael MiniCE .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT search.NONFINsearch.V.INFIN be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP dead_setunk forfor.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM Mininame
  but she was looking...she was dead-set on having a Mini
927TEGac oedd <gynna i> [=? gynni] FiestaCE +// .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP Fiestaname
  and I had a Fiesta
928TEGxxx FiestaCE (y)n bach da de .
  Fiestaname PRTPRT smallsmall.ADJ goodbe.IM+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  [...] Fiesta a good little one, you know
929TEGac oedd ei ffrindiau hi aros .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF POSS.3Sher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S friendsfriends.N.M.PL PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S stay.NONFINwait.V.INFIN
  and her friends were staying
930TEGac yn driveCE ni oedd pobl justCE (we)di parcio ben ei_gilydd .
  andand.CONJ inPRT drivedrive.V.INFIN PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF peoplepeople.N.F.SG justjust.ADV.[or].just.ADJ PRT.PASTafter.PREP park.NONFINpark.V.INFIN headhead.N.M.SG+SM each_othereach_other.PRON.3SP
  and in our drive people had just parked on top of each other
931TEGond o'n i fedru cael o (y)na .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN+SM get.NONFINget.V.INFIN fromhe.PRON.M.3S therethere.ADV
  but I could get out
932TEGond o'n i (y)n # &kɔn [/] concentrate_ioE+cym gymaint # ar peidio # bang_ioE+cym fewn i # ceir un o ffrindiau hi # wnes i anghofio am y wal oedd tu nôl i fi .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT concentrate.NONFINconcentrate.V.INFIN so_muchso much.ADJ+SM aton.PREP desist.NONFINstop.V.INFIN bang.NONFINbang.N.SG.[or].pang.N.SG+SM inin.PREP+SM toto.PREP carscars.N.M.PL.[or].get.V.0.PRES oneone.NUM ofof.PREP friendsfriends.N.M.PL PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S forget.NONFINforget.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF wallwall.N.F.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF sideside.N.M.SG backfetch.V.INFIN toto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  but I was concentrating so much at not banging into one of her friends' cars, I forgot about the wall that was behind me
933NEL&=laugh .
934TEGnextE minuteCE <oedd fath â> [?] # bangCE ["] .
  nextnext.ADJ minuteminute.N.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.PREP bangbang.N.SG.[or].pang.N.SG+SM
  next minute it was like, "bang"
935NELmmmCE .
936TEGxxx .
937NELohCE wnes i <recordio mewn i &r> [//] erCE &r rifyrsio mewn i ## umCE (ry)wbeth # ryw bolyn yn LidlCE diwrnod o blaen # am bod erCE [?] mamCE isio stopio .
  IMoh.IM do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S record.NONFINrecord.V.INFIN inin.PREP toto.PREP IMer.IM reverse.NONFINunk inin.PREP toto.PREP IMum.IM somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM somesome.PREQ+SM poleunk inin.PREP Lidlname dayday.N.M.SG ofof.PREP beforefront.N.M.SG.[or].plain.ADJ+SM forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN IMer.IM mummam.N.SG wantwant.N.M.SG stop.NONFINstop.V.INFIN
  oh, I recorded, reversed into, um, something, some post at Lidl the other day, because mum wanted to stop
938TEG+< <ond umCE> [?] +// .
  butbut.CONJ IMum.IM
  but um...
939NELmamCE mynd yn nutsE efo fi .
  mummam.N.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN PRTPRT nutsnut.N.PL.[or].nuts.ADJ withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  mum went nuts with me
940TEGwnest ti farcio carCE chdi ?
  do.2S.PASTdo.V.2S.PAST+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S mark.NONFINmark.V.INFIN+SM carcar.N.SG PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S
  did you mark your car?
941NEL+< xxx na oedd (y)na (ddi)m markCE na (di)m_byd .
  nono.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM markmark.N.SG NEGno.ADV.[or].PRT.NEG.[or].who_not.PRON.REL.NEG.[or].(n)or.CONJ.[or].than.CONJ nothingnothing.ADV
  [...] no there was no mark or anything
942NELmmmCE .
943TEG&=laugh .
944NELew typicalE digwydd pan mae mamCE efo fi &=laugh .
  IMoh.IM typicaltypical.ADJ happen.NONFINhappen.V.2S.IMPER.[or].happen.V.3S.PRES.[or].happen.V.INFIN whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES mummam.N.SG withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  God, typical that it happens when mum's with me
945TEG+< ie .
946TEG(y)dy fel [//] erCE fath â fel (yn)a (he)fyd xxx ?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ IMer.IM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ likelike.CONJ therethere.ADV alsoalso.ADV
  is she, like that too [...] ?
947TEG(dy)dy o (ddi)m_byd seriousE .
  be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S nothingnothing.ADV+SM seriousserious.ADJ
  it's nothing serious
948TEGmae justCE yn # embarrassingE .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES justjust.ADV PRTPRT embarrassingembarrass.V.INFIN+ASV
  it's just embarrassing
949TEGachos &s <(pe)tasa chdi> [///] # os ti meddwl mae rywun yn sbïo <(ar)na chdi justCE rifyrsio> [?] xxx rifyrsio mewn i polyn .
  becausebecause.CONJ if_be.2S.CONDITunk PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN on.2Son_me.PREP+PRON.1S PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S justjust.ADV reverse.NONFINunk reverse.NONFINunk inin.PREP toto.PREP poleunk
  because if you...if you thing somebody's looking at you just reversing [...] reverse into a pole
950NEL+< yndy .
951NELa wedyn cael rywun +// .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV get.NONFINget.V.INFIN somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM
  and then have somebody...
952NELwellCE os wyt ti ben dy hun (ba)set ti cael justCE Duw # &n kindE ofE dreifio offCE .
  wellwell.ADV ifif.CONJ be.2S.PRESbe.V.2S.PRES PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S headhead.N.M.SG+SM POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S selfself.PRON.SG be.2S.CONDITbe.V.2S.PLUPERF PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN justjust.ADV Godname kindkind.N.SG.[or].kind.ADJ ofof.PREP drive.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN offoff.PREP
  well if you're by yourself you'd get to just, God, kind of drive off
953NELond <ohCE God@s:eng> [?] mamCE [//] <mae mamCE yn> [//] # mae fath â +"/ .
  butbut.CONJ IMoh.IM Godname mummam.N.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES mummam.N.SG PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ
  but oh God, mum, mum's...she's like:
954TEG+< mmmCE .
955NEL+" raid chdi watsiad be chdi wneud sti !
  necessitynecessity.N.M.SG+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S watch.NONFINunk whatwhat.INT PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM know.2Syou_know.IM
  "you have to watch what you're doing, you know!"
956NEL+" fedri di (ddi)m justCE dreifio &v rywsut rywsut o_gwmpas y lle (y)ma .
  can.2S.NONPASTbe_able.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM NEGnot.ADV+SM justjust.ADV drive.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN somehowsomehow.ADV+SM somehowsomehow.ADV+SM aroundaround.PREP.[or].around.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF placeplace.N.M.SG herehere.ADV
  "you can't just drive any old way around this place"
957TEG+< ohCE GodE ia dw i gwybod .
  IMoh.IM Godname yesyes.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN
  oh God yes, I know
958NEL+" un diwrnod gei di ddamwain go iawn &=laugh .
  oneone.NUM dayday.N.M.SG get.2S.NONPASTget.V.2S.PRES+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM accidentbefall.V.INFIN+SM ratherrather.ADV rightOK.ADV
  "one day you'll have a real accident"
959NEL<(o)'n i fel> [?] +"/ .
  be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S likelike.CONJ
  I was like:
960NEL+" &=groan mamCE wnes i justCE bump_ioE+cym polyn .
  mummam.N.SG do.1S.PASTdo.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S justjust.ADV bump.NONFINbump.SV.INFIN.[or].pump.N.SG+SM poleunk
  "oh mum, I just bumped into a post"
961TEG+< a fel hyn mae dadCE fi bob tro wneud .
  andand.CONJ likelike.CONJ thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES daddad.N.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM everyeach.PREQ+SM turnturn.N.M.SG.[or].turn.V.2S.IMPER do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM
  and this is what my dad always does
962TEG+< fel hyn mae &ba [//] dadCE fi tro wneud .
  likelike.CONJ thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES daddad.N.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM turnturn.N.M.SG.[or].turn.V.2S.IMPER do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM
  this is what my dad always does
963TEG<os &m> [//] <os dan ni (y)n dreif(io)> [//] os <mae o (y)n> [//] dw i (y)n dreifio a mae o (y)n y # passengerCE # a dan ni (y)n cyrraedd rywle +"/ .
  ifif.CONJ ifif.CONJ be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT drive.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT drive.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF passengerpassenger.N.SG andand.CONJ be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT arrive.NONFINarrive.V.INFIN somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM
  if...if we're driving..if he's...I'm driving and he's in the passenger [seat] and we get somewhere:
964TEG+" ia wellCE TegaiCE to'n i (ddi)m yn licio deud .
  yesyes.ADV wellwell.ADV Tegainame be.1S.IMP.NEGunk PRON.1Sto.PREP NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT like.NONFINlike.V.INFIN say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  "yes well, Tegai, I didn't like to say"
965TEG+" ond mi oedda chdi mynd rightCE gyflym .
  butbut.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.2S.IMPbe.V.2S.IMPERF PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN rightright.ADJ fastfast.ADJ+SM
  "but you were going quite fast"
966TEGxxx +"/ .
967NEL+< &=laugh .
968TEG+" &d os ti (ddi)m yn licio deud paid â deud ta &=laugh !
  ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT like.NONFINlike.V.INFIN say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN desist.2S.IMPERstop.V.2S.IMPER PRTwith.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN thenbe.IM
  "if you don't like to say, don't say it then!"
969NEL+< &=laugh ohCE .
970TEGa mae bob tro wneud sureCE bod o (y)n deud .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES everyeach.PREQ+SM turnturn.N.M.SG.[or].turn.V.2S.IMPER do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM suresure.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  and he always makes sure he does say
971TEGevenE thoughE mae deud +"/ .
  eveneven.ADJ thoughthough.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  even though he says:
972TEG+" dw (ddi)m yn licio deud ond # &=laugh +.. .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT likelike.V.INFIN say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN butbut.CONJ
  "I don't like to say, but..."
973NEL+< &=laugh .
974NELohCE oedd [?] rhaid fi ddeud dw i ddrwg pan dw i mynd yn passengerCE efo (y)n chwaer .
  IMoh.IM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF necessitynecessity.N.M.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S badbad.ADJ+SM whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES go.NONFINI.PRON.1S ingo.V.INFIN passengerPRT withpassenger.N.SG POSS.1Swith.PREP sisterPRT.[or].in.PREP sister.N.F.SG
  oh I had to say, I'm bad when I go in the passenger [seat] with my sister
975NELmae nhraed i o_hyd yn mynd am brakeCE de .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES feetfeet.N.MF.SG+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP alwaysalways.ADV PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN forfor.PREP brakebrake.N.SG TAGbe.IM+SM
  my feet always go for the brake, you know
976TEG&=laugh .
977NELa mae deud +"/ .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  and she says:
978NEL+" NelCE mae dy draed di mynd am brakeCE eto .
  Nelname be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S feetfeet.N.MF.SG+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN forfor.PREP brakebrake.N.SG againagain.ADV
  "Nel, your feet are going for the brake again"
979NEL+" ti (ddi)m yn trystio fi neu rywbeth [=! laughs] &=laugh ?
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT trust.NONFINtrust.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM oror.CONJ somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM
  "you don't trust me or something?"
980TEG+< &=laugh .
981NELond [?] ## meddwl bod o fel timod pan ti justCE ddim (we)di arfer brecio am bod mae hi (y)n brecio gymaint yn hwyrach .
  butbut.CONJ think.NONFINthought.N.M.SG.[or].think.V.2S.IMPER.[or].think.V.3S.PRES.[or].think.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S likelike.CONJ know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES whenwhen.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S justjust.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP use.NONFINuse.V.INFIN brake.NONFINbrake.V.INFIN forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT brake.NONFINbrake.V.INFIN so_muchso much.ADJ+SM PRTPRT laterlate.ADJ.COMP.[or].perhaps.ADV
  but I think it's like, you know when you're just not used to the braking, because she brakes so much later
982TEGmmmCE .
983NEL<ti gweld> [?] &=laugh <traed chdi mynd> [?] .
  PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN feetfeet.N.MF.SG PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN
  you see your feet going
984TEGdw i (y)n brecio (y)n hwyr ## dw i meddwl .
  I brake late, I think
985NELond dw meddwl bod o waeth .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S worseworse.ADJ.COMP+SM
  but I think it's worse
986NELam bod dw i o_hyd yn meddwl # o'n i efo hi pan oedd hi (y)n dysgu .
  forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S alwaysalways.ADV PRTPRT think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S withwith.PREP PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT learn.NONFINteach.V.INFIN
  because I always think, I was with her when she was learning
987NELsoCE mae waeth os ti (we)di dysgu rywun yn_dydy [?] xxx .
  soso.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES worseworse.ADJ.COMP+SM ifif.CONJ PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRT.PASTafter.PREP teach.NONFINteach.V.INFIN somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG
  so it's worse if you've taught somebody, isn't it [...]
988TEG+< mmmCE .

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