SIARAD - Fusser4: Glossed version

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The first line below shows each utterance in the file as transcribed, containing pause and expression markers. The second line gives the manual gloss (Siarad) or a words-only version of the utterance (Patagonia, Miami), with the automatic gloss in a popup when moving your mouse over the words. The third line gives an English rendition of the utterance.

For ease of reading, language tags have been replaced with superscripts: C = @s:cym (Welsh), E = @s:eng (English), S = @s:spa (Spanish), CE = @s:cym&eng (Welsh and English), CS = @s:cym&spa (Welsh and Spanish), SE = @s:spa&eng (Spanish and English).

1ADWie wedyn mi wna i ddeud wrth CadiCE # ryw ddydd Llun +"/ .
  yesyes.ADV thenafterwards.ADV PRTPRT.AFF do.1S.NONPASTdo.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM toby.PREP Cadiname somesome.PREQ+SM Mondayday.N.M.SG+SM Monday.N.M.SG
  so then I'll say to Cadi one Monday...
2BAEhmmCE .
3ADW+" let'sE goE upE # toE DyffrynCE # toE seeE ifE weE canE findE theE [?] # hundredsE ofE daffodilsCE becauseE that'sE whereE theyE areE .
  let.V.IMPER+US.PRON.SUB.1P go.SV.INFIN up.ADV to.PREP name to.PREP see.V.INFIN if.CONJ we.PRON.SUB.1P can.V.123SP.PRES find.V.INFIN the.DET.DEF hundred.NUM+PV of.PREP daffodil.N.SG+PL because.CONJ that.DEM.FAR+BE.V.3S.PRES where.REL they.PRON.SUB.3P are.V.3P.PRES
4BAEie wir ?
  yesyes.ADV truetrue.ADJ+SM
5ADWmi ddaw CadiCE efo fi .
  PRTPRT.AFF come.1S.NONPASTcome.V.3S.PRES+SM Cadiname withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  Cadi will come with me.
6ADW<hi erCE erCE> [//] # fan (y)na weithiodd hi gynta (w)chi # pan ddaru EdnaCE gychwyn # gymdeithas (y)ma .
  PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S IMer.IM IMer.IM placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV work.3S.PASTwork.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S firstfirst.ORD+SM know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES whenwhen.CONJ happen.PASTdo.V.123SP.PAST Ednaname start.NONFINstart.V.INFIN+SM societysociety.N.F.SG+SM herehere.ADV
  that is where she first worked, you know, when Edna started this society.
7BAEie .
8ADWmi aeth CadiCE i_fyny (y)ma i weithio .
  PRTPRT.AFF go.3S.PASTgo.V.3S.PAST Cadiname upup.ADV herehere.ADV toto.PREP work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN+SM
  Cadi went up here to work.
9ADWa mae (y)n dipyn +/ .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT bitlittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM
  and it's a bit...
10BAE+< i wirfoddoli xxx ta i ennill cyflog ?
  toto.PREP volunteer.NONFINvolunteer.V.INFIN+SM orbe.IM toto.PREP earn.NONFINwin.V.INFIN salarywage.N.MF.SG
  to volunteer or to earn a salary?
11ADW+< ahCE naci # cael ei thalu .
  ah no, to be paid.
12BAEohCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM yeah.ADV
13ADWond y peth oedd dach chi (y)n gweld # typicalE # EdnaCE de +.. .
  butbut.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN typicaltypical.ADJ Ednaname TAGbe.IM+SM
  but the thing was, you see, typical Edna...
14BAEyeahCE .
15ADWos oedd (y)na # ddim_byd oedd hi (y)n teimlo i CadiCE ei wneud +"/ .
  ifif.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV nothingnothing.ADV+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT feel.NONFINfeel.V.INFIN forto.PREP Cadiname POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM
  if she felt that there was nothing for Cadi to do...
16BAEmmmCE .
17ADW+" &ga [//] # dos i wneud yr ardd .
  go.2S.IMPERgo.V.2S.IMPER toI.PRON.1S.[or].to.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF gardengarden.N.F.SG+SM
  "go and do the garden" .
18BAEwellCE &=laugh +.. .
19ADW+" dos i dorri [=! laughs] coed .
  go.2S.IMPERgo.V.2S.IMPER toI.PRON.1S.[or].to.PREP chop.NONFINbreak.V.INFIN+SM woodtrees.N.F.PL
  "go and chop wood"
20ADWrywbeth de .
  somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM TAGbe.IM+SM
  anything, you know
21BAE+< yeahCE # yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
22ADWac umCE # o'n i (y)n sôn wrth CadiCE gynnau &n <amser cin(io)> [//] pan o'n ni (y)n bwyta cinio .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT mention.NONFINmention.V.INFIN toby.PREP Cadiname earlierjust_now.ADV timetime.N.M.SG lunchdinner.N.M.SG whenwhen.CONJ be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT eat.NONFINeat.V.INFIN lunchdinner.N.M.SG
  and I mentioned this to Cadi earlier, when we were having lunch.
23ADWmae (y)r ardd frontCE DyffrynCE yn # hardd iawn # chwarae teg i (y)r ddynes aeth yna at GarethCE ar_ôl i EdnaCE farw .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF gardengarden.N.F.SG+SM frontfront.N.SG Dyffrynname PRTPRT beautifulbeautiful.ADJ veryvery.ADV playgame.N.M.SG fairfair.ADJ toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF womanwoman.N.F.SG+SM go.3S.PASTgo.V.3S.PAST therethere.ADV toto.PREP Garethname afterafter.PREP forto.PREP Ednaname die.NONFINdie.V.INFIN+SM
  the front garden of Dyffryn is very beautiful, fair play to the lady who went to live with Gareth after Edna died.
24BAE+< yeahCE .
25ADWmae hi (we)di edrych ar ei ôl o (y)r ddwy dair blynedd fuo(dd) +// .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN onon.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S tracerear.ADJ PRON.3SMof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF two.Ftwo.NUM.F+SM three.Fthree.NUM.F+SM yearyears.N.F.PL be.3S.PASTbe.V.3S.PAST+SM
  she looked after it/him the two or three years s/he was...
26ADW<erCE ryw> [?] ddwy fuodd hi (y)na ?
  IMer.IM somesome.PREQ+SM two.Ftwo.NUM.F+SM be.3S.PASTbe.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S therethere.ADV
  was it about two years she was there?
27ADWna [?] # ella # maen nhw (we)di bod efo ei_gilydd ryw dair cyn (i)ddo farw .
  nono.ADV maybemaybe.ADV be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN withwith.PREP each_othereach_other.PRON.3SP somesome.PREQ+SM three.Fthree.NUM.F+SM beforebefore.PREP for.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S die.NONFINdie.V.INFIN+SM
  no, maybe they were together for about three before he died.
28ADWond dw i meddwl y flwyddyn gynta # bod o (we)di mynd i Sir_Fôn ati hi .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF yearyear.N.F.SG+SM firstfirst.ORD+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP Angleseyname to.3SFto_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S
  but I think that for the first year he went to live with her in Anglesey.
29ADWa wedyn maen nhw (we)di dod nôl i fan hyn am ddwy flynedd .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN backfetch.V.INFIN toto.PREP placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM thisthis.ADJ.DEM.SP forfor.PREP two.Ftwo.NUM.F+SM yearyears.N.F.PL+SM
  and then they came back here for two years.
30BAE+< mmmCE # yeahCE .
  mmm.IM yeah.ADV
31ADWac o'n i (y)n deud wrth CadiCE umCE bod [/] bod yr ardd yn hardd .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN toby.PREP Cadiname IMum.IM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF gardengarden.N.F.SG+SM PRTPRT beautifulbeautiful.ADJ
  and I was saying to Cadi that the garden was beautiful.
32ADWa dyma hi (y)n deud +"/ .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  and she said:
33ADW+" didE youE goE downE theE stepsCE ?
  diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gogo.V.2SP.PRES downdown.PREP thethe.DET.DEF stepsstep.N.SG+PL
  "did you go down the steps"
34ADWmeddai (wr)tha fi de +" .
  she told me, you know
35ADW+" noE IE didn'tE actuallyE CadiCE .
  no.ADV I.PRON.SUB.1S did.V.PAST+NEG actual.ADJ+ADV name
36ADW+" wellCE downE belowE # thatE wasE whereE # IE usedE toE doE myE penanceE # xxx .
  well.ADV down.PREP below.PREP that.DEM.FAR was.V.3S.PAST where.REL I.PRON.SUB.1S use.V.PAST to.PREP do.V.INFIN my.ADJ.POSS.1S penance.N.SG
37BAE&=laughs .
38ADWpan [/] # pan oedd gen umCE EdnaCE ddim_byd i wneud oedd hi (y)n gyrru CadiCE i fan (y)no [?] .
  whenwhen.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF withwith.PREP IMum.IM Ednaname nothingnothing.ADV+SM toto.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT send.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN Cadiname toto.PREP placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV
  when Edna had nothing to do she sent Cadi down there.
39BAE+< ei gyrru fan (y)no xxx .
  POSS.1SFhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S.[or].her.ADJ.POSS.F.3S.[or].go.V.2S.PRES send.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV xxx.
  ...sent her there.
40ADW+< oherwydd # oedd o (y)n lygad yr haul ac oedd hi (y)n benderfynol o gael ryw fath o ardd arbennig yn fan (y)no .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inPRT eyeeye.N.M.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF sunsun.N.M.SG andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT determineddecisive.ADJ+SM ofof.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM somesome.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP gardengarden.N.F.SG+SM specialspecial.ADJ inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV
  because it faced the sun and she was determined to have some kind of a special garden there.
41BAE+< ie # yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes, yeah.
42ADWac oedd CadiCE yn deud # ohCE ["] +.. .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF Cadiname PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN ohoh.IM
  and Cadi was saying: "oh..."
43BAEyeahCE .
44ADW(w)chi &o oedd o fel hyn # i ddechrau .
  know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES be.3s.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S likelike.CONJ thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP toto.PREP begin.NONFINbegin.V.INFIN+SM
  you know, it was like this to start with.
45BAE+< mor serth felly .
  soso.ADV steepsteep.ADJ thusso.ADV
  so steep, then.
46ADW+< fel (y)ma de .
  likelike.CONJ herehere.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  like this, you know.
47BAEie .
48ADWumCE # ac yn lygad yr haul yn yr ha pan oedd hi (y)n trio garddio .
  IMum.IM andand.CONJ inPRT eyeeye.N.M.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF sunsun.N.M.SG inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF summersummer.N.M.SG whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN garden.NONFINgarden.V.INFIN
  and facing the sun in summer when she was trying to do the gardening.
49ADWtimod [?] a dim [//] xxx (doe)s (yn)a (ddi)m cysgod (y)na .
  know.2Sknow.V.2S.PRES andand.CONJ NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM shadeshadow.N.M.SG therethere.ADV
  you know, and there's no shade there.
50BAEsefyllfa amhosib(l) i ddeud y gwir yn_de [?] .
  situationsituation.N.F.SG impossibleimpossible.ADJ toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF truthtruth.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  an impossible situation, to be honest, yes
51ADW+< ahCE ie does (y)na (ddi)m &s cysgod o_dan # DyffrynCE o gwbl .
  ahah.IM yesyes.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM shadeshadow.N.M.SG belowunder.PREP Dyffrynname atof.PREP allall.ADJ+SM
  ah yeah, there's no shade at all below Dyffryn.
52BAE+< nag oes wrth_gwrs # nag oes .
  NEGthan.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF of_courseof_course.ADV NEGthan.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF
  no, of course not.
53ADWa wedyn umCE # o'n i (y)n deud (wr)thi +"/ .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV IMum.IM be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN to.3SFto_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S
  and then I said to her:
54ADW+" wellCE IE don'tE knowE whatE itE looksE likeE nowE .
  wellwell.ADV II.PRON.SUB.1S don''tdo.V.1S.PRES+NEG knowknow.V.INFIN whatwhat.REL itit.PRON.SUB.3S lookslook.V.3S.PRES likelike.CONJ nownow.ADV
  "well I don't know what it looks like now"
55ADW+" butE theE oneE rightCE inE frontCE ofE theE houseE isE lovelyE .
  butbut.CONJ thethe.DET.DEF oneone.PRON.SG rightright.ADJ inin.PREP frontfront.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF househouse.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES lovelylove.SV.INFIN+ADV
  "but the one right in front of the house is lovely"
56ADWa <dw i (we)di bod> [//] # fues i ar_ôl yr umCE # Ymddiriedolaeth i ddeud (wr)thyn nhw +/ .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN be.1S.PASTbe.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S afterafter.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM Trustname toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  and I've been after the Trust to tell them...
57BAE+< &=cough (esgu)sodwch fi .
  excuse.2PL.IMPERexcuse.V.2P.IMPER PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  excuse me.
58ADW+, <bod fi> [?] (y)n gobeithio bod nhw ddim yn mynd i # esgeuluso (y)r ardd .
  ...that I hoped they were not going to neglect the garden.
59BAE+< &=cough ie .
60ADWachos basai (y)n talu iddyn nhw # i gychwyn rŵan edrych ar ei hôl hi .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF PRTPRT pay.NONFINpay.V.INFIN to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P toto.PREP start.NONFINstart.V.INFIN+SM nownow.ADV look.NONFINlook.V.2S.IMPER.[or].look.V.3S.PRES.[or].look.V.INFIN onon.PREP POSS.3SFher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S tracetrack.N.M.SG+H PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S
  because it would pay for them to start looking after it now.
61BAE+< mmmCE mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
62ADW<mae hi (we)di cael ei roid> [//] # <mae &m> [//] mae hi (we)di cae(l) [/] cael ei gwneud yn y fath ffordd # cyn_belled â bod nhw (y)n justCE # dal i fynd yna bob hyn a hyn +// .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3SFhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S put.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3SFhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF kindtype.N.F.SG+SM.[or].bath.N.M.SG+SM wayway.N.F.SG as_farunk asas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT justjust.ADV keep.NONFINstill.ADV toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM therethere.ADV everyeach.PREQ+SM thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP andand.CONJ thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP
  it has been done in such a way, as long as they just keep going there from time to time...
63ADWdim [/] dim (y)r un fath â hon .
  NEGnot.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM asas.CONJ thisthis.PRON.DEM.F.SG
  not like this one.
64ADWchimod # dim y gwaith yma .
  know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES NEGnot.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF workwork.N.M.SG herehere.ADV
  you know, not this work.
65ADWmae hi (we)di pacio (y)n dynn efo # planhigion rwng gerrig .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP pack.NONFINpack.V.INFIN PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP tightunk withwith.PREP plantsplants.N.M.PL betweenbetween.PREP+SM stonesstones.N.F.PL+SM
  it is packed tightly with plants between stones.
66BAEmmmCE .
67ADWa peth hawsa (y)n y byd gyn_belled â bod nhw yn [!] mynd yna ryw dair gwaith y flwyddyn .
  andand.CONJ thingthing.N.M.SG easiestunk inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF worldworld.N.M.SG as_farunk asas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM three.Fthree.NUM.F+SM timestime.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF yearyear.N.F.SG+SM
  and the easiest thing in the world, as far as they go there about three times a year
68ADW(fa)sai (y)n hen ddigon iddyn nhw .
  be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF+SM PRTPRT oldold.ADJ enoughenough.QUAN+SM for.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  it would be more than enough.
69BAEbasai wir ?
  be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF truetrue.ADJ+SM
  would it really?
70ADW(ba)sai (y)n cadw trefn .
  be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF PRTPRT keep.NONFINkeep.V.INFIN orderorder.N.F.SG
  it would keep the place in order.
71BAEyeahCE .
72ADWwedyn umCE # maen nhw (we)di deud bod nhw mynd i fynd .
  then, they have said that they are going to go.
73BAEyeahCE .
74ADWgawn ni weld .
  we'll see.
75BAEie de .
  yesyes.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
76BAE(pe)tasech chi (y)n # troi (y)r clockCE yn ei ôl rŵan cyn i EdnaCE # ddechrau (y)r gymdeithas (y)ma # fasai (y)na gymdeithas dach chi (y)n credu ## hedd(iw) [//] erbyn heddiw ?
  if_be.2PL.CONDITunk PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT turn.NONFINturn.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF clockclock.N.SG inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S tracktrack.N.M.SG.[or].rear.ADJ nownow.ADV beforebefore.PREP forto.PREP Ednaname begin.NONFINbegin.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF societysociety.N.F.SG+SM herehere.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF+SM therethere.ADV societysociety.N.F.SG+SM be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT believe.NONFINbelieve.V.INFIN todaytoday.ADV byby.PREP todaytoday.ADV
  if you turned the clock back now, before Edna started this society, would there be a society by today, do you think?
77ADW&=click # erCE +.. .
78BAEwyddoch chi mae (y)na ddiddordeb mawr yn y parciau cenedlaethol yn_does <drwy &brəder> [//] drwy Brydain (fe)lly [?] .
  know.2PL.NONPASTunk PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV interestinterest.N.M.SG+SM bigbig.ADJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF parksparks.N.M.PL nationalnational.ADJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.TAG throughthrough.PREP+SM throughthrough.PREP+SM BritainBritain.N.F.SG.PLACE+SM thusso.ADV
  you know, there is a great interest in the national parks, isn't there, throughout Britain.
79ADW+< mi fasai (y)na ryw fath o gymdeithas i chi .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF+SM therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP societysociety.N.F.SG+SM forto.PREP PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P
  there would be some kind of society.
80ADWond # o (y)r herwydd [?] na fasai hi ddim (we)di gorfod # goresgyn # gymaint o # &=click broblemau +.. .
  butbut.CONJ fromof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF reasonunk NEGPRT.NEG be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF+SM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN overcome.NONFINovercome.V.INFIN so_manyso much.ADJ+SM ofof.PREP problemsproblems.N.MF.PL+SM
  but because it would not have had to overcome so many problems...
81BAEmmmCE .
82ADWoherwydd bod hi (we)di cael ei chychwyn +.. .
  because it was started...
83ADWoedd hi (y)n ddynes o flaen ei amser yn_doedd .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT womanwoman.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP frontfront.N.M.SG+SM POSS.3SFhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S timetime.N.M.SG be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.TAG
  she was a woman before her time, wasn't she?
84BAEmmmCE # &=click oedd .
  IMmmm.IM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF
  mmhm, yes.
85ADW+< a mae (y)r gymdeithas (we)di cael ei chychwyn ar adeg pan wir yr # toedd (y)na neb <yn &s> [//] # yn dallt be oedd gyn y ddynes +/ .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF societysociety.N.F.SG+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3SFher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S start.NONFINstart.V.INFIN+AM onon.PREP periodtime.N.F.SG whenwhen.CONJ truetrue.ADJ+SM PRTthe.DET.DEF be.3S.IMP.NEGunk therethere.ADV nobodyanyone.PRON PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT understand.NONFINunderstand.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF womanwoman.N.F.SG+SM
  and the society was started at a time when, honestly, nobody understood what this woman was going onabout.
86BAE+< mmhmCE .
87BAEmmmCE .
88ADW+, am be oedd hi (y)n siarad .
  aboutfor.PREP whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT speak.NONFINtalk.V.INFIN
  ...what she was talking about.
89BAEwellCE yeahCE # yeahCE .
  well.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
90ADW+" erCE mynyddoedd ?
  IMer.IM mountainsmountains.N.M.PL
  "er, mountains?"
91ADW+" be s(y) isio # amddiffyn reiniy ?
  whatwhat.INT be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL wantwant.N.M.SG protect.NONFINdefend.V.INFIN thoseunk
  "why do you need to protect them?"
92ADWmae reiny (dd)igon mawr i # amddiffyn nhw eu hunain .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thosethose.PRON+SM enoughenough.QUAN+SM bigbig.ADJ toto.PREP protect.NONFINdefend.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P selvesself.PRON.PL
  "they are big enough to protect themselves"
93BAEohCE mae hwnna (y)n broblemCE sy gynnon ni heddiw i ddeud y gwir yn_dydy .
  IMoh.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG PRTPRT problemproblem.N.SG+SM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL with.1PLwith_us.PREP+PRON.1P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P todaytoday.ADV toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF truthtruth.N.M.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG
  oh, that is a problem that we have today to tell the truth, isn't it?
94ADW+< ydy .
95BAExxx <fel oeddech chi (y)n> [/] <wellCE fel oeddech chi (y)n> [?] +/ .
  likelike.CONJ be.2PL.IMPbe.V.2P.IMPERF PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT wellwell.ADV likelike.CONJ be.2PL.IMPbe.V.2P.IMPERF PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  well, as you were...well, as you were...
96ADW+< <os (y)dy o (y)n brob(lem)CE> [//] # os (y)dy o (y)n broblemCE heddiw +/ .
  ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT problemproblem.N.SG+SM ifif.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT problemproblem.N.SG+SM todaytoday.ADV
  if it is a problem today...
97BAEie # ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes. yes.
98ADW+< +, sut oedd o meddech chi # yr holl blynyddoedd yna nôl pan oedd hi (y)n trio # amddiffyn ?
  howhow.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S say.2PL.NONPASTown.V.2P.IMPERF.[or].say.V.2P.IMPERF PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P DETthe.DET.DEF entireall.PREQ yearsyears.N.F.PL therethere.ADV backback.ADV.[or].fetch.V.INFIN whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN protect.NONFINdefend.V.INFIN
  ...what would you say it was like all those years ago when she was trying to protect?
99BAE+< ie ## <wellCE wellCE> [?] yeahCE # wellCE yeahCE .
  yesyes.ADV wellwell.ADV wellwell.ADV yeahyeah.ADV wellwell.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  yes. well well yeah. well yeah.
100ADWumCE # <mi ddyl(ai) erCE> [//] mi faswn i meddwl y dylai fo fod wedi # datblygu lotCE gynt .
  IMum.IM PRTPRT.AFF should.3S.CONDITought_to.V.3S.IMPERF+SM IMer.IM PRTPRT.AFF be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN PRTthat.PRON.REL should.3S.CONDITought_to.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP develop.NONFINdevelop.V.INFIN lotlot.N.SG quickerearlier.ADJ+SM
  I would think it should have developed much sooner.
101ADWond ar_ôl deud hynny dach chi (y)n gweld ## &=sigh mae # gwin a caws yn well wedi mature_ioE+cym yn_dydy .
  butbut.CONJ afterafter.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES winewine.N.M.SG andand.CONJ cheesecheese.N.M.SG PRTPRT betterbetter.ADJ.COMP+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP mature.NONFINmature.ADJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG
  but having said that, you see, wine and cheese are better when they have matured, aren't they
102BAEyndyn sureCE .
  be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES.EMPH suresure.ADJ
  yes, sure.
103ADWa dw i (y)n amau # bod y gymdeithas yma # (we)di bod yn hir +.. .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT suspect.NONFINdoubt.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF societysociety.N.F.SG+SM herehere.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT longlong.ADJ
  and I suspect that this society has been long...
104BAE++ yn +/ .
105ADW+< +, yn ffermentio .
  PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP ferment.NONFINunk
106BAEie .
107ADWa dw i meddwl fedra i ddeud # &=click heb swnio (y)n ry # orchestog # bod hi (y)n gymdeithas rightCE unigryw .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN can.1S.NONPASTbe_able.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM withoutwithout.PREP sound.NONFINsound.V.INFIN PRTPRT toogive.V.3S.PRES+SM.[or].too.ADJ+SM boastfulunk be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT societysociety.N.F.SG+SM rightright.ADJ uniqueunique.ADJ
  and I think I can say without sounding too boastful that it is quite a unique society.
108BAEmmmCE .
109ADWoherwydd # er bod (y)na gymdeithasau # dirif yn edrych ar_ôl yr amgylchedd # <dan ni erbyn hyn # wedi> [//] # dan ni wedi # &=sigh medru # mynd allan # yn # llyda(n) +// .
  becausebecause.CONJ althougher.IM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV societiessocieties.N.F.PL+SM countlessunk PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN afterafter.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF environmentenvironment.N.M.SG be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P byby.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRT.PASTafter.PREP can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN outout.ADV PRTPRT broadwide.ADJ
  because, although there are countless societies who look after the environment, we have been able to go out broadly...
110ADWerCE dan ni (we)di medru taflyd ein hunain # allan # i bob mathau o bethau erbyn hyn .
  IMer.IM be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRT.PASTafter.PREP can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN throw.NONFINunk POSS.1PLour.ADJ.POSS.1P selvesself.PRON.PL outout.ADV toto.PREP everyeach.PREQ+SM kindstypes.N.M.PL ofof.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM byby.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP
  we have been able to throw ourselves out into all sorts of things by now
111ADWnid justCE # cwffio (y)n_erbyn pethau # nid justCE +/ .
  NEG(it is) not.ADV justjust.ADV fight.NONFINfight.V.INFIN againstagainst.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL NEG(it is) not.ADV justjust.ADV
  not just fighting against things, not just...
112BAE+< ond cefnogi pethau hefyd yn_de .
  butbut.CONJ support.NONFINsupport.V.INFIN thingsthings.N.M.PL alsoalso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  but supporting things as well, isn't
113ADW+< nid +// .
  NEG(it is) not.ADV
114ADWie .
115ADWumCE erCE +.. .
  um.IM er.IM
116BAEgwella pethau .
  improve.NONFINimprove.V.2S.IMPER thingsthings.N.M.PL
  improving things...
117ADW+< ie .
118BAEyeahCE .
119ADWa dw i meddwl mai mond rywun sy (we)di bod i_fewn o (y)r dechrau # neu rywun sy (we)di bod # yn gwatsiad # umCE ar yr ymylon +/ .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONGINthink.V.INFIN PRTthat_it_is.CONJ.FOCUS onlybond.N.M.SG+NM somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN inin.PREP fromof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF beginningbeginning.N.M.SG oror.CONJ somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP watch.NONFINunk IMum.IM onon.PREP DETthat.PRON.REL marginsedges.N.F.PL.[or].margins.N.F.PL.[or].border.V.1P.PAST.[or].border.V.3P.PAST
  and I think that only somebody who has been in it from the beginning or somebody who has been watching from the sidelines...
120BAEmmmCE .
121ADW+, sy (y)n sylweddoli +/ .
122BAEyeahCE .
123ADW+, mor # ara deg ond mor umCE +// .
  howso.ADV slowunk fairten.NUM butbut.CONJ howso.ADV IMum.IM slowly but how um...
124ADWbe (y)dy (y)r gair ?
  whatwhat.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF wordword.N.M.SG
  what is the word?
125ADWconsistentE ["] ydy (y)r gair yn Saesneg mae sureCE de .
  consistentconsistent.ADJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF wordword.N.M.SG inin.PREP EnglishEnglish.N.F.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ TAGbe.IM+SM
  "consistent" is the English word, I guess.
126BAEyeahCE # (pe)tasai +// .
  yeahyeah.ADV if_be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF.HYP
  yeah, if...
127BAEyeahCE &n &de &de &=sigh +.. .
128ADWmae (y)r +/ .
129BAE+< wchi be o'n i feddwl i ddeud y gwir oedd # &=sigh Sais oedd hi wrth_gwrs +.. .
  know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES whatwhat.INT be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF thruthtruth.N.M.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF Englishmanname be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S of_courseof_course.ADV
  you know what I thought, to be honest, was, she was English of course...
130ADWohCE yeahCE ac yn_erbyn # y Gymraeg o ran y gymdeithas .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV andand.CONJ againstagainst.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF WelshWelsh.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP partpart.N.F.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF societysociety.N.F.SG+SM
  oh yeah, and against the Welsh language as far as the society was concerned.
131BAEyeahCE .
132ADWandros o jobCE i gael ei [?] &gə [//] pherswadio bod isio dim_byd yn y Gymraeg .
  devilexceptionally.ADV ofof.PREP jobjob.N.SG toto.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM POSS.3SFher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S persuade.NONFINpersuade.V.INFIN+AM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN wantwant.N.M.SG nothingnothing.ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF WelshWelsh.N.F.SG+SM
  it was quite a job to persuade her that anything anything was needed in Welsh.
133BAEmae (y)n hawdd dallt felly pam bod y rhan fwya # o (y)r aelodaeth yn Saesneg yn_dydy .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT easyeasy.ADJ understand.NONFINunderstand.V.INFIN thusso.ADV whywhy?.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF partpart.N.F.SG largestbiggest.ADJ.SUP+SM ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF membershipmembership.N.F.SG PRTin.PREP EnglishEnglish.N.F.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG
  so it's easy to understand why most of the membership is English, isn't it.
134ADW+< hollolCE .
135BAE(pe)tasai rywun fel chi er enghraifft wedi # mynnu dechrau (y)r gymdeithas +/ .
  if_be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF.HYP somebodysomeone.N.M.SG+SM likelike.CONJ PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P forer.IM exampleexample.N.F.SG PRT.PASTafter.PREP insist.NONFINinsist.V.INFIN begin.NONFINbegin.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF societysociety.N.F.SG+SM
  if somebody like you for example had started the society...
136ADWia .
137BAE+, basech chi mae (y)n debyg wedi mynd o_gwmpas <y &s> [//] erCE erCE erCE y gwaith mewn ffordd gwahanol xxx .
  be.2PL.CONDITbe.V.2P.PLUPERF PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT likelysimilar.ADJ+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN aroundaround.PREP.[or].around.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM IMer.IM IMer.IM DETthe.DET.DEF workwork.N.M.SG inin.PREP wayway.N.F.SG differentdifferent.ADJ'd probably have gone about the job in a different way.
138ADW+< wellCE [?] hollol wahanol <dach chi gweld> [?] .
  wellwell.ADV totallycompletely.ADJ differentdifferent.ADJ+SM be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN
  well, totally different, you see
139BAEond [?] (ba)sech chi (we)di anelu at # mwy o Gymry yno fo yn_basech .
  butbut.CONJ be.2PL.CONDITbe.V.2P.PLUPERF PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRT.PASTafter.PREP aim.NONFINaim.V.INFIN atto.PREP moremore.ADJ.COMP ofof.PREP Welsh_peopleWelsh_people.N.M.PL+SM in.3SMthere.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.2PL.CONDIT.NEGunk
  but you would have aimed at more Welsh people in it, wouldn't you
140ADW+< hollol .
141BAEond # tybed fasai (y)r gymdeithas wedi tyfu # i (y)r maint y mae hi heddiw # pan fyddan [?] ni (y)n cysidro +// .
  butbut.CONJ wonderI wonder.ADV be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF+SM DETthe.DET.DEF societysociety.N.F.SG+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP grow.NONFINgrow.V.INFIN toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF sizesize.N.M.SG PRTthat.PRON.REL be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S todaytoday.ADV whenwhen.CONJ be.1PL.FUTbe.V.3P.FUT+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT consider.NONFINconsider.V.INFIN
  but I wonder if the society had grown to the size it is today, when we consider...
142BAEquestionCE dw i (we)di ofyn i fi fy hun yn aml dros y flwyddyn ddwytha (y)ma # hynny ydy ydy (y)r Cymry # yn gwir werthfawrogi # yr tirwedd sydd o_gwmpas # xxx # <a be sy gynnon ni> [?] .
  questionquestion.N.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S selfself.PRON.SG PRTPRT oftenfrequent.ADJ overover.PREP+SM DETthe.DET.DEF yearyear.N.F.SG+SM previouslast.ADJ+SM herehere.ADV thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF Welsh_peopleWelsh_people.N.M.PL PRTPRT truetrue.ADJ appreciate.NONFINappreciate.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF landscaperelief.N.F.SG be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL aroundaround.ADV andand.CONJ whatwhat.INT be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL with.1PLwith_us.PREP+PRON.1P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P
  a question I have often asked myself during this last year, that is, do the Welsh fully appreciate the landscape which is around xxx and what we have
143ADW+< a gwyddoch chi be dw i (we)di ddeud # fath â maen nhw (y)n deud yn y xxx # <aE prophetE isE notE withoutE honourE save@s:eng> ["] +// .
  andand.CONJ know.2PL.NONPASTunk PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P whatwhat.INT be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.PREP be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF aa.DET.INDEF prophetprophet.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV withoutwithout.PREP honourhonour.N.SG savesave.N.SG
  and do you know what I have said, like they say in [...] "a prophet is not without honour save..."
144ADWdydy [//] # aE [/] aE [/] aE landscapeE isE notE withoutE honourE erCE saveE inE itsE ownE countryE chwaith de .
  be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG aa.DET.INDEF aa.DET.INDEF aa.DET.INDEF landcsapelandscape.N.SG isis.V.3S.PRES notnot.ADV withoutwithout.PREP honourhonour.N.SG IMer.IM savesave.SV.INFIN inin.PREP itsits.ADJ.POSS.NT.3S ownown.ADJ countrycountry.N.SG eitherneither.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  a landscape is not without honour save in its own country either, you know.
145BAE+< mmhmCE # ie sureCE .
  IMmmhm.IM yesyes.ADV suresure.ADJ
  yes, definitely.
146ADWachos os dach chi (we)di tyfu fyny (e)fo rywbeth +.. .
  becausebecause.CONJ ifif.CONJ be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRT.PASTafter.PREP grow.NONFINgrow.V.INFIN upup.ADV withwith.PREP somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM
  because if you've grown up with something...
147BAEmmmCE .
148ADW+, â deud y gwir yn honestCE mae gofyn bod chi yn ryw bersonCE rightCE sensitiveCE i fod # yn +.. .
  withas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF truthtruth.N.M.SG PRTPRT honesthonest.ADJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTin.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM personperson.N.SG+SM rightright.ADJ sensitivesensitive.ADJ toto.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be honest, you have to be quite a sensitive person to...
149BAEmmmCE .
150ADW+, sylweddoli bob munud o (y)r dydd # bod chi (y)n &v freintiedig +.. .
  realise.NONFINrealise.V.INFIN everyeach.PREQ+SM minuteminute.N.M.SG ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF dayday.N.M.SG be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT privilegedprivileged.ADJ+SM
  ...realise every minute of the day that you are privileged...
151BAEyeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
152ADW+, i fyw yn y fath lle .
  toto.PREP live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN+SM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF kindtype.N.F.SG+SM.[or].bath.N.M.SG+SM placewhere.INT.[or].place.N.M.SG be living in such a place.
153BAEyndy hollol wir .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH entirecompletely.ADJ truetrue.ADJ+SM
  yes, you're absolutely right.
154ADW+< achos # yn enwedig os dach chi fath â (y)r ffarmwr # yn # &ks # cwffio (y)n_erbyn # yr elfennau +/ .
  becausebecause.CONJ PRTPRT particularespecially.ADJ ifif.CONJ be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF farmerunk PRTPRT fight.NONFINfight.V.INFIN againstagainst.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF elementselements.N.F.PL
  because especially if you are like a farmer, fighting against the elements...
155BAE+< mmmCE # mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
156ADW+, o # bump o gloch bore # tan un_ar_ddeg y nos # a codi bob munud at # loeau a ŵyn +.. .
  fromhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP fivefive.NUM+SM ofof.PREP DETbell.N.F.SG+SM clockmorning.N.M.SG morninguntil.PREP untileleven.NUM eleventhe.DET.DEF DETnight.N.F.SG nightand.CONJ andlift.V.INFIN rise.NONFINeach.PREQ+SM everyminute.N.M.SG minuteto.PREP tounk calvesand.CONJ andlambs.N.M.PL lambs
  ...from five o'clock in the morning until eleven at night, and getting up all the time for calves and lambs...
157BAEyeahCE sureCE .
  yeah.ADV sure.ADJ
158ADW+, umCE # mae (y)n dipyn o jobCE i chi werthfawrogi +"/ .
  IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT bitlittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP jobjob.N.SG forto.PREP PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P appreciate.NONFINappreciate.V.INFIN+SM is quite a job for you to appreciate:
159ADW+" ohCE ie ond dw i (y)n gwneud yr holl yma # mewn lle ardderchog .
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF wholeall.PREQ herehere.ADV inin.PREP placeplace.N.M.SG excellentexcellent.ADJ
  "oh yes, but I'm doing all this in a wonderful place."
160BAE+< mmmCE # mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
161ADWmae (y)n dipyn o jobCE dydy .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT bitlittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP jobjob.N.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  it's quite a job, isn't it
162BAEyn enwedig os dach chi (y)n gorfod gweithio yn_erbyn y mynydd # sy ddim yn tyfu gwair +/ .
  PRTPRT particularespecially.ADJ ifif.CONJ be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN work.NONFINwork.V.INFIN againstagainst.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mountainmountain.N.M.SG be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT grow.NONFINgrow.V.INFIN hayhay.N.M.SG
  especially if you have to work against the mountain which doesn't grow grass...
163ADW+< hollol # hollol # ie .
  entirelycompletely.ADJ entirelycompletely.ADJ yesyes.ADV
  absolutely, absolutely, yes.
164BAE+, sy ddim felly yn gallu # rhoi bwyd i (y)r anifeiliaid +/ .
  be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL NEGnot.ADV+SM thusso.ADV PRTPRT can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN give.NONFINgive.V.INFIN foodfood.N.M.SG toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF animalsanimals.N.M.PL
  ...which therefore can't feed the animals...
165ADW+< ie .
166BAE+, lle na fydd o felly ddim yn gallu cael arian yn_ôl yn_de .
  wherewhere.INT.[or].place.N.M.SG NEGPRT.NEG be.3S.FUTbe.V.3S.FUT+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S thusso.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN get.NONFINget.V.INFIN moneymoney.N.M.SG backback.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  ...where he therefore won't be able to get money back, isn't it.
167ADW+< hollol # ie .
  entirelycompletely.ADJ yesyes.ADV
  exactly, yes.
168BAEdyna (e)i reswm o am fod yn yr ardal yna (y)n_de # i ddeud y gwir .
  therethat_is.ADV POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S reasonreason.N.M.SG+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF arearegion.N.F.SG therethere.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF truthtruth.N.M.SG
  that's his reason for being in that area, isn't it, to be honest.
169ADW+< ie .
170ADW<a &ɬ> [//] <a (y)r> [//] a lle gorau # fel dach chi (y)n gwybod i weld Eryri yn ei gogoniant ydy Sir_Fôn yn_de .
  andand.CONJ andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF andand.CONJ placewhere.INT.[or].place.N.M.SG bestbest.ADJ.SUP likelike.CONJ be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN toto.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM Snowdonianame inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S splendourglory.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES Angleseyname TAGisn't_it.IM
  and the best place, as you know, to see Snowdonia in all its glory is Anglesey, isn't it.
171BAEyeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
172ADWmae gynna i ffrind .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES withwith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP friendfriend.N.M.SG
  I have got a friend.
173ADWa dw i (y)n cofio # mynd <â (y)r> [//] # â [//] ag fy ngŵr i fyny i llofft yn ffrind i ddangos rywbeth oedd (we)di cael ei wneud yno .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT rememberremember.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN withwith.PREP DETthat.PRON.REL withas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES withwith.PREP POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S husbandman.N.M.SG+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP upup.ADV toto.PREP bedroombedroom.N.F.SG POSS.1SPRT.[or].in.PREP friendfriend.N.M.SG toto.PREP show.NONFINshow.V.INFIN+SM somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM therethere.ADV
  and I remember taking my husband up to my friend's bedroom to show something that had been made there.
174BAEmmmCE .
175ADWryw [/] rywbeth # dw (ddi)m yn cofio be oedd (we)di cael ei wneud (y)na .
  somesome.PREQ+SM somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT rememberremember.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM therethere.ADV
  something, I don't remember what had been made there.
176ADWa dyma fo (y)n sbïo .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN
  and he looked.
177ADWwrth_gwrs # &=laughs ddim diddordeb <llawer yn be oedd yn cael ei wneud yn fan (y)no> [=! laughs] ond bod fi (y)n gwneud i blesio (y)n ffrind .
  of_courseof_course.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM interestinterest.N.M.SG muchmany.QUAN inPRT.[or].in.PREP whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV butbut.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN toto.PREP please.NONFINplease.V.INFIN+SM POSS.1SPRT.[or].in.PREP friendfriend.N.M.SG
  of course not really interested in what was made there, just I was doing it to please my friend.
178BAE&=laughs .
179ADW<dyma fo> [?] (y)n sbïo trwy (y)r ffenestr a gweld Eryri # yn martsio o ei flaen +.. .
  herethis_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN throughthrough.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF windowwindow.N.F.SG andand.CONJ see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN Snowdonianame PRTPRT marchingmarch.V.INFIN onof.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S frontfront.N.M.SG+SM
  he looked out of the window and saw Snowdonia marching in front of him.
180BAEyeahCE .
181ADW+, yn ei gogoniant .
  inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S splendourglory.N.M.SG all its glory.
182BAEmae o (y)n fendigedig .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT tremendouswonderful.ADJ+SM
  it is tremendous.
183ADWa dyma fo (y)n deud +"/ .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  and he said:
184ADW+" &=gasp # ohCE # ohCE yli golygfa s(y) gen ti FfionCE .
  IMoh.IM IMoh.IM see.2S.IMPERyou_know.IM viewscene.N.F.SG be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL withwith.PREP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S Ffionname
  "oh, oh, look what a view you've got, Ffion!"
185BAEyeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
186ADW+" yli (y)r mynyddoedd (y)na +/ .
  see.2S.IMPERyou_know.IM DETthe.DET.DEF mountainsmountains.N.M.PL therethere.ADV
  "look at those mountains..."
187BAEyeahCE .
188ADW+, +" yn un res o dy flaen di bob bore .
  PRTPRT oneone.NUM rowrow.N.F.SG+SM ofof.PREP POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S frontfront.N.M.SG+SM PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S+SM everyeach.PREQ+SM morningmorning.N.M.SG
  " ...lined up in front of you every morning."
189ADW+" i be maen nhw (y)n da i mi ?
  forto.PREP whatwhat.INT be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT goodbe.IM+SM forto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S
  "what use are they to me?"
190BAEyeahCE .
191ADWde ?
  you see?
192BAE+< wellCE yeahCE .
  well.ADV yeah.ADV
193ADWa # dyma fi (y)n deud y storyCE (y)ma # ohCE (y)mhen blynyddoedd wedyn # wrth cymydog # iddi hi ochr draw i (y)r lôn .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF storystory.N.SG herehere.ADV IMoh.IM withinat the end of.PREP yearsyears.N.F.PL afterafterwards.ADV toby.PREP neighbourneighbour.N.M.SG to.3SFto_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S sideside.N.F.SG beyondyonder.ADV toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF roadunk
  and I told this story, oh years later, to a neighbour of hers on the other side of the road.
194ADWa dyma ei frawd o oedd [?] yn digwydd bod yn eiste(dd) (y)na y noson honno dyn mewn oed # mae (y)n deud +"/ .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S brotherbrother.N.M.SG+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRTPRT happen.NONFINhappen.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT sit.NONFINsit.V.INFIN therethere.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF nightnight.N.F.SG thatthat.ADJ.DEM.F.SG manman.N.M.SG inin.PREP ageage.N.M.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  and his brother who happened to be sitting there that night, a man of a mature age, he says:
195ADW+" y perffaith wir be maen nhw (y)n da i ni ?
  DETthe.DET.DEF perfectperfect.ADJ truthtrue.ADJ+SM whatwhat.INT be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT goodbe.IM+SM forto.PREP PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P
  "that's absolutely right, what use are they to us?"
196BAEwellCE yeahCE .
  well.ADV yeah.ADV
197BAEond <rhan o (y)r> [?] effaith maen nhw (y)n gael <ar y> [?] llygad yn_de .
  butbut.CONJ partpart.N.F.SG ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF effecteffect.N.F.SG be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF eyeeye.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  but part of the effect they have on the eye.
198ADW+< <(dy)na fo ylwch> [?] # mae bobl Sir_Fôn yn edrych draw ac yn deud +"/ .
  therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S see.2PL.IMPERyou_know.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM Angleseyname PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN overyonder.ADV andand.CONJ PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  that's it, you see, the people of Anglesey look across and say:
199ADW+" i be mae rheina (y)n da i ni ?
  forto.PREP whatwhat.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thosethose.PRON PRTPRT goodbe.IM+SM forto.PREP PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P
  "what use are those to us?"
200BAEmmmCE .
201BAE&=dental_click # pan o'n i (y)n tyfu fyny # yn # yr ardal yma felly +.. .
  whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT grow.NONFINgrow.V.INFIN upup.ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF arearegion.N.F.SG herehere.ADV thusso.ADV
  when I was growing up in this area...
202BAEdod drosodd i FetwsCE wrth_gwrs bob # penwythnos a bob gwyliau o'n i o (y)r ysgol yn WrexhamCE felly (y)n_de .
  come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN overover.ADV+SM toto.PREP Betwsname of_courseof_course.ADV everyeach.PREQ+SM weekendweekend.N.M.SG andand.CONJ everyeach.PREQ+SM holidayholidays.N.F.PL be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S fromof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF schoolschool.N.F.SG inin.PREP Wrexhamname thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  I'd come over to Betws of course every weekend and every holidays from the school in Wrexham, you see.
203BAEa mi oedd fy nhad wedi ei eni yn AmlwchCE # yn Sir_Fôn wrth_grws .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S fatherfather.N.M.SG+NM PRT.PASTafter.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S bear.NONFINbe_born.V.INFIN+SM inin.PREP Amlwchname inin.PREP Angleseyname of_courseunk
  and my father had been born in Amlwch on Anglesey of course.
204ADW+< ohCE ie .
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV
  I see.
205BAEa pan oedd o (y)n aros hefo teulu fy mamCE ym Metws_y_CoedCE # y questionCE oedd o (y)n ei ofyn trwy (y)r amser oedd erCE [?] +"/ .
  andand.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT stay.NONFINwait.V.INFIN withwith.PREP+H familyfamily.N.M.SG POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S mothermam.N.SG inin.PREP Betws_y_Coedname DETthe.DET.DEF questionquestion.N.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S ask.NONFINask.V.INFIN+SM throughthrough.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF timetime.N.M.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF IMer.IM
  and when he stayed with my mother's family in Betws y Coed, the question he asked all the time was:
206BAEpam dan ni (y)n aros yma # yn y glaw # pan allen ni fod yn yr haul yn Sir_Fôn ?
  whywhy?.ADV be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT stay.NONFINwait.V.INFIN herehere.ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF rainrain.N.M.SG whenwhen.CONJ can.1PL.CONDITbe_able.V.1P.IMPERF+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF sunsun.N.M.SG inin.PREP Angleseyname
  "why are we staying here in the rain, when we could be in the sun on Anglesey?"
207ADWie ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes, yes.
208BAEfelly os oedd hi (y)n glawio (y)n BetwsCE be fydden ni wneud rightCE aml yn ystod yr haf +/ .
  thusso.ADV ifif.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT rain.NONFINrain.V.INFIN inin.PREP Betwsname whatwhat.INT be.1PL.CONDITbe.V.3P.COND+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTmake.V.INFIN+SM do.NONFINright.ADJ rightfrequent.ADJ oftenin.PREP inrange.N.F.SG rangethe.DET.DEF DETsummer.N.M.SG summer
  so if it was raining in Betws, what we did quite often during the summer...
209ADWie .
210BAE+, (fa)sai # crwydro yn y carCE drosodd wedyn i Sir_Fôn .
  be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF+SM wander.NONFINwander.V.INFIN inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF carcar.N.SG overover.ADV+SM thenafterwards.ADV toto.PREP Angleseyname
  ...would be to wander over to Anglesey then in the car.
211ADW+< ie ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes, yes.
212BAEac # mae (y)n gywir wrth_gwrs y rhan fwya o (y)r amser pan oedden ni yn [!] mynd yn y carCE i Sir_Fôn mi oedd yr haul yn tywynnu ar_ôl mynd (y)r ochr draw i BangorCE yn_doedd .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT correctcorrect.ADJ+SM of_courseof_course.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF partpart.N.F.SG biggestbiggest.ADJ.SUP+SM ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF timetime.N.M.SG whenwhen.CONJ be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF carcar.N.SG toto.PREP Angleseyname PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF sunsun.N.M.SG PRTPRT shine.NONFINshine.V.INFIN afterafter.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF sideside.N.F.SG overyonder.ADV toto.PREP Bangorname be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.TAG
  and it is of course true, most of the time when we did go in the car to Anglesey, the sun was shining after we had passed Bangor.
213ADW+< ie ie # ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes yes, yes.
214BAEond erCE be oedden ni ddweud wrth_gwrs erCE fy mamCE a fi yn ei erbyn o oedd y peth gorau am Sir_Fôn oedd yr olygfa # yn_ôl # i (y)r [?] Eryri <(fe)lly (y)n_de> [?] .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM whatwhat.INT be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM of_courseof_course.ADV IMer.IM POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S mothermam.N.SG andand.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S againstby.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF thingthing.N.M.SG bestbest.ADJ.SUP aboutfor.PREP Angleseyname be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF viewscene.N.F.SG+SM backback.ADV toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF Snowdonianame thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  but what we said of course, my mother and I against him was that the best thing about Anglesey was the view back to Snowdonia, you know
215ADW+< ++ i Eryri # hollol .
  toto.PREP Snowdonianame entirecompletely.ADJ
  to Snowdonia, exactly.
216BAE+< &=laugh .
217ADWa mae (y)n ffrind erbyn hyn wedi priodi # erCE y personCE lleol .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES POSS.1SPRT.[or].in.PREP friendfriend.N.M.SG byby.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP PRT.PASTafter.PREP marry.NONFINmarry.V.INFIN IMer.IM DETthe.DET.DEF parsonperson.N.SG locallocal.ADJ
  and my friend has by now married the local minister.
218BAEyeahCE .
219ADWa maen nhw (y)n byw yn y reithordy sy (y)r ochr arall i (y)r lôn i lle [/] # lle oedd hi (y)n byw mwy neu lai .
  andand.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF vicarageunk be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL DETthe.DET.DEF sideside.N.F.SG otherother.ADJ toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF roadunk toto.PREP whereplace.N.M.SG wherewhere.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN moremore.ADJ.COMP oror.CONJ lesssmaller.ADJ.COMP+SM
  and they live in the vicarage, which is more or less across the road from where she used to live.
220BAE+< yeahCE .
221ADWond erCE mae (y)r tŷ # yn gwynebu # hollol ffordd arall i (y)r # tŷ oedd hi yno fo .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF househouse.N.M.SG PRTPRT face.NONFINface.V.INFIN entirecompletely.ADJ wayway.N.F.SG otherother.ADJ toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF househouse.N.M.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S in.3SMthere.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  but the house faces exactly the other way than the house where she used to be.
222BAE+< yeahCE .
223ADWa mae chegin hi (y)n_de # <pan dach chi (y)n> [//] <a mae (y)n> [//] # ohCE # pan dw i mynd lawr y grisiau (y)n bore i wneud paned # dw i (y)n methu # stopio edrych drwy ffenestr .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES kitchenkitchen.N.F.SG+AM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S TAGisn't_it.IM whenwhen.CONJ be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMoh.IM whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN downdown.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF stairsstairs.N.M.PL inPRT.[or].in.PREP morningmorning.N.M.SG toto.PREP make.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM cupfulcupful.N.M.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT fail.NONFINfail.V.INFIN stop.NONFINstop.V.INFIN look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN throughthrough.PREP+SM windowwindow.N.F.SG
  and her kitchen is, you know...oh, when I go downstairs in the morning to make tea I can't stop looking through the window.
224BAEyeahCE .
225BAE<mae (y)n> [//] mae o (y)n wyrthiol i ddeud y gwir yn_dydy [?] .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP miraculousunk toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF truthtruth.N.M.SG be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG
  it is marvellous, to be honest, isn't it
226ADW+< mae (y)n anhygoel .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT incredibleincredible.ADJ
  it's incredible.
227BAEpan ges i (y)r fraint o fynd i_fyny i gopa (y)r Wyddfa bythefnos yn_ôl # fuon ni (y)n aros (y)na dros nos # a gweld yr haul yn machlud +/ .
  whenwhen.CONJ get.1S.PASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S DETthe.DET.DEF privilegeprivilege.N.MF.SG+SM ofof.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM upup.ADV toto.PREP summitsummit.N.M.SG+SM.[or].summit.N.M.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF Snowdonname fortnightfortnight.N.MF.SG+SM backback.ADV be.1PL.PASTbe.V.3P.PAST+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT stay.NONFINwait.V.INFIN therethere.ADV overover.PREP+SM nightnight.N.F.SG andand.CONJ see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF sunsun.N.M.SG PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP set.NONFINsunset.N.M.SG
  when I had the privilege to go up Snowdon summit a fortnight ago, we stayed there over night, and saw the sun set...
228ADWohCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM yeah.ADV
229BAE+, (y)r un noson # wedyn codi +/ .
  DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM nightnight.N.F.SG thenafterwards.ADV rise.NONFINlift.V.INFIN
  ...the same night, then rise...
230ADWohCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM yeah.ADV
231BAE+< +, tua ychydig ar_ôl bedwar o (y)r gloch bore wedyn # a gweld yr haul yn codi +.. .
  abouttowards.PREP a_littlea_little.QUAN afterafter.PREP four.Mfour.NUM.M+SM ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF clockbell.N.F.SG+SM morningmorning.N.M.SG afterwardsafterwards.ADV andand.CONJ see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF sunsun.N.M.SG PRTPRT rise.NONFINlift.V.INFIN
  ...about a little after four o'clock the next morning and saw the sun rise...
232ADWie .
233BAE+, drwy (y)r cymylau i_gyd yn_de .
  throughthrough.PREP+SM DETthe.DET.DEF cloudsclouds.N.M.PL allall.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  ..through all the clouds.
234ADW+< ie .
235BAEam oriau drwy fod ni yna <efo (y)r cwmni> [?] teledu (y)ma +/ .
  forfor.PREP hourshours.N.F.PL throughthrough.PREP+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P therethere.ADV withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF companycompany.N.M.SG televisiontelevise.V.INFIN herehere.ADV
  for hours, as we were there with this TV company...
236ADW+< ie .
237BAE+, doedd gynna i (ddi)m_byd i wneud i ddeud y gwir +/ .
  be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.NEG with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP nothingnothing.ADV+SM toto.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF truthtruth.N.M.SG
  ...I had nothing to do, to be honest...
238ADWie .
239BAE+, ond # hongian o_gwmpas a gweitied nes i nhro i ddod i fynd ar y teledu (fe)lly .
  butbut.CONJ hang.NONFINhang.V.3P.FUT.[or].hang.V.INFIN aroundaround.ADV andand.CONJ wait.NONFINwait.V.INFIN untilnearer.ADJ.COMP.[or].until.CONJ forto.PREP turnturn.V.2S.IMPER+NM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S.[or].to.PREP come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF televisiontelevision.N.M.SG thusso.ADV
  ...but to hang around and wait until it was my turn to go on TV.
240ADW+< ie # ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes, yes.
241BAE(we)dyn o'n i (y)n gallu mynd o_gwmpas efo cameraCE tynnu lluniau o bob cyfeiriad .
  thenafterwards.ADV be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN aroundaround.ADV withwith.PREP cameracamera.N.SG pull.NONFINdraw.V.INFIN picturespictures.N.M.PL fromhe.PRON.M.3S everyeach.PREQ+SM directiondirection.N.M.SG
  then I could go around with a camera and take photos from every direction.
242ADWmmmCE .
243BAEac o'n [//] ohCE o'n i <(we)di mhlesio> [?] .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF IMoh.IM be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP please.NONFINplease.V.INFIN+NM
  and I was pleased.
244ADW+< mae (y)n anhygoel dydy .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT incredibleincredible.ADJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG
  it's incredible, isn't it
245BAEmae o (y)n fraint i fod yna (fe)lly (y)n_de .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT privilegeprivilege.N.MF.SG+SM toto.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM therethere.ADV thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  it is a privilege to be there really.
246ADW+< ohCE yndy # yn_dydy .
  oh yes, isn't it
247BAEond [?] wrth_gwrs <mi dach chi> [?] (y)n gallu edrych allan am Sir_Fôn .
  butbut.CONJ of_courseof_course.ADV PRTPRT.AFF be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN outout.ADV forfor.PREP Angleseyname
  but of course you can look out towards Anglesey.
248ADWwellCE +.. .
249BAEa mi oedd Sir_Fôn (y)n edrych rightCE dlws hefyd yn_de +/ .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF Angleseyname PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN rightright.ADJ beautifulpretty.ADJ+SM alsoalso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  and Anglesey did look quite beautiful...
250ADW+< o [/] o fan (y)no .
  fromof.PREP fromof.PREP placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV
  from there.
251BAE+, yn y pellter (fe)lly &=laugh .
  inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF distancedistance.N.M.SG thusso.ADV the distance.
252ADW+< o fan (y)no # hollol .
  fromof.PREP placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV entirecompletely.ADJ
  from there, exactly.
253BAEdim bod gynna i (ddi)m_byd yn_erbyn Sir_Fôn wrth_gwrs ond erCE +.. .
  NEGnot.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP nothingnothing.ADV+SM againstagainst.PREP Angleseyname of_courseof_course.ADV butbut.CONJ IMer.IM
  not that I have anything against Anglesey of course, but...
254ADW+< mae umCE +.. .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES IMum.IM
  it is...
255ADW<dw i> [//] ohCE dw i dal i feddwl wchi # umCE er hynny # dydy pawb ddim yn teimlo fel (yn)a (w)chi .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S IMoh.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S keep.NONFINstill.ADV toto.PREP think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES despiteum.IM thater.IM be.3S.PRES.NEGthat.PRON.DEM.SP everybodybe.V.3S.PRES.NEG NEGeveryone.PRON PRTnot.ADV+SM feel.NONFINPRT likefeel.V.INFIN therelike.CONJ know.2PLthere.ADV know.V.2P.PRES
  despite this I keep thinking that not everybody feels like that, you know.
256BAExxx .
257ADW+< (pe)tasech chi (y)n gafael mewn llawer un # sy (y)n byw (y)n lleol # a ei roid o (y)n y sefyllfa oeddech chi yno fo noson honno # (y)r unig beth <fasen nhw> [?] medru deu(d) [//] meddwl oedd +"/ .
  if_be.2PL.CONDITunk PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT grasp.NONFINgrasp.V.INFIN inin.PREP muchmany.QUAN oneone.NUM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN PRTPRT locallocal.ADJ andand.CONJ POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S put.NONFINgive.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF situationsituation.N.F.SG be.2PL.IMPbe.V.2P.IMPERF PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P in.3SMthere.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S nightnight.N.F.SG thatthat.ADJ.DEM.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF onlyonly.PREQ thingwhat.INT be.3PL.CONDITbe.V.3P.PLUPERF+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF
  if you took many people who live locally and put them in the situation you were in that night, the only thing they could think was:
258ADW+" &=gasp ohCE tydy (y)n oer yn fa(n) (y)ma (y)n_de .
  IMoh.IM be.3S.PRES.NEGunk PRTPRT coldcold.ADJ inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM herehere.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  "oh, isn't it cold here!"
259BAEmae hwnna (y)n wir hefyd wrth_gwrs [?] # yndy # yndy .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG PRTPRT truetrue.ADJ+SM alsoalso.ADV of_courseof_course.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH
  that is true as well, of course, yes, yes.
260ADW+< neu umCE # bob mathau o <be(thau) erCE erCE> [//] o resymau i gwyno am [/] am orfod bod yno .
  oror.CONJ IMum.IM everyeach.PREQ+SM kindstypes.N.M.PL ofof.PREP thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM IMer.IM IMer.IM ofof.PREP reasonsreasons.N.M.PL+SM toto.PREP complain.NONFINcomplain.V.INFIN+SM forfor.PREP forfor.PREP must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV
  or all kinds of reasons to complain about having to be there.
261BAEyeahCE .
262ADW+, a # gweld dim rinwedd yn y lle o_gwbl .
  andand.CONJ see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN NEGnot.ADV virtuevirtue.N.MF.SG+SM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF placeplace.N.M.SG at_allat_all.ADV
  and don't appreciate the place at all.
263BAEyeahCE .
264ADWa ryfedd chi sôn .
  andand.CONJ strangestrange.ADJ+SM PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P mention.NONFINmention.V.INFIN
  and strange that you'r saying this.
265ADWmae (y)n ŵyr fenga fi (we)di bod (y)n aros efo fi dros y penwythnos .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES POSS.1SPRT.[or].in.PREP grandsongrandson.N.M.SG youngestunk PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT stay.NONFINwait.V.INFIN withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM overover.PREP+SM DETthe.DET.DEF weekendweekend.N.M.SG
  my youngest grandson has been staying with me over the weekend.
266ADWac # umCE # mae o yn byw i_lawr ar yr [/] yr arfordir .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN downdown.ADV onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF coastcoast.N.M.SG
  and he lives down on the coast.
267ADWa wedyn dydy (ddi)m_byd gynno fo a ei ffrindiau i neidio ar y bikesCE a [/] a pabell ar eu cefnau ar nos Wener neu nos Sadwrn # a mynd i_fyny SychnantCE dach chi (y)n gweld +/ .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV NEGnothing.ADV+SM nothingwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S with.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMand.CONJ andhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S POSS.3Sfriends.N.M.PL friendsto.PREP tojump.V.INFIN jump.NONFINon.PREP onthe.DET.DEF DETunk bikesand.CONJ andand.CONJ andtent.N.F.SG tenton.PREP ontheir.ADJ.POSS.3P POSS.3PLbacks.N.M.PL backson.PREP onnight.N.F.SG nightFriday.N.F.SG+SM Fridayor.CONJ ornight.N.F.SG nightSaturday.N.M.SG Saturdayand.CONJ andgo.V.INFIN go.NONFINup.ADV upname Sychnantbe.V.2P.PRES be.2PL.PRESyou.PRON.2P PRON.2PLPRT PRTsee.V.INFIN see.NONFIN
  and then it's nothing for him and his friends to jump on their bikes with a tent on their backs on a Friday or Saturday night and go up Sychnant, you see.
268BAEyeahCE .
269ADW+, a crwydro &=sigh i gyfeiriad # &=click sut fedra i ddeud # Tal_y_FarnCE yn_de .
  andand.CONJ wander.NONFINwander.V.INFIN toto.PREP directiondirection.N.M.SG+SM howhow.INT can.1S.NONPASTbe_able.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM Tal_y_Farnname TAGisn't_it.IM
  and they wander towards, how can I say, Tal y Farn, I'd say.
270BAEyeahCE .
271ADWwchi i (y)r cyfeiriad hwnnw .
  know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES toI.PRON.1S.[or].to.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF directiondirection.N.M.SG thatthat.ADJ.DEM.M.SG
  you know, into that direction.
272BAE+< yeahCE .
273ADWdyn nhw (ddi)m yn mynd yn bell ddigon pell i gyrraedd fan (y)no ond # o SychnantCE i gyfeiriad Tal_y_FarnCE .
  be.3PL.PRES.NEGman.N.M.SG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN PRTPRT farfar.ADJ+SM enoughenough.QUAN+SM farfar.ADJ toto.PREP reach.NONFINarrive.V.INFIN+SM placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV butbut.CONJ fromfrom.PREP Sychnantname toto.PREP directiondirection.N.M.SG+SM Tal_y_Farnname
  they don't go far enough to get to there, but from Sychnant into the direction of Tal y Farn.
274BAE+< yeahCE sureCE .
  yeah.ADV sure.ADJ
275ADWmaen nhw yn y parkCE cenedlaethol yn fan (y)no wrth_gwrs .
  be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF parkpark.N.SG nationalnational.ADJ inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV of_courseof_course.ADV
  they are in the National Park there of course.
276BAExxx .
277ADWa mae (y)na ryw lyn bach (y)na Llyn_y_WrachCE .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV somesome.PREQ+SM lakelake.N.M.SG+SM littlesmall.ADJ therethere.ADV Llyn_y_Wrachname
  and there is a little lake, Llyn y Wrach.
278ADWumCE # oedd o (y)n deud wrtha i +"/ .
  he said to me:
279ADW+" ew # sti be Nain # oeddwn i umCE wedi bwyta gormod o (y)r hen Pot_NoodlesCE (y)na cyn mynd i gwely .
  IMoh.IM know.2Syou_know.IM whatwhat.INT Grandmaname be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S IMum.IM PRT.PASTafter.PREP eat.NONFINeat.V.INFIN too_muchtoo_much.QUANT ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF oldold.ADJ Pot_Noodlesname therethere.ADV beforebefore.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP bedbed.N.M.SG
  "gosh, you know what, Grandma, I had eaten too much of those Pot Noodles before going to bed."
280BAE&=laughs .
281ADW<ohCE yeahCE> ["] medda fi .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV say.1S.PASTown.V.2S.IMPER PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  "oh yeah", I said.
282ADW+" ew ac o'n i (y)n clywed y mol i (y)n corddi .
  "gosh, and I heard my belly rumbling."
283BAE&=laugh .
284ADW+" a dyma fi (y)n codi .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT rise.NONFINlift.V.INFIN
  "and I got up."
285ADW+" a dyma fi allan .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM outout.ADV
  "and I went outside"
286ADW+" a dyma fi (y)n eistedd .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT sit.NONFINsit.V.INFIN
  "and I sat down"
287ADWa dyma fi +// .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM
  "and I..."
288ADW+" naci dyma fi (y)n cerdded o_gwmpas .
  nono.ADV herethis_is.ADV PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT walk.NONFINwalk.V.INFIN aroundaround.ADV
  "no, I walked around."
289BAEmmmCE .
290ADW+" ahCE # timod be o'n i falch <bod fi> [//] # bod fi (we)di deffro .
  "ah! you know what, I was glad I had woken up."
291BAEmmmCE .
292ADW+" wellCE (pe)taset ti (y)n gweld y sêr uwchben y mynyddoedd !
  wellwell.ADV if_be.2S.CONDITbe.V.2S.PLUPERF.HYP PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF starsstars.N.F.PL aboveabove.PREP.[or].overhead.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF mountainsmountains.N.M.PL
  "well, if you saw the stars above the mountains!"
293ADW+" oedd o well bod allan nag i_fewn .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S betterbetter.ADJ.COMP+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN outout.ADV thanthan.CONJ inin.PREP
  "it was better to be outside than inside."
294BAEyeahCE .
295ADWac o'n i meddwl dach chi (y)n gweld # un_ai dach chi (y)n cael eich geni # hefo (y)r teimlad yna +.. .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN eithereither.ADV be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.2PLyour.ADJ.POSS.2P bear.NONFINbe_born.V.INFIN withwith.PREP+H DETthe.DET.DEF feelingfeeling.N.M.SG therethere.ADV
  and I thought, you see, either you are born with that feeling...
296BAE+< yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
297ADWpedair_ar_ddeg ydy o a # realCE # chimod # streetE kidE fasech chi meddwl .
  fourteen.Funk be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S andand.CONJ realreal.ADJ know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES streetstreet.N.SG kidkid.N.SG be.2PL.CONDITbe.V.2P.PLUPERF+SM PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN
  he is fourteen and a real, you know, street kid, you should think.
298BAEyeahCE .
299ADW+< (a)chos mae o neidio ar ei fikeCE syth ar_ôl dod o (y)r ysgol ac allan .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S jump.NONFINjump.V.INFIN onon.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S bikefike.N.SG.[or].bike.N.SG+SM.[or].mike.N.SG+SM straightstraight.ADJ afterafter.PREP come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN fromof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF schoolschool.N.F.SG andand.CONJ outout.ADV
  because he jumps on his bike straight after school, and off.
300BAEyeahCE sureCE .
  yeah.ADV sure.ADJ
301ADWrywbeth nad oedd ei frawd sy (y)n hŷn na fo erioed wedi wneud .
  somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM NEGwho_not.PRON.REL.NEG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S brotherbrother.N.M.SG+SM be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT olderolder.ADJ than(n)or.CONJ PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S nevernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM
  something that his brother, who is older than he, had never done.
302ADWond erCE oedd hyd_yn_oed hwnnw # yn teimlo bod o (y)n cael ryw fraint yn_doedd +/ .
  butbut.CONJ IMer.IM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF eveneven.ADV that_onethat.PRON.DEM.M.SG PRTPRT feel.NONFINfeel.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM privilegeprivilege.N.MF.SG+SM be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.TAG
  but even he felt that he was having some kind of privilege, didn't he
303BAEwellCE oedd # oedd sureCE .
  wellwell.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF suresure.ADJ
  yes of course, surely.
304ADW+, yn [?] # gweld y mynyddoedd efo (y)r sêr wrth eu pennau nhw (y)n_de .
  PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF mountainsmountains.N.M.PL withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF starsstars.N.F.PL byby.PREP POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P headsheads.N.M.PL PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P TAGisn't_it.IM
  seeing the mountains with the stars above them.
305BAEwela i ddim bod pethau mynd i wella chwaith wyddoch chi oherwydd rŵan mae (y)r plant yn lle mynd allan i grwydro # ar_ôl dod adre o (y)r ysgol pan maen nhw (y)n byw (y)n y cylch <(y)ma dw i meddwl> [?] rŵan +.. .
  see.1S.NONPASTsee.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN thingsthings.N.M.PL go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP improve.NONFINimprove.V.INFIN+SM eitherneither.ADV know.2PL.NONPASTunk PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P becausebecause.CONJ nownow.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF childrenchild.N.M.PL inin.PREP placewhere.INT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN outout.ADV toto.PREP wander.NONFINwander.V.INFIN+SM afterafter.PREP come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN homehome.ADV fromof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF schoolschool.N.F.SG whenwhen.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF circlecircle.N.M.SG herehere.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN nownow.ADV
  I can't see that things are going to get better either, you know, because now the children, rather than going out to stray around after they come home from school, when they live in this area I mean now...
306ADW+< ie .
307BAEwrth_gwrs mynd i_mewn i (y)r tŷ maen nhw i chwarae ar y teledu hefo [//] neu ar yr erCE # cyfrifiadur (y)n_de hefo (y)r gemau (y)ma # electronicCE felly .
  of_courseof_course.ADV go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN inin.ADV.[or].in.PREP toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF househouse.N.M.SG be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P toto.PREP play.NONFINplay.V.INFIN onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF televisiontelevision.N.M.SG withwith.PREP+H oror.CONJ onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM computercomputer.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM withwith.PREP+H DETthe.DET.DEF gamesgames.N.F.PL herehere.ADV electronicelectronic.ADJ thusso.ADV
  of course inside the house is where they go to play on the television or on the computer with these electronic games.
308ADW+< ie # ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes. yes.
309BAEa <dydyn nhw ddi(m)> [//] maen nhw (y)n byw # <virtualE realityCE> ["] maen nhw (y)n ddeud yn [?] Saesneg yn_de .
  andand.CONJ be.3PL.PRES.NEGbe.V.3P.PRES.NEG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P NEGnot.ADV+SM be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN virtualvirtual.ADJ realityreality.N.SG be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM inin.PREP EnglishEnglish.N.F.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  and they live, "virtual reality" it is called in English, isn't it.
310ADW+< &o ydyn ydyn .
  be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES
  yes, yes.
311BAE+< dyna (y)r &ge gemau maen nhw (y)n chwarae ar y cyfrifiadur .
  therethat_is.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF gamesgames.N.F.PL be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT play.NONFINplay.V.INFIN onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF computercomputer.N.M.SG
  that's the games they play on the computer,
312BAEyn anffodus dyna (y)r # <y &w> [//] y [/] y byd maen nhw (y)n byw yno fo xxx (y)n_de .
  PRTPRT unfortunateunfortunate.ADJ therethat_is.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF worldthe.DET.DEF be.3PL.PRESworld.N.M.SG PRON.3PLbe.V.3P.PRES PRTthey.PRON.3P live.NONFINPRT in.3SMlive.V.INFIN PRON.3SMthere.ADV TAGhe.PRON.M.3S isn't_it.IM
  unfortunately, that's the world they live in, xxx.
313ADW+< ie ie # ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes yes, yes.
314BAE(dy)dyn nhw ddim yn byw yn y byd umCE +/ .
  they don't live in the world...
315ADW+< nac (y)dyn .
316BAE+, erCE cyffredin fel dan ni (fe)lly .
  IMer.IM commoncommon.ADJ likelike.CONJ be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P thusso.ADV
  ...the normal world we live in.
317ADW+< hollol hollol .
  entirecompletely.ADJ entirecompletely.ADJ
318BAEpan <o'n i> [=? o'n ni] (y)n tyfu fyny doe(dd) dim eisiau # teganau oedd yn gwneud pethau .
  whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT grow.NONFINgrow.V.INFIN upup.ADV be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.NEG NEGnot.ADV wantwant.N.M.SG toystoy.N.F.PL be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRTPRT do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN thingsthings.N.M.PL
  when I was growing up, we didn't need toys that did things.
319BAEmi <oeddwn i> [=? oedden ni] (y)n gwneud i (y)r teganau wneud be bynnag <yr oeddwn> [?] i [=? ni] eisiau (fe)lly (y)n_de .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT make.NONFINmake.V.INFIN toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF toystoy.N.F.PL do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM whatwhat.INT ever-ever.ADJ PRTthat.PRON.REL be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wantwant.N.M.SG thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  I would make toys do what ever I wanted.
320ADW+< ie # ie ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes, yes, yes.
321BAEhyd_(y)n_oed os nad oedd (y)na degan yna .
  eveneven.ADV ifif.CONJ NEGwho_not.PRON.REL.NEG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV toytoy.N.F.SG+SM therethere.ADV
  even if there was no toy.
322ADW+< ie .
323BAE+< er enghraifft # mi oedd y bwrdd xxx # y llawr yn yr # umCE ystafell fwyta # ohCE mi oedd hwnna (y)n gallu bod yn long .
  forer.IM exampleexample.N.F.SG PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF tabletable.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF floorfloor.N.M.SG inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM roomroom.N.F.SG eat.NONFINeat.V.INFIN+SM IMoh.IM PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG PRTPRT can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT shipship.N.F.SG+SM
  for example the table xxx the floor in the dining room, oh, that could be a ship.
324ADWwellCE oedd .
  wellwell.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF
  yes, of course.
325BAE+< <mi oedd o> [?] (y)n babell .
  it was a tent.
326ADW+< oedd sureCE .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF suresure.ADJ
  yes, of course.
327BAE<mi oedd o> [?] yn dŷ .
  it was a house.
328ADWoedd .
329BAE<mi oedd o> [?] (y)n gastell be bynnag oedd [?] ddychymyg yn [/] erCE erCE erCE erCE <yn dy(muno)> [//] yn dymuno (fe)lly (y)n_de .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT castlecastle.N.M.SG+SM whatwhat.INT ever-ever.ADJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF imaginationimagine.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM IMer.IM IMer.IM IMer.IM PRTPRT wish.NONFINwish_to.V.INFIN PRTPRT wish.NONFINwish_to.V.INFIN thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  it was a castle, what ever the imagination wished.
330ADW+< oedd # hollol .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF entirecompletely.ADJ
331BAEond diwrnodiau yma wrth_gwrs mae rhaid i bob # tegan # wneud rywbeth .
  butbut.CONJ daysday.N.M.PL herehere.ADV of_courseof_course.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES necessitynecessity.N.M.SG forto.PREP everyeach.PREQ+SM toytoy.N.F.SG do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM
  but nowadays every toy has to do something.
332BAEac unwaith mae o wedi # gwneud be bynnag mae o fod i wneud mae (y)n cymryd pum munud efallai i wneud hynna mae mynd [?] i un ochr (we)dyn yndy .
  andand.CONJ onceonce.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT ever-ever.ADJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMof.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT take.NONFINtake.V.INFIN fivefive.NUM minuteminute.N.M.SG maybeperhaps.CONJ toto.PREP do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP oneone.NUM sideside.N.F.SG thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.EMPH
  and once it has done whatever it is supposed to do (maybe it takes five minutes to do that) then it is pushed to one side, isn't it
333ADW+< ydy .
334BAEa mae (y)r plentyn isio mynd am rywbeth arall .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF childchild.N.M.SG wantwant.N.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN forfor.PREP somethingsomething.N.M.SG+SM elseother.ADJ
  and the child wants to go for something else.
335ADWhollol .
336BAEac wedyn wrth_gwrs drwy <be dan nhw (y)n weld> [?] ar y teledu # bod ceir yn malu i_mewn i w_gilydd # mi gymran nhw eu teganau # a creu (y)r un effaith yn_gwnân .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV of_courseof_course.ADV throughthrough.PREP+SM whatwhat.INT be.3PL.PRESunder.PREP.[or].be.V.1P.PRES.[or].until.PREP+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF televisiontelevision.N.M.SG be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN carscars.N.M.PL.[or].get.V.0.PRES PRTPRT grind.NONFINgrind.V.INFIN inin.ADV.[or].in.PREP toto.PREP each_otherunk PRTPRT.AFF take.3PL.NONPASTunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P toystoy.N.F.PL andand.CONJ create.NONFINcreate.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM effecteffect.N.F.SG do.3PL.NONPAST.NEGunk
  and then of course, because of what they see on TV, that cars run into each other, they will take their toys and create the same effect, won't they
337BAEa wedyn # i_ffwrdd mae [//] maen nhw mynd wedyn am byth yn_de .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV awayout.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN thenafterwards.ADV forfor.PREP evernever.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  and then they are gone for ever, aren't they
338ADWie .
339BAElle mae (y)r dychymyg yn mynd ?
  wherewhere.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF imaginationimagination.N.M.SG PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN
  where does the imagination go?
340BAEac # i ddeud y gwir dw i meddwl pan dach chi (y)n edrych ar y tirwedd allan # mae isio # defnyddio (ei)ch dychymyg # yn yr un modd mae (y)n debyg ag oedd bobl amser # VictoriaCE yn_de .
  andand.CONJ toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF truthtruth.N.M.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN whenwhen.CONJ be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF landscaperelief.N.F.SG outout.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES wantwant.N.M.SG use.NONFINuse.V.INFIN POSS.2PLyour.ADJ.POSS.2P imaginationimagination.N.M.SG.[or].imagine.V.INFIN inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM waymeans.N.M.SG be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT similarsimilar.ADJ+SM aswith.PREP be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM timetime.N.M.SG Victorianame TAGisn't_it.IM
  and to be honest , I think when you look at the landscape outside you probably have to use your imaginationin the same way as the Victorian people did.
341BAEmi oedden nhw (y)n &a [//] darlunio wrth_gwrs yn y cylch (y)ma # ac yn pryderu <am y> [/] am <y mynyddoedd> [//] # yr umCE mynyddoedd tywyll du lle oedd (y)na bethau nad oedd bobl ddim yn eu dallt yn gywir yn mynd ymlaen felly .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT illustrate.NONFINillustrate.V.INFIN of_courseof_course.ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF circlecircle.N.M.SG herehere.ADV andand.CONJ PRTPRT worry.NONFINworry.V.INFIN forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mountainsmountains.N.M.PL DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM mountainsmountains.N.M.PL darkdark.ADJ blackblack.ADJ wherewhere.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV thingsthings.N.M.PL+SM NEGwho_not.PRON.REL.NEG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.IMPERF peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM PRTPRT POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P understand.NONFINunderstand.V.INFIN PRTPRT correctcorrect.ADJ+SM PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN onforward.ADV thusso.ADV
  they painted in this area of course and were worried about the dark, black mountains where there were things going on that people didn't quite understand.
342ADW+< ie ie # ie ie ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes, yes. yes, yes, yes.
343BAEa mi oedd hwnnw (y)n cadw rhai bobl <i ffordd mae> [//] i_ffwrdd mae sureCE <yn_doedd o> [?] .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG PRTPRT keep.NONFINkeep.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM toto.PREP wayway.N.F.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES awayout.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.TAG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  and that kept some people away, I guess, didn't it
344ADW+< mmmCE !
345BAE<oedd gennyn> [?] nhw ofn # y [/] y sefyllfa felly .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.3PLunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P fearfear.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF situationsituation.N.F.SG thusso.ADV
  they were frightened of the situation.
346ADW+< hollol .
347BAEond am fod gennyn nhw ddychymyg oedd hynna .
  butbut.CONJ forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM with.3PLunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P imaginationimagine.V.INFIN+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP
  but that was because they had imagination.
348BAErŵan (yn)tau dydy bobl diwrnodiau yma sydd heb ddychymyg # efallai wellCE efallai bod nhw # o_dan # anadfantais [* anfantais] .
  nownow.ADV thenhe.PRON.EMPH.M.3S be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM daysday.N.M.PL herehere.ADV be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL withoutwithout.PREP imaginationimagine.V.INFIN+SM maybeperhaps.CONJ wellwell.ADV maybeperhaps.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P underunder.PREP disadvantageunk
  now then, the people nowadays who haven't got any imagination, maybe, well, they perhaps they are at a disadvantage.
349BAE<does gynnon ni # umCE # dim> [//] does gynna i ddim problemCE felly .
  be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG with.1PLwith_us.PREP+PRON.1P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P IMum.IM NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP NEGnot.ADV+SM problemproblem.N.SG thusso.ADV
  I haven't got a problem.
350BAEos gynna i # awr neu ddau # i [/] i [/] i wastraffu (doe)s (y)na (ddi)m llawer o hynna (y)n digwydd diwrnodiau (y)ma pan (fy)dda i adre # ond umCE # mi alla i fynd i_lawr at lan yr afon .
  ifif.CONJ with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP hourhour.N.F.SG oror.CONJ two.Mtwo.NUM.M+SM toto.PREP toto.PREP toto.PREP wastewaste.V.INFIN+SM be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM muchmany.QUAN ofof.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP PRTPRT happen.NONFINhappen.V.INFIN daysday.N.M.PL herehere.ADV whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.FUTbe.V.1S.FUT+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S homehome.ADV butbut.CONJ IMum.IM PRTPRT.AFF can.1S.NONPASTbe_able.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM downdown.ADV toto.PREP shoreshore.N.F.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF riverriver.N.F.SG
  if I have an hour or two to waste (this doesn't happen much these days when I'm home), but I can go down to the riverside.
351ADWie .
352BAE+< <a mi> [?] alla i # eistedd (y)na .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF can.1S.NONPASTbe_able.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S sit.NONFINsit.V.INFIN therethere.ADV
  and I can sit there.
353ADW+< a justCE bod +/ .
  andand.CONJ justjust.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN
  and just be...
354BAEbod yna .
  be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV
  be there.
355ADW+< a justCE bod [!] yno .
  andand.CONJ justjust.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV
  and just be there.
356BAEbod yna .
  be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV
  be there.
357ADWie .
358BAEwchi <mae (y)r> [/] mae (y)r olygfa yn wych .
  know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthat.PRON.REL be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF viewscene.N.F.SG+SM PRTPRT magnificentsplendid.ADJ+SM
  you know, the view is magnificent.
359BAEdw i (y)n clywed sŵn yr afon yn mynd heibio .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN soundnoise.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF riverriver.N.F.SG PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN pastpast.PREP
  I hear the sound of the river flowing past.
360ADW+< ie # ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes, yes.
361BAEdw i (y)n clywed yr adar .
  I hear the birds.
362ADWie .
363BAE+< dw i (y)n clywed yr anifeiliaid .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF animalsanimals.N.M.PL
  I hear the animals.
364ADWmae (y)n anhygoel .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT incredibleincredible.ADJ
  it's incredible.
365BAEmae o .
  it is.
366BAE<mae o (y)n> [//] mae (y)n werth chweil .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTin.PREP.[or].PRT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT worthvalue.N.M.SG+SM.[or].sell.V.3S.PRES+SM whilewhile.N.M.SG
  it is great.
367ADW+< a dach chi yn sylweddoli mor lwcus dach chi .
  andand.CONJ be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT realise.NONFINrealise.V.INFIN howso.ADV luckylucky.ADJ be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P
  and you realise how lucky you are.
368BAEbobl bach .
  peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM littlesmall.ADJ
  dear me.
369ADWmi +/ .
370BAE+< ond dw i (y)n credu <yn fy &ŋ> [//] yn [/] yn fy sefyllfa fi # mi gymrodd hi [?] # i mi symud i fyw i Loegr a dod yn_ôl i Gymru +.. .
  butbut.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT believe.NONFINbelieve.V.INFIN inin.PREP.[or].PRT POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S inPRT.[or].in.PREP inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S situationsituation.N.F.SG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT.AFF take.3S.PASTunk PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S forto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S move.NONFINmove.V.INFIN toto.PREP live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP EnglandEngland.N.F.SG.PLACE+SM andand.CONJ come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN backback.ADV toto.PREP WalesWales.N.F.SG.PLACE+SM
  but I think in my situation, it had to move to England first and come back to Wales...
371ADW+< ++ a dod yn_ôl .
  andand.CONJ come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN backback.ADV
  and come back.
372ADWahCE wellCE cofiwch &=cough +/ .
  IMah.IM wellwell.ADV remember.2PL.IMPERremember.V.2P.IMPER
  ah well, mind you...
373BAE+< +, i mi # gael y bendith yma (fe)lly .
  forto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF blessingblessing.N.F.SG herehere.ADV thusso.ADV
  ...for me to benefit from this.
374ADW+< dw i (y)n meddwl er mod i fel plentyn # erioed (we)di mwynhau allan <yn y> [/] yn y wlad +.. .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN althougher.IM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP aslike.CONJ childchild.N.M.SG evernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP enjoy.NONFINenjoy.V.INFIN outout.ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF countrycountry.N.F.SG+SM
  I think, although as a child I always enjoyed being out in the countryside...
375BAE+< mmmCE .
376ADW+, mi es innau i Lloegr dach chi (y)n gweld # am +// .
  ...I went to England, you see, for...
377ADWfues i (y)na am faint dwch .
  be.1S.PASTbe.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S therethere.ADV forfor.PREP how_muchsize.N.M.SG+SM say.2PL.IMPERunk
  I was there for how long?
378ADW&=click &=sigh chwe mlynedd mae sureCE .
  sixsix.NUM yearyears.N.F.PL+NM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ
  six years, I guess.
379ADWie chwe mlynedd .
  yesyes.ADV sixsix.NUM yearyears.N.F.PL+NM
  yes, six years.
380BAEmmmCE .
381ADWac umCE # synnwn i ddim ## wir +.. .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM wonder.1S.NONPASTastonish.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM truetrue.ADJ+SM
  and I wouldn't be surprised, honestly...
382BAEhmmCE .
383ADW+, bod fath â dach chi (y)n deud mae o # ella wneud gwahaniaeth wchi .
  be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S maybemaybe.ADV make.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM differencedifference.N.M.SG know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES, as you say, maybe makes a difference, you know.
384BAE+< mmmCE # yeahCE .
  mmm.IM yeah.ADV
385ADWerCE erCE ydy mae o sureCE o fod yn wneud gwahaniaeth er mod i (y)n ymwybodol o (y)r ffaith <bod fi> [//] mai yn y wlad o'n i isio +// .
  IMer.IM IMer.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S suresure.ADJ ofof.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT make.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM differencedifference.N.M.SG althougher.IM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP PRTPRT awareconscious.ADJ ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF factfact.N.F.SG be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTthat_it_is.CONJ.FOCUS inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF countrycountry.N.F.SG+SM be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S wantwant.N.M.SG
  yes, I'm sure it makes a difference, although I was aware that the countryside was where I wanted...
386BAE+< mmmCE .
387ADWfyddai gynna i +// .
  be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.COND+SM with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP
  I used to have...
388ADWpan o'n i yn yr ysgol ramadeg yn LlanelliCE fyddai gynna i ffrindiau weithiau (y)n dod allan # i ben y mynydd +/ .
  whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF schoolschool.N.F.SG grammarunk inin.PREP Llanelliname be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.COND+SM with.1Swith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.1Sto.PREP friendsfriends.N.M.PL sometimestimes.N.F.PL+SM PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN outout.ADV toto.PREP tophead.N.M.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF mountainmountain.N.M.SG
  when I went to the grammar school in Llanelli I sometimes had friends coming out to the top of the mountain...
389BAEyeahCE .
390ADW+, lle o'n i (y)n byw .
  wherewhere.INT be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN
  ...where I lived.
391BAEyeahCE .
392ADWa fath â deudodd y gŵr +"/ .
  andand.CONJ kindtype.N.F.SG+SM asas.CONJ say.3S.PASTsay.V.3S.PAST DETthe.DET.DEF husbandman.N.M.SG
  and as my husband said:
393ADW[- eng] +" I can see the house .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S cancan.V.1S.PRES seesee.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF househouse.N.SG
  "I can see the house"
394ADW[- eng] +" I can't see the mountain .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S can''tcan.V.1S.PRES+NEG seesee.V.INFIN thethe.DET.DEF mountainmountain.N.SG
  "I can't see the mountain"
395ADWde +" .
  you know
396BAEyeahCE &=laugh .
397ADWumCE # PenbreCE mynydd PenbreCE .
  IMum.IM Penbrename mountainmountain.N.M.SG Penbrename
  "Penbre", "Penbre mountain" .
398BAEyeahCE .
399ADWa diddorol # ar_draws y storyCE # (ba)swn i (y)n licio (peta)swn i (we)di sylweddoli be oedd PenbreCE ["] yn ei feddwl .
  andand.CONJ interestinginteresting.ADJ acrossacross.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF storystory.N.SG be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT like.NONFINlike.V.INFIN if_be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF.HYP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP realise.NONFINrealise.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF Penbrename PRTPRT POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S mean.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM
  and interesting, to interrupt the story, I would have liked it if I had realised what "Penbre" meant.
400ADWwrth_gwrs # oherwydd y cyfnod # yr ffordd Seisnigaidd oedd o (y)n cael ei # sillafu <PembreyE P_E_M_B_R_E_Y@s:eng> ["] .
  of_courseof_course.ADV becausebecause.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF periodperiod.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF wayway.N.F.SG Englishname be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S spell.NONFINspell.V.INFIN Pembreyname P_E_M_B_R_E_Yname
  of course, as it was at the time, it was spelt the English way, "Pembrey, P E M B R E Y" .
401BAE+< ++ R_E_YE wellCE yeahCE .
  name well.ADV yeah.ADV
402ADWoedd Sais ddim yn medru deud PenbreCE ["] <nac oedd> [?] .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF Englishmanname NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN Penbrename NEGPRT.NEG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF
  an Englishman couldn't say "Penbre", could he
403BAEnac oedd sureCE .
  NEGPRT.NEG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF suresure.ADJ
  no, of course not.
404ADWa wedyn PembreyE ["] yn_de .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV Pembreyname TAGisn't_it.IM
  and so it was "Pembrey" .
405BAE+< yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
406ADW+< wellCE # ymhen dipyn mi ddois i sylweddoli mai <PCE EE &ɛ NCE BCE RE E@s:eng> ["] oedd o .
  wellwell.ADV afterat the end of.PREP bitlittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT.AFF come.1S.PASTunk toto.PREP realise.NONFINrealise.V.INFIN PRTthat_it_is.CONJ.FOCUS Pname Ename Nname Bname Rname Ename be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  well, after a while I came to realise that it was "P E N B R E" .
407BAEyeahCE i fod felly .
  yeahyeah.ADV toto.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM thusso.ADV
  yeah, supposedly.
408ADW+< a # hyphenE <atE a@s:eng> [?] [//] preferablyE de .
  andand.CONJ hyphenhyphen.N.SG atat.PREP aa.DET.INDEF preferablypreferably.ADV TAGbe.IM+SM
  and a hyphen, preferably.
409BAEyeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
410ADWa dyma umCE # fi (y)n gweld be oedd o .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV IMum.IM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  and then I saw what it was.
411ADWwyddoch chi be ?
  know.2PL.NONPASTunk PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P whatwhat.INT
  do you know what?
412BAE+< hmmCE .
413ADWbraeCE ["] # fath â <gen y> [//] yn yr umCE # Alban # <&bər &e> ["] fath â <BCE RE AE E@s:eng> ["] .
  braebrae.N.SG kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM ScotlandScotland.NAME.F.SG.PLACE kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ Bname Rname Aname Ename
  "brae" as in Scotland, like "B R A E" .
414BAE+< <BCE RE AE E@s:eng> ["] felly # ahCE !
  Bname Rname Aname Ename thusso.ADV IMah.IM
  so it's "B R A E", ah!
415ADW+< ie .
  you see
416ADW<pen braeCE> ["] # <topCE ofE theE hill@s:eng> ["] yn_de .
  tophead.N.M.SG braebrae.N.SG toptop.N.SG ofof.PREP thethe.DET.DEF hillhill.N.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  "pen brae", "top of the hill", you see.
417BAE+< <pen braeCE> ["] # yeahCE yeahCE sureCE .
  tophead.N.M.SG braebrae.N.SG yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV suresure.ADJ
  "pen brae", yes of course.
418ADWa wedyn # umCE # cofiwch umCE # parishE ofE PenbreCE oedd hi (y)n +// .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV IMum.IM remember.2PL.IMPERremember.V.2P.IMPER IMum.IM parishparish.N.SG ofof.PREP Penbrename be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP
  and then, mind you, it was the parish of Penbre...
419ADWoedd (y)na bentre a bob peth ar mynydd # PenbreCE .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV villagevillage.N.M.SG+SM andand.CONJ everyeach.PREQ+SM thingthing.N.M.SG onon.PREP mountainmountain.N.M.SG Penbrename
  there was a village and everything on Penbre mountain.
420BAE+< yeahCE .
421ADWumCE # erCE xxx o'n i (y)n deud faswn i (y)n licio (peta)swn i (we)di sylweddoli achos pan es i i fyw i (y)r tŷ (y)ma (y)n lle dw i rŵan # fasai (we)di bod yn enw bendigedig (a)chos mae o ar dopCE allt yn_dydy .
  IMum.IM IMer.IM be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRON.1SPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT like.NONFINlike.V.INFIN if_be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF.HYP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP realise.NONFINrealise.V.INFIN becausebecause.CONJ whenwhen.CONJ go.1S.PASTgo.V.1S.PAST PRON.1SI.PRON.1S toto.PREP live.NONFINlive.V.INFIN+SM toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF househouse.N.M.SG herehere.ADV placein.PREP be.1S.PRESwhere.INT PRON.1Sbe.V.1S.PRES nowI.PRON.1S be.3S.CONDITnow.ADV PRT.PASTbe.V.3S.PLUPERF+SM be.NONFINafter.PREP PRTbe.V.INFIN namePRT.[or].in.PREP marvelousname.N.M.SG becausewonderful.ADJ be.3S.PRESbecause.CONJ PRON.3SMbe.V.3S.PRES inhe.PRON.M.3S topon.PREP slopetop.N.SG+SM be.3S.PRES.NEGunk be.V.3S.PRES.TAG
  xxx I said, I'd have liked had I realised because when I moved into this house where I am now it would have been a marvelous name, because it is at the top of a slope, isn't it
422BAE+< yn_basai xxx # yndy sureCE .
  wouldn't it xxx yes, of course.
423ADW+< a fasai (we)di bod mor anghyffredin <Pen # BraeCE> ["] .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN soso.ADV unusualuncommon.ADJ Topname Braename
  and it would have been so unusual, "Pen Brae" .
424BAE+< yeahCE # yeahCE # xxx .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
425ADW+< achos dydan ni (ddi)m yn &s [//] defnyddio (y)r gair braeCE ["] nac (y)dan .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.1PL.PRES.NEGunk PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT use.NONFINuse.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF wordword.N.M.SG braebrae.N.SG NEGPRT.NEG be.1PL.PRESbe.V.1P.PRES
  because we don't use the word "brae", do we?
426BAEna dan sureCE # xxx beth bynnag yn_de .
  NEGno.ADV be.1PL.PRESunder.PREP.[or].be.V.1P.PRES.[or].until.PREP+SM suresure.ADJ whatthing.N.M.SG+SM ever-ever.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  no, of course not, xxx anyway.
427ADW+< a mi weles i o <yn y> [//] # yn y geiriadur diweddara (y)ma rwan s(y) gen Bruce_GriffithsCE +.. .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF see.1S.PASTsee.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF dictionarydictionary.N.M.SG latestupdate.V.2S.IMPER herehere.ADV nownow.ADV be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL withwith.PREP Bruce_Griffithsname
  and I saw it in the latest dictionary now, the one by Bruce Griffiths.
428BAE+< yeahCE # Duw .
  yeahyeah.ADV Godname
  yeah, gosh.
429ADW+, umCE mai dyna be oedd o .
  IMum.IM PRTthat_it_is.CONJ.FOCUS therethat_is.ADV whatwhat.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  ...that that was what is was.
430BAE+< yeahCE .
431BAEwyddoch chi dw i erioed (we)di bod i_lawr yna # dim <i Pen(bre)CE> [//] i PenbreCE felly yn_de .
  know.2PL.NONPASTunk PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S evernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN downdown.ADV therethere.ADV NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV toto.PREP Penbrename toto.PREP Penbrename thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  you know, I've never been down there, not to Penbre.
432ADWyeahCE .
433BAEa # rheswm [=! laughs] (ba)swn i (we)di mynd yna efallai oedd i &w ymwilio [*] [//] ymwelu [*] [//] ymwelio [* ymweld] â (y)r umCE rasys ceir yn_de .
  andand.CONJ reasonreason.N.M.SG be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN therethere.ADV maybeperhaps.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF toto.PREP.[or].I.PRON.1S visit.NONFINunk visit.NONFINunk visit.NONFINunk withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM racesunk carscars.N.M.PL.[or].get.V.0.PRES TAGisn't_it.IM
  and the reason I would have gone maybe was to visit car races.
434ADWwellCE yeahCE <ar y> [/] <ar y &s> [/] <ar CefnCE> [//] <ar y &s> [//] ar erCE traeth Cefn_SidanCE .
  wellwell.ADV yeahyeah.ADV onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF onon.PREP Cefnname onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF onon.PREP DETer.IM onbeach.N.M.SG IMname beach
  well, yeah, on Cefn Sidan beach
435BAEwellCE yeahCE sureCE iawn (fe)lly [?] .
  wellwell.ADV yeahyeah.ADV suresure.ADJ veryvery.ADV thusso.ADV
  well, yes, of course.
436ADW+< a mi oedd (y)na factoryCE (y)na dach chi (y)n gweld # a (y)r # umCE aerodromeCE .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV factoryfactory.N.SG therethere.ADV be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM aerodromeaerodrome.N.SG
  and there was a factory, you see, and the aerodrome.
437BAE+< mmmCE # yeahCE # yeahCE .
  mmm.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
438BAEmi fues i yn dreifio ceir # yn ne Cymru hefyd # ar wchi <hast yn_de> [?] .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.1S.PASTbe.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT drive.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN carsget.V.0.PRES.[or].cars.N.M.PL inin.PREP southsouth.N.M.SG+NM.[or].right.N.M.SG+NM WalesWales.N.F.SG.PLACE alsoalso.ADV onon.PREP know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES hasteunk TAGisn't_it.IM
  I used to drive cars in South Wales as well, at haste, you know
439ADW+< xxx .
440BAEmynd i_lawr i LlandawCE [?] o'n i # wrth ymyl Caerdydd yn_de .
  go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN downdown.ADV toto.PREP Llandawname be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S byby.PREP marginedge.N.F.SG CardiffCardiff.NAME.PLACE TAGisn't_it.IM
  I would go to Llandaw near Cardiff.
441ADWohCE ie .
  IMoh.IM yesyes.ADV
  oh yes.
442BAEa dyna lle oedd yr awyrennau yn dod i_mewn ystod rhyfel yn_de .
  andand.CONJ therethat_is.ADV wherewhere.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF aeroplanesaeroplanes.N.F.PL PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN inin.ADV.[or].in.PREP rangerange.N.F.SG.[or].span.N.F.SG warwar.N.MF.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  and that's where the aeroplanes came in during the war.
443ADW+< ahCE # ie .
  IMah.IM yesyes.ADV
  ah yes.
444BAEerCE airportE neu aerodromeCE +/ .
  IMer.IM airportairport.N.SG oror.CONJ aerodromeaerodrome.N.SG
  er, the airport or aerodrome...
445ADWie .
446BAE+, Caerdydd oedd hwnna # yn wreiddiol yn_de .
  CardiffCardiff.NAME.PLACE be.1S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG PRTPRT originaloriginal.ADJ+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  ...of Cardiff was that originally.
447ADW+< ie ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  yes, yes.
448BAEac erCE # mi oedden ni (y)n # gyrru (y)r ceir o_gwmpas yr [//] y [=! laughs] lle (y)ma fel ffyliaid gwirion mae sureCE &=laugh .
  andand.CONJ IMer.IM PRTPRT.AFF be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT drive.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN DETthat.PRON.REL carscars.N.M.PL.[or].get.V.0.PRES aroundaround.PREP.[or].around.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF DETthe.DET.DEF placeplace.N.M.SG herehere.ADV likelike.CONJ foolsunk sillysilly.ADJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ
  and we drove the cars around the place like fools, I suppose.
449ADW+< wellCE xxx # ddeuda i (wr)thach chi # dw i (y)n sureCE bod yr umCE cwrs (y)na <(y)n Pen(bre)CE> [//] ar erCE CefnCE [//] traeth Cefn_SidanCE yn PenbreCE +.. .
  wellwell.ADV say.1S.NONPASTsay.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S to.2PLunk PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT suresure.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM coursecourse.N.M.SG therethere.ADV inin.PREP Pembreyname onon.PREP IMer.IM Cefnname beachbeach.N.M.SG Cefnname Sidanin.PREP inname Pembrey
  well, xxx, I can tell you, I'm sure that that course on Cefn Sidan beach in Pembrey...
450BAE+< mmmCE mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
451ADWmae (y)n sureCE o fod yn un da wchi .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT suresure.ADJ ofof.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM PRTPRT oneone.NUM goodgood.ADJ know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES
  I'm sure it is a good one.
452BAEmmmCE .
453ADW+< (a)chos mae (y)n andros o draeth yn_de .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT devilexceptionally.ADV ofof.PREP beachbeach.N.M.SG+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  because it is a huge beach.
454BAEohCE yndy .
  oh yes.
455ADWac wrth_gwrs oherwydd bod (y)na # factory (y)na +.. .
  andand.CONJ of_courseof_course.ADV becausebecause.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV factoryunk therethere.ADV
  and because there was a factory there...
456BAEmmmCE .
457ADW+, yn gwneud erCE explosivesE +.. .
  PRTPRT make.NONFINmake.V.INFIN IMer.IM explosivesexplosive.ADJ+PV
  ...making explosives...
458BAEmmmCE .
459ADW+, a [/] # a umCE erCE R_A_FCE stationCE +.. .
  andand.CONJ andand.CONJ IMum.IM IMer.IM RAFname stationstation.N.SG
  ...and an RAF station...
460BAEyeahCE .
461ADW+, mi oedden ni (y)n cael dipyn o strayE bombsCE ar ran [?] y &pe [//] mynydd PenbreCE wchi .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN bitlittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP straystray.SV.INFIN bombsbomb.ADJ+PL onon.PREP partpart.N.F.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF mountainmountain.N.M.SG Pembreyname know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES
  ...we got quite a few stray bombs round Pembrey mountain, you know.
462BAE+< ohCE bobl bach &=laugh .
  IMoh.IM peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM littlesmall.ADJ
  oh dear me.
463ADWoedden .
464BAEmmmCE .
465ADWpob hyn a hyn oedden ni mynd i weld y craterE yn_doedden .
  everyeach.PREQ thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP andand.CONJ thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF cratercrater.N.SG be.1PL.IMP.NEGbe.V.3P.IMPERF.TAG
  from time to time we would go to see the crater, wouldn't we
466BAEoeddech chi wir ?
  be.2PL.IMPbe.V.2P.IMPERF PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P truetrue.ADJ+SM
  did you really?
467ADWmmmCE !
468BAEyeahCE .
469ADWac # be sy (y)n ddiddorol yn_de +.. .
  andand.CONJ whatwhat.INT be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRTPRT interestinginteresting.ADJ+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  and what is interesting...
470BAEyeahCE .
471ADW+, to'n i (e)rioed (we)di clywed am BethesdaCE # mwy nag oedd y gŵr erioed (we)di clywed am mynydd PenbreCE .
  be.1S.IMP.NEGunk PRON.1Sto.PREP evernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP Bethesdaname moremore.ADJ.COMP thanthan.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF husbandman.N.M.SG evernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP mountainmountain.N.M.SG Pembreyname
  I had never heard of Bethesda any more than my husband had ever heard of Pembrey mountain
472BAEyeahCE .
473ADWond mae (y)n debyg +.. .
  butbut.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT probablesimilar.ADJ+SM
  but apparently...
474BAEhmmCE .
475ADW+, yn y cyfnod hwnnw +.. .
  inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF periodperiod.N.M.SG thatthat.ADJ.DEM.M.SG that time...
476BAEmmmCE .
477ADW+, wrth bod nhwythau yn cael y straysE o Lerpwl ella +.. .
  asby.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.EMPH.3P PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF straysstray.N.PL.[or].strays.N.PL fromfrom.PREP Liverpoolname maybemaybe.ADV they got the strays from Liverpool maybe...
478BAEyeahCE .
479ADW+, &=click # mi oedd o fath â finnau # yn cael ei wthio (y)n y sbensh gen ei nain efo # cosyE [//] teaE cosyE am ei ben .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.EMPH.1S+SM PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S push.NONFINshove.V.INFIN+SM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF understairs_cupboardunk bywith.PREP POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S grandmothergrandmother.N.F.SG withwith.PREP cosycosy.ADJ teatea.N.SG cosycosy.ADJ onfor.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S headhead.N.M.SG+SM
  ...he was, like myself, pushed into the understairs cupboard by his grandmother with a tea cosy on his head.
480BAE+< oedd o wir ?
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S truetrue.ADJ+SM
  was he really?
481BAE<wellCE wellCE> [=! laughs] !
  well.ADV well.ADV
482ADWxxx +/ .
483BAE+< ym BethesdaCE (fe)lly yeahCE <yn BethesdaCE> [?] ?
  inin.PREP Bethesdaname thusso.ADV yeahyeah.ADV inin.PREP Bethesdaname
  in Bethesda, yeah, in Bethesda?
484ADW+< erCE ie [?] yn BethesdaCE .
  IMer.IM yesyes.ADV inin.PREP Bethesdaname
  yes, in Bethesda.
485ADWdoedd o erioed (we)di clywed am PenbreCE .
  be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S evernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP Pembreyname
  he had never heard of Pembrey.
486BAExxx .
487ADWa do'n i erioed (we)di clywed am # BethesdaCE .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.IMP.NEGbe.V.1S.IMPERF.NEG PRON.1SI.PRON.1S evernever.ADV PRT.PASTafter.PREP hear.NONFINhear.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP Bethesdaname
  and I had never heard of Bethesda.
488BAE+< yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
489ADWac oedden ni # y ddau (oho)nan ni felly yn ein +// .
  andand.CONJ be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P DETthe.DET.DEF two.Mtwo.NUM.M+SM of.1PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P thusso.ADV inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.1PLour.ADJ.POSS.1P
  and so the two of us were in our...
490ADW&=click wellCE mi fasai fo (y)n # ddeg pan gychwynnodd y ryfel a finnau ryw # naw mae sureCE .
  wellwell.ADV PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT tenten.NUM+SM whenwhen.CONJ begin.3S.PASTstart.V.3S.PAST+SM DETthe.DET.DEF warwar.N.MF.SG+SM andand.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.EMPH.1S+SM somesome.PREQ+SM ninenine.NUM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ
  well, he would have been ten when the war began and myself about nine, I guess.
491BAE+< mmmCE # mmmCE mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM mmm.IM
492ADW+< a [/] a wedyn <yn y> [?] [//] <(dy)na fo> [?] i chi .
  andand.CONJ andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF therethat_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S forto.PREP PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P
  and then in the...that's it
493ADWoedd y ddau (oho)nan ni (y)n gwneud (y)r un peth a ddim yn gwybod hynny de .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF two.Mtwo.NUM.M+SM of.1PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF oneone.NUM thingthing.N.M.SG andand.CONJ NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP TAGbe.IM+SM
  the two of us were doing the same thing and didn't know that.
494BAE+< <bobl bach> [?] # yeahCE xxx .
  peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM liitlesmall.ADJ yeahyeah.ADV
  dear me, yeah, xxx.
495ADW+< yn cael eich gwthio mewn i (y)r sbensh pan oedd y sirensCE yn mynd .
  PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.2PLyour.ADJ.POSS.2P push.NONFINshove.V.INFIN inin.PREP toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF understairs_cupboardunk whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF sirenssiren.N.SG+PL PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN
  being pushed into the understairs cupboard when the sirens wailed.
496BAE+< xxx yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
497ADW+< teaE cosyE am eich pen yn_de .
  teatea.N.SG cosycosy.ADJ onfor.PREP POSS.2PLyour.ADJ.POSS.2P headhead.N.M.SG TAGisn't_it.IM
  a tea cosy on you head.
498ADWa Nain yn deud +"/ .
  andand.CONJ Grandmaname PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  and Grandma saying:
499ADW+" dyro dy ben i_lawr .
  put.2S.IMPERgive.V.2S.IMPER POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S headhead.N.M.SG+SM downdown.ADV
  "put your head down"
500ADW+" dyro dy ben i_lawr .
  put.2S.IMPERgive.V.2S.IMPER POSS.2Syour.ADJ.POSS.2S headhead.N.M.SG+SM downdown.ADV
  "put your head down"
501BAEyeahCE .
502ADW+< de +" .
  you know
503ADWac wrth_gwrs Taid a DadCE # lawr yn yr ardd +.. .
  andand.CONJ of_courseof_course.ADV Granddadname andand.CONJ Dadname downdown.ADV.[or].floor.N.M.SG+SM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF gardengarden.N.F.SG+SM
  and of course Granddad and Dad down in the garden...
504BAEyeahCE .
505ADW+, yn gwylio (y)r cwbl i_gyd # yn gweld +/ .
  ...watching the whole lot, seeing...
506BAE+< wrth_gwrs yeahCE &=laugh .
  of_courseof_course.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  of course, yeah.
507ADW+, yn gweld y fireworksE <am bod> [?] ni fyny fan (y)na &a [/] achos mai # bomio <(y)r umCE> [//] # lawr ar y gwastad o'n nhw wrth y môr dach chi (y)n gweld .
  PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF fireworksfirework.N.PL.[or].fireworks.N.PL forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P upup.ADV placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV becausebecause.CONJ PRTthat_it_is.CONJ.FOCUS bomb.NONFINbomb.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM downdown.ADV.[or].floor.N.M.SG+SM onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF plainflat.ADJ be.3PL.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P byby.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF seasea.N.M.SG be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN
  ...seeing the fireworks, as we were up there, because it was down on the plain by the sea that they were bombing, you see.
508BAE+< yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
509ADWTaid a DadCE yn fan (y)na (y)n gwatsiad hwnnw .
  Granddadname andand.CONJ Dadname inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP watch.NONFINunk thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG
  Granddad and Dad there watching that.
510BAEbobl bach yeahCE .
  peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM littlesmall.ADJ yeahyeah.ADV
  dear me, yeah.
511ADW+< a ni (y)n cuddio dan y sbensh .
  andand.CONJ PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT hide.NONFINhide.V.INFIN underunder.PREP.[or].be.V.1P.PRES.[or].until.PREP+SM DETthe.DET.DEF understairs_cupboardunk
  and we hiding under the stairs.
512BAEyeahCE .
513ADWa MamCE yn redeg rhwng y ddau le (y)n_de .
  andand.CONJ Mumname PRTPRT run.NONFINrun.V.INFIN+SM betweenbetween.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF two.Mtwo.NUM.M+SM placewhere.INT+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  and Mum running between the two places.
514BAEyeahCE .
515BAEwellCE ar_ôl y rhyfel byd +// .
  wellwell.ADV afterafter.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF warwar.N.MF.SG worldworld.N.M.SG
  well, after the world war...
516BAExxx (y)r ail ryfel byd ges i ngeni wrth_gwrs .
  DETthe.DET.DEF secondsecond.ORD warwar.N.MF.SG+SM woldworld.N.M.SG get.1S.PASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S bear.NONFINbe_born.V.INFIN+NM of_courseof_course.ADV
  [...] the second world war I was born, of course
517BAEac dw i (y)n cofio fy nhaid a fy nhad yn deud (w)rtha fi wrth_gwrs mai [?] umCE # awyrennau oedd (we)di dod i_lawr yn ystod yr ail ryfel byd wrth_gwrs [?] o_gwmpas Betws_y_CoedCE yn_de # uwchben erCE &ɬ [//] TrefriwCE ffordd (a)cw .
  andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S grandfathergrandfather.N.M.SG+NM andand.CONJ POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S fatherfather.N.M.SG+NM PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN to.1Sto_me.PREP+PRON.1S PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM of_courseof_course.ADV PRTthat_it_is.CONJ.FOCUS IMum.IM aeroplanesaeroplanes.N.F.PL be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRT.PASTafter.PREP come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN downdown.ADV inin.PREP rangerange.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF secondsecond.ORD warwar.N.MF.SG+SM worldworld.N.M.SG of_courseof_course.ADV aroundaround.ADV Betws_y_Coedname TAGisn't_it.IM aboveabove.PREP.[or].overhead.ADV IMer.IM Trefriwname wayway.N.F.SG thereover there.ADV
  and I remember my grandafther and my father telling me of course, that it was aeroplanes that had come down during the second world war of course around Betws y Coed, above Trefriw there.
518ADW+< ie .
519BAEac erCE # pan o'n i ddigon hen i fynd a crwydro o_gwmpas ar fikeCE hefo ffrind i mi umCE o BetwsCE dyna be fydden ni wneud ar # dydd Sadwrn neu ddydd Sul oedd mynd i chwilota amdanyn nhw (y)n_de .
  andand.CONJ IMer.IM whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S enoughenough.QUAN+SM oldold.ADJ toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM andand.CONJ wander.NONFINwander.V.INFIN aroundaround.ADV onon.PREP bikebike.N.SG+SM.[or].mike.N.SG+SM withwith.PREP+H friendfriend.N.M.SG toto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S IMum.IM fromfrom.PREP Betwsname therethat_is.ADV whatwhat.INT be.1PL.CONDITbe.V.3P.COND+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM onon.PREP dayday.N.M.SG SaturdaySaturday.N.M.SG oror.CONJ dayday.N.M.SG+SM SundaySunday.N.M.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP serach.NONFINsearch.V.INFIN for.3PLfor_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P TAGisn't_it.IM
  and when I was old enough to go and wander about on a bike with a friend of mine from Betws, that was what we would do on a Saturday or Sunday, go and search for them.
520ADW+< ++ chwilio amdanyn nhw .
  search.NONFINsearch.V.INFIN for.3PLfor_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  search for them.
521BAEac yn <y pumdegau> [//] wellCE yr # pumdegau hwyr a <(y)r umCE> [/] y chwedegau cynnar <felly &ð oedd [//] fydden> [?] ni (y)n gwneud hyn .
  andand.CONJ inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF fiftiesfifties.N.M.SG wellwell.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF fiftiesfifties.N.M.SG latelate.ADJ andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM DETthe.DET.DEF sixtiessixties.N.M.PL earlyearly.ADJ thusso.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF be.1PL.CONDITbe.V.3P.COND+SM PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRTPRT do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP
  and it was in the late fifties and early sixties that we would do this.
522ADWiawn [?] .
523BAEweles i (ddi)m un cofiwch .
  see.1S.PASTsee.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM oneone.NUM remember.2PL.IMPERremember.V.2P.IMPER
  mind you, I didn't see any.
524ADWnaddo ?
525BAE+< naddo [=! laughs] .
526ADW+< wellCE (dde)uda i (wr)thach chi rŵan dyna (y)r pwnc mwya # diddorol fuodd gen y mab pan oedd o fyw .
  wellwell.ADV say.1S.NONPASTsay.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S to.2PLunk PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P nownow.ADV therethat_is.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF subjectsubject.N.M.SG mostbiggest.ADJ.SUP interestinginteresting.ADJ be.3S.PASTbe.V.3S.PAST+SM withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF sonson.N.M.SG whenwhen.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF aliveof.PREP live.V.INFIN+SM
  well, I tell you what, that was the most interesting subject my son had when he was alive.
527BAE+< yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
528ADWerCE a mi fuodd o # ar umCE # NewsnightCE .
  IMer.IM andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.PASTbe.V.3S.PAST+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S onon.PREP IMum.IM Newsnightname
  and he was on Newsnight.
529BAEdo ?
  was he?
530ADWar y B_B_CCE .
  onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF BBCname
  on the BBC.
531BAEyeahCE .
532ADWhogyn oedd # gynno fo (ddi)m llawer o (ddi)m_byd i ddeud wrth neb erCE wir .
  boylad.N.M.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM muchmany.QUAN ofof.PREP nothingnothing.ADV+SM toto.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM toby.PREP nobodyanyone.PRON IMer.IM truetrue.ADJ+SM
  a boy who had not much to say to anybody, really.
533BAEmmmCE mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
534ADW+< a mi ddaru ni gael galwadau phoneCE dirif +"/ .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF happen.PASTdo.V.123SP.PAST PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM callscalls.N.MF.PL phonephone.N.SG countlessunk
  and we got counless phone calls:
535ADW+" goshE # didn'tE knowE HarriCE couldE talkE soCE muchE !
  goshgosh.IM didn''tdid.AV.PAST+NEG knowknow.SV.INFIN Harriname couldcan.V.COND talktalk.V.INFIN soso.ADV muchmuch.ADJ
  "gosh, didn't know Harri could talk so much!"
536BAE&=laugh .
537ADW+" ie wellCE youE neverE # askedE himE aboutE # aeroplaneCE wreckagesE didE youE .
  yesyes.ADV wellwell.ADV youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP nevernever.ADV askedask.SV.INFIN+AV himhim.PRON.OBJ.M.3S aboutabout.PREP aeroplaneaeroplane.N.SG wreckageswreckage.N.PL diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP
  "yes, well, you never asked him about aeroplane wreckages, did you"
538BAE+< yeahCE # wellCE !
  yeah.ADV well.ADV
539ADWoedd gynnon ni gwt ieir i_fyny dopCE yr ardd +.. .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.1PLwith_us.PREP+PRON.1P PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P huthut.N.M.SG+SM chickenshens.N.F.PL upup.ADV toptop.N.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF gardengarden.N.F.SG+SM
  we had a henhouse at the top end of the garden...
540BAE+< yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
541ADW+, oedd wedi hen # beidio bod yn gwt ieir .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRT.PASTafter.PREP oldold.ADJ cease.NONFINstop.V.INFIN+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT huthut.N.M.SG+SM chickenshens.N.F.PL
  ...which had long ceased to be a henhouse.
542ADWa mi oedd (y)na ddarnau o bob wreckCE +.. .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV partsfragments.N.M.PL+SM.[or].pieces.N.M.PL+SM ofhe.PRON.M.3S everyeach.PREQ+SM wreckwreck.SV.INFIN
  and there were parts of every wreck...
543BAEoedd (y)na wir ?
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV truetrue.ADJ+SM
  was there really?
544ADW+< +, yn # gogledd Eryri +.. .
  inPRT.[or].in.PREP northnorth.N.M.SG Snowdonianame Northern Snowdonia...
545BAEbobl bach !
  peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM littlesmall.ADJ
  dear me!
546ADW+, yn fan (y)no .
  inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV
547BAEyeahCE .
548ADWa mi oedd (y)na # sylwebydd tu hwnt o umCE # adnabyddus .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV commentatorunk sideside.N.M.SG beyondbeyond.ADV ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP IMum.IM well_knownfamiliar.ADJ
  and there was a very famous commentator.
549BAE+< yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
550ADWerCE ryw umCE dipyn o glamourE boyCE .
  IMer.IM somesome.PREQ+SM IMum.IM bitlittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP glamourglamour.N.SG boyboy.N.SG
  er, a bit of a glamour boy.
551ADWdw i (ddi)m yn cofio ei enw fo .
  I don't remember his name.
552ADWond (pe)taswn i (y)n cofio ei enw fo +.. .
  butbut.CONJ if_be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF.HYP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S namename.N.M.SG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  but if I remembered his name...
553BAEyeahCE .
554ADW+, basech chi (y)n sureCE o ddeud +"/ .
  ...I'm sure you'd say:
555ADW+" ohCE dw i (y)n cofio (y)r enw (y)na .
  IMoh.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF namename.N.M.SG therethere.ADV
  "oh, I remember that name."
556BAEyeahCE .
557ADWa oherwydd bod o (we)di bod yn [/] yn yr R_A_FCE ei hun +.. .
  andand.CONJ becausebecause.CONJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN inPRT.[or].in.PREP inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF RAFname POSS.3Shis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S selfself.PRON.SG
  and because he had been in the RAF himself...
558BAEmmmCE .
559ADW+, yfo &gaðo [//] gafodd ei yrru acw .
  PRON.3SMhe.PRON get.3S.PASTget.V.3S.PAST+SM POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S send.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN+SM thereover there.ADV was him who was sent there.
560BAEwellCE !
561ADW&=click # a mi oedd y pethau (y)ma fath â umCE # be dach chi (y)n ei alw o candyE flossE gynnyn nhw <i wneud y sŵ(n)> [//] i # ddal y sŵn yeahCE ?
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF thingsthings.N.M.PL herehere.ADV kindtype.N.F.SG+SM withas.CONJ IMum.IM whatwhat.INT be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S call.NONFINcall.V.INFIN+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S candycandy.N.SG flossfloss.N.SG with.3PLunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P toto.PREP make.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF soundnoise.N.M.SG toto.PREP catch.NONFINcontinue.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF soundnoise.N.M.SG yeahyeah.ADV
  and they had these things like, what do you call it, candy floss to catch the sound, yes?
562BAEohCE yeahCE wrth_gwrs yeahCE yeahCE .
  IMoh.IM yeahyeah.ADV of_courseof_course.ADV yeahyeah.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  oh yeah, of course, yeah, yeah.
563ADW+< <i_fyny (y)n y> [?] +// .
  upup.ADV inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF
  up in the...
564ADWwellCE oedd (y)na bump # yna a wneud yr # raglen # yfo y boyCE +/ .
  wellwell.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV fivefive.NUM+SM therethere.ADV andand.CONJ do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM DETthe.DET.DEF programmeprogramme.N.F.SG+SM PRON.3SMhe.PRON DETthe.DET.DEF boyboy.N.SG
  well, there were five of them making the programme, he, the guy...
565BAE+< yeahCE .
566ADW+, a rhein yn dal y pethau (y)ma a (y)r camerâu (y)n_de .
  andand.CONJ thesethese.PRON PRTPRT hold.NONFINcontinue.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF thingsthings.N.M.PL herehere.ADV andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF camerasunk TAGisn't_it.IM
  ...and these people holding these things and the cameras.
567BAE+< yeahCE # yeahCE sureCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV sure.ADJ
568ADWa ninnau methu gwybod sut oedd y mab oedd erbyn hyn yn ryw bedair_ar_ddeg yn mynd i ddechrau ymateb iddyn nhw (y)n_de +/ .
  andand.CONJ PRON.1PLwe also.PRON.EMPH.1P fail.NONFINfail.V.INFIN know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN howhow.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF sonson.N.M.SG be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF byby.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP PRTin.PREP somesome.PREQ+SM foruteen.Funk PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP begin.NONFINbegin.V.INFIN+SM respond.NONFINrespond.V.INFIN to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P TAGisn't_it.IM
  and we had no idea how our son, who was by then about fourteen, would possibly respond to them...
569BAE&=laugh .
570ADW+< +, am [?] bod o (y)n un mor swil .
  forfor.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT oneone.NUM soso.ADV shyshy.ADJ
  ...because he was so shy.
571BAEchwarae teg iddo fo (y)n_de &=laugh .
  playgame.N.M.SG fairfair.ADJ to.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S TAGisn't_it.IM
  fair play to him.
572ADWa dyma (y)r boyCE (y)n dod yn_ôl .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF boyboy.N.SG PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN backback.ADV
  and then the guy came back.
573ADWo'n i (we)di wneud coffeeCE (y)n barod iddyn nhw .
  be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP make.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM coffeecoffee.N.SG PRTPRT readyready.ADJ+SM for.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  I had made coffee ready for them.
574ADWdyma (y)r boyCE (y)ma (y)n dod yn ei ôl .
  herethis_is.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF boyboy.N.SG herehere.ADV PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S tracktrack.N.M.SG.[or].rear.ADJ
  then this boy comes back.
575ADWa dyma fo (y)n sbïo +"/ .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN
  and then he looks:
576ADW+" I'veE learntE moreE aboutE aeroplanesE inE theE lastE quarterCE ofE anE hourE thanE IE everE didE inE # howE everE manyE yearsE inE theE R_A_FCE .
  I''veI.PRON.SUB.1S+HAVE.V.PRES learntlearnt.V.1S.PRES moremore.ADV aboutabout.PREP areoplanesaeroplane.N.PL inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF lastlast.ADJ quarterquarter.N.SG ofof.PREP anan.DET.INDEF hourhour.N.SG thanthan.CONJ II.PRON.SUB.1S everever.ADV diddid.AV.PAST inin.PREP howhow.ADV everever.ADV manymany.ADJ yearsyear.N.PL inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF RAFname
  "I've learnt more about areoplanes in the last quarter of an hour than I ever did in how ever many years in the RAF."
577BAE&=laugh da iawn wir [?] # yeahCE .
  goodgood.ADJ veryvery.ADV truetrue.ADJ+SM yeahyeah.ADV
  brilliant, yeah.
578ADW+< +" ohCE didE youE ?
  IMoh.IM diddid.V.PAST youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP
  "oh, did you?",
579ADWmedda fi +" .
  I said
580ADW[- eng] +" I [/] I hope you've got it all stored away .
  II.PRON.SUB.1S II.PRON.SUB.1S hopehope.N.SG you''veyou.PRON.SUB.2SP+HAVE.V.PRES gotgot.V.PAST itit.PRON.OBJ.3S allall.ADJ storedstore.SV.INFIN+AV awayaway.ADV
  "I hope you've got it all stored away."
581BAE+< mmmCE # mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
582ADWachos oedd gynno fo (y)r darnau (y)ma +.. .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.3SMwith_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S DETthe.DET.DEF partsfragments.N.M.PL.[or].pieces.N.M.PL herehere.ADV
  because he had these parts...
583BAEyeahCE .
584ADW+, wedi [?] &labl [//] labelu â [=? a] (y)r hanes +.. .
  PRT.PASTafter.PREP label.NONFINlabel.V.INFIN withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF storystory.N.M.SG
  ...labeled with the story...
585BAEyeahCE .
586ADW+, o lle oedd hi (we)di dod i lle roedd hi (y)n mynd +.. .
  fromof.PREP wherewhere.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRT.PASTafter.PREP come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN toto.PREP wherewhere.INT be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN
  ...from where it had come, where it was going...
587BAEyeahCE .
588ADW+, pwy oedd wedi # cael [//] colli ei fywyd a # y cwbl lotCE .
  whowho.PRON be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN lose.NONFINlose.V.INFIN POSS.3SMhis.ADJ.POSS.M.3S lifelife.N.M.SG+SM andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF wholeall.ADJ lotlot.N.SG
  ...who had lost his life and everything.
589ADWumCE +.. .
590BAEa felly <dw innau> [?] (we)di cael esboniad rŵan am [?] pam oedd [//] nad oedden ni (ddi)m yn gallu darganfod darnau +.. .
  andand.CONJ thusso.ADV be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.EMPH.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN explanationexplanation.N.M.SG nownow.ADV aboutfor.PREP whywhy?.ADV be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF NEGwho_not.PRON.REL.NEG be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN discover.NONFINdiscover.V.INFIN.[or].detect.V.INFIN partsfragments.N.M.PL.[or].pieces.N.M.PL
  and so I've had an explanation now as to why we couldn't find parts...
591ADW+< oedd y darnau (we)di mynd .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF partsfragments.N.M.PL.[or].pieces.N.M.PL PRT.PASTafter.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN
  the parts had gone
592BAEmi oedd HarriCE wedi bod (y)na cyn hynny &=laugh !
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF Harriname PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV beforebefore.PREP thatthat.PRON.DEM.SP
  Harri had been there beforehand!
593ADW+< cofiwch # oedd y gŵr yn deud +"/ .
  remember.2PL.IMPERremember.V.2P.IMPER be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF manman.N.M.SG PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  remember, my husband would say:
594ADW+" mae (y)na limitCE pa [//] maint [//] erCE maint y darn dw i mynd i gario i_lawr .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV limitlimit.N.SG howwhich.ADJ sizesize.N.M.SG IMer.IM sizesize.N.M.SG DETthe.DET.DEF partpiece.N.M.SG be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN toto.PREP carry.NONFINcarry.V.INFIN+SM downdown.ADV
  there's a limit to the size of part I'm going to carry down.
595BAEmmmCE .
596ADWac yn Ffynnon_LloerCE +// .
  andand.CONJ inin.PREP Ffynnon_Lloername
  and in Ffynnon Lloer...
597ADWdach chi (y)n gwybod am Ffynnon_LloerCE ?
  be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP Ffynnon_Lloername
  do you know about Ffynnon Lloer?
598BAEydw .
599ADWmae (y)na goblinCE o dyreCE mawr .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV goblingoblin.N.SG ofof.PREP tyretyre.N.SG+SM bigbig.ADJ
  there's one heck of a large tyre
600BAEmmmCE .
601ADW+< erCE wellCE olwyn (ba)sai ffitiach i mi ddeud o un o wrecksE (y)ma (y)n_de .
  IMer.IM wellwell.ADV wheelwheel.N.F.SG be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF more_fitunk toto.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN+SM fromhe.PRON.M.3S oneone.NUM ofhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP wreckswreck.V.3S.PRES herehere.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  well, a wheel, it'd be more fitting for me to say, from one of these wrecks, right
602BAEyeahCE .
603ADWwellCE wn i (ddi)m faint o weithiau aeth o fyny fan (y)no i drio perswadio pwy bynnag oedd yn digwydd bod wedi syrthio am y storyCE i fynd am dro .
  wellwell.ADV know.1S.NONPASTknow.V.1S.PRES+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM how_muchsize.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP timestimes.N.F.PL+SM go.3S.PASTgo.V.3S.PAST PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S upup.ADV placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV toto.PREP try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN+SM persuade.NONFINpersuade.V.INFIN whowho.PRON ever-ever.ADJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRTPRT happen.NONFINhappen.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRT.PASTafter.PREP fall.NONFINfall.V.INFIN forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF storystory.N.SG toto.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM forfor.PREP walkturn.N.M.SG+SM
  well, I don't know how many times he went up there to try and persuade whoever had happened to fall for his story to go for a walk.
604BAE+< mmmCE # mmmCE # mmmCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM mmm.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
605ADW+, i helpu fo i ddod â fo o (y)no (y)n_de .
  toto.PREP help.NONFINhelp.V.INFIN PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S toto.PREP come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN+SM withwith.PREP PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S fromhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP therethere.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  to help him take it away, right
606BAE+< yeahCE # yeahCE yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
607ADW+< o(nd) [=? ohCE] chafodd o ddim [//] noE volunteersE de .
  butbut.CONJ get.3S.PASTget.V.3S.PAST+AM PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM nono.ADV volunteersvolunteer.N.PL TAGbe.IM+SM
  but he didn't get any volunteers
608BAE+< yeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
609BAE(wr)th_gwrs [?] fyddan nhw (y)n deud # i_fyny at yn ddiweddar yma bod yr awdurdodau wedi llusgo (y)r awyrennau ar_ôl iddyn nhw # hanner claddu eu hunain i_mewn i (y)r mynyddoedd i_mewn i (y)r llyn agosa .
  of_courseof_course.ADV be.3PL.FUTbe.V.3P.FUT+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN upup.ADV untilto.PREP PRTPRT recentrecent.ADJ+SM herehere.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF authoritiesauthorities.N.MF.PL PRT.PASTafter.PREP drag.NONFINdrag.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF aeroplanesaeroplanes.N.F.PL afterafter.PREP to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P halfhalf.N.M.SG bury.NONFINbury.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P selvesself.PRON.PL inin.ADV.[or].in.PREP toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mountainsmountains.N.M.PL inin.ADV.[or].in.PREP toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF lakelake.N.M.SG nearestclose.ADJ.SUP
  of course they'd say, up to recently, that the authorities had dragged the planes, after they'd half buried themselves into the mountains, into the nearest lake.
610ADWdo .
611BAE+, er_mwyn efallai trio eu cadw nhw rhag gael eu dinistrio gan fobl fel HarriCE neu fi yn mynd â nhw adra (fe)lly (y)n_de .
  forfor_the_sake_of.PREP perhapsperhaps.CONJ try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P keep.NONFINkeep.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P fromfrom.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P destroy.NONFINdestroy.V.INFIN bywith.PREP peopleunk likelike.CONJ Harriname oror.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN withwith.PREP PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P homehomewards.ADV thusso.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  perhaps so as to try and keep them from getting destroyed by people like Harri or me taking them home, you know
612ADW+< hollol !
613ADW<mae (y)na (u)mCE> [//] # mae (y)na lotCE o (y)r darnau (y)n Llyn DulynCE (y)ma (w)chi .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV lotlot.N.SG ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF partsfragments.N.M.PL.[or].pieces.N.M.PL inin.PREP lakename Dulynname herehere.ADV know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES
  there are a lot of the pieces in Dulyn Lake, you know
614BAEmmmCE .
615ADWmi aeth (y)na un syth i_fewn i (y)r graig uwchben Llyn DulynCE a +.. .
  PRTPRT.AFF go.3S.PASTgo.V.3S.PAST therethere.ADV oneone.NUM straightstraight.ADJ inin.PREP toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF rockrock.N.F.PL+SM aboveabove.PREP.[or].overhead.ADV lakename Dulynname andand.CONJ
  one went straight into the rock above Dulyn Lake and...
616BAE+< ++ mmmCE a disgyn i_lawr (fe)lly <ac i_mewn i (y)r dŵr> [?] .
  IMmmm.IM andand.CONJ fall.NONFINdescend.V.INFIN downdown.ADV thusso.ADV andand.CONJ inin.ADV.[or].in.PREP toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF waterwater.N.M.SG
  and fell down and into the water
617ADW+< +, syrthio i_lawr .
  fall.NONFINfall.V.INFIN downdown.ADV
  fell down.
618ADWmi welwch chi (y)r hoel <ar umCE> [//] # ar y graig .
  PRTPRT.AFF see.2PL.NONPASTsee.V.2P.PRES+SM PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P DETthe.DET.DEF traceunk onon.PREP IMum.IM onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF rockrock.N.F.PL+SM
  you'll see the mark on the rock.
619BAEyeahCE <dw i> [//] xxx dydw i erioed wedi bod xxx .
  yes, [...] I've never been [...]
620ADW+< wellCE mae [//] dach chi (ddi)m (we)di bod yn DulynCE a MelynllynCE ?
  wellwell.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P NEGnot.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN inin.PREP Dulynname andand.CONJ Melynllynname
  well it.. . you haven't been to Dulyn and Melynllyn?
621BAE+< naddo tydw i ddim .
  nono.ADV.PAST be.1S.PRES.NEGunk PRON.1Sto.PREP NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM
  no, I haven't
622BAEohCE dw i gwybod lle mae o wrth_gwrs ond +/ .
  IMoh.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN wherewhere.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S of_courseof_course.ADV butbut.CONJ
  I know where it is, of course, but...
623ADW+< ohCE erCE ie .
  IMoh.IM IMer.IM yesyes.ADV
  oh, yes.
624BAEheb fod (y)na (y)n_de .
  withoutwithout.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN+SM therethere.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  haven't been there, you know.
625ADW+< wellCE # <mae o yn> [//] # mae fa(n) (y)no werth i fynd iddo fo .
  wellwell.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV worthvalue.N.M.SG+SM.[or].sell.V.3S.PRES+SM toI.PRON.1S.[or].to.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM to.3SMto_him.PREP+PRON.M.3S PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S
  well it's worth going there.
626BAEmmmCE .
627ADW+< dach chi (y)n gwybod am # TrasbwllCE # ar y ffordd i EigiauCE ?
  be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP Trasbwllname onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF wayway.N.F.SG toto.PREP Eigiauname
  do you know about Trasbwll, on the way to Eigiau?
628BAEew mi ddyliwn i +.. .
  gosh, I should...
629ADWdach chi (y)n gwybod am EigiauCE ?
  be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP Eigiauname
  do you know about Eigiau?
630BAEohCE yndw sureCE yndw .
  IMoh.IM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES.EMPH suresure.ADJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES.EMPH
  oh, yes, sure I do.
631ADW+< ia .
632ADWwellCE dach chi (y)n gadael eich carCE yn TrasbwllCE .
  wellwell.ADV be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT leave.NONFINleave.V.INFIN POSS.2PLyour.ADJ.POSS.2P carcar.N.SG inin.PREP Trasbwllname
  well, you leave your car in Trasbwll.
633BAEmmmCE .
634ADW+< a wedyn dach chi (y)n gorfod cerdded ffordd rightCE anodd achos mae (y)r giât wedi chloi +.. .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN walk.NONFINwalk.V.INFIN wayway.N.F.SG rightright.ADJ difficultdifficult.ADJ becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF gategate.N.F.SG PRT.PASTafter.PREP lock.NONFINlock.V.INFIN+AM
  and then you have to walk quite a difficult way because the gate is locked.
635BAEmmmCE .
636ADW+, erCE i fynd am yr umCE +.. .
  er, to go towards the...
637BAEbe <<am y> [/] <am y>> [?] llyn ?
  whatwhat.INT forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF lakelake.N.M.SG
  what, towards the lake?
638ADW+< +, am yr erCE erCE erCE # be (y)dy o # llyn a reservoirE .
  forfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF IMer.IM IMer.IM IMer.IM whatwhat.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S lakelake.N.M.SG andand.CONJ resevoirreservoir.N.SG
  towards, what is it, a lake and reservoir.
639BAE+< yeahCE mae [?] reservoirE yn xxx .
  yeahyeah.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES reservoirreservoir.N.SG inPRT.[or].in.PREP
  yeah there's a reservoir in xxx.
640ADW+< mae cwbl lotCE (y)no .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES wholeall.ADJ lotlot.N.SG therethere.ADV
  the whole lot's there.
641BAE+< oes yeahCE sureCE mmmCE .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF yeahyeah.ADV suresure.ADJ IMmmm.IM
  yes, sure.
642ADWmae reservoirE (y)no does ?
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES reservoirreservoir.N.SG therethere.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF.NEG
  there's a reservoir there, isn't there.
643ADWwellCE lle mynd ffordd (y)no +/ .
  wellwell.ADV placewhere.INT.[or].place.N.M.SG go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN wayway.N.F.SG therethere.ADV
  well, instead of going that way
644BAEyeahCE .
645ADW+, rightCE wrth lle dach chi (y)n gadael eich carCE mae gynnoch chi giât .
  rightright.ADJ byby.PREP wherewhere.INT be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT leave.NONFINleave.V.INFIN POSS.2PLyour.ADJ.POSS.2P carcar.N.SG be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES with.2PLwith_you.PREP+PRON.2P PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P gategate.N.F.SG
  right next to where you leave your car there's a gate.
646BAE+< mmmCE .
647ADWa mi welwch bod (y)na ffordd rightCE llydan +/ .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF see.2PL.NONPASTsee.V.2P.PRES+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN therethere.ADV roadway.N.F.SG rightright.ADJ widewide.ADJ
  and you'll see there's quite a wide road.
648BAEmmmCE .
649ADW+, umCE yn mynd i_fyny am # umCE +// .
  um, going up for..
650ADWmae erCE [//] mae ddigon hawdd # mynd i_fyny am DulynCE a MelynllynCE .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES IMer.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES enoughenough.QUAN+SM easyeasy.ADJ go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN upup.ADV forfor.PREP Dulynname andand.CONJ Melynllynname
  it's easy enough to go up to Dulyn and Melynllyn.
651BAE+< mmmCE mmmCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM
652ADWa wedyn mae gynnoch chi cledrffordd yn mynd drosodd <i umCE> [/] # &=click i BethesdaCE de .
  andand.CONJ thenafterwards.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES with.2PLwith_you.PREP+PRON.2P PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P railroadunk PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN acrossover.ADV+SM toto.PREP IMum.IM toto.PREP Bethesdaname TAGbe.IM+SM
  and then you've got a railway going across to Bethesda, right
653BAEyeahCE .
654ADWac wrth_gwrs dach chi (y)n gweld <oedd (y)na bobl> [//] oedd (y)na chwarelwyr o BethesdaCE # yn cadw merlod ar y mynyddoedd (y)ma # ac yn gorod cerdded yr holl ffordd o BethesdaCE # draw i EigiauCE i nôl nhw .
  andand.CONJ of_courseof_course.ADV be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV quarrymenunk fromfrom.PREP Bethesdaname PRTPRT keep.NONFINkeep.V.INFIN poniesunk onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mountainsmountains.N.M.PL herehere.ADV andand.CONJ PRTPRT must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN walk.NONFINwalk.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF wholeall.PREQ wayway.N.F.SG fromof.PREP Bethesdaname acrossyonder.ADV toto.PREP Eigiauname toto.PREP fetch.NONFINfetch.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  and of course you see there were people, there were quarrymen from Bethesda keeping ponies on the mountains here and had to walk the whole way from Bethesda over to Eigiau to fetch them.
655BAEbobl bach !
  peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM littlesmall.ADJ
  good grief!
656ADWa cael nhw nôl nid yn unig i BethesdaCE .
  andand.CONJ get.NONFINget.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P backfetch.V.INFIN NEG(it is) not.ADV PRTPRT aloneonly.PREQ.[or].lonely.ADJ toto.PREP Bethesdaname
  and get them back not only to Bethesda.
657BAE+< yeahCE .
658ADWond # os dw i (we)di deall yn iawn yn Sir_Fôn oedden nhw (y)n eu gwerthu nhw .
  butbut.CONJ ifif.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP understand.NONFINunderstand.V.INFIN PRTPRT rightOK.ADV inin.PREP Angleseyname be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P sell.NONFINsell.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  but if I understand correctly, it was in Anglesey they were selling them.
659ADWac ella bod nhw (y)n mynd ymlaen o fan (y)no # i (I)werddon .
  andand.CONJ maybemaybe.ADV be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN forwardforward.ADV fromof.PREP placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV toto.PREP IrelandIreland.N.F.SG.PLACE
  and maybe they would go on from there to Ireland.
660BAE+< mmmCE # mmmCE # yeahCE yeahCE .
  mmm.IM mmm.IM yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
661ADW+< (a)chos mae [//] chimod mae (y)r Gwyddelod yn [//] # wedi bod efo ceffylau a +.. .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES know.2PLknow.V.2P.PRES be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF Irishname PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN withwith.PREP horseshorses.N.M.PL andand.CONJ
  because, you know, the Irish have had horses and...
662BAEydyn sureCE .
  be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES suresure.ADJ
  of course they have.
663ADW+, erioed .
664BAEyndyn sureCE .
  be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES.EMPH suresure.ADJ
  of course they do.
665ADWumCE +.. .
666BAEIagoCE fyddai hwn felly yeahCE ?
  Iagoname be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.COND+SM thisthis.PRON.DEM.M.SG thusso.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  so that would be Iago, right?
667ADWhuhCE ?
668BAE+< teulu IagoCE o BethesdaCE # fyddai (y)n gwneud hyn xxx .
  familyfamily.N.M.SG Iagoname fromof.PREP Bethesdaname be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.COND+SM PRTPRT do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP
  the Iago family from Bethesda would do this...
669ADW+< ohCE .
670BAEfo sy (we)di bod yn [?] edrych ar_ôl y merlod ar ochr BethesdaCE (y)n_de .
  PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN afterafter.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF poniesunk onon.PREP sideside.N.F.SG Bethesdaname TAGisn't_it.IM
  it's him who's been looking after the ponies next to Bethesda isn't it
671ADWia # a Mabon_JohnCE # a llawer un arall .
  yesyes.ADV andand.CONJ Mabon_Johnname andand.CONJ muchmany.QUAN oneone.NUM otherother.ADJ
  yes, and Mabon John, and many more.
672BAE+< dw i (ddi)m yn nabod Mabon_JohnCE de .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow_someone.V.INFIN Mabon_Johnname TAGbe.IM+SM
  I don't know Mabon John.
673BAEyeahCE .
674ADWumCE .
675BAEyeahCE .
676ADWohCE (pe)tasech chi (y)n gweld y ffordd oedden nhw mynd yn_de .
  oh, if you saw the way they were going, eh
677ADWoedd hi (y)n dipyn o jobCE faswn i feddwl .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S PRTPRT bitlittle_bit.N.M.SG+SM ofof.PREP jobjob.N.SG be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S think.NONFINthink.V.INFIN+SM
  it was quite a job, I'd have thought.
678BAEesgob [?] (fa)swn i (y)n credu &=laugh !
  bishopbishop.N.M.SG be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT believe.NONFINbelieve.V.INFIN
  gosh, I'd reckon so.
679ADWa <dod â (y)r> [/] dod â (y)r merlod i_lawr o cledrffordd wedyn i_lawr i +.. .
  andand.CONJ come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF poniesunk downdown.ADV fromof.PREP railroadunk thenafterwards.ADV downdown.ADV toto.PREP
  and bring the ponies down from the railroad, then down to...
680BAE+< yeahCE .
681ADW+, i (y)r ElenCE mae sureCE gen i # <a law(r)> [/] a lawr i <CwmCE PenllafarCE # ac Afon # &ap> [//] CwmCE PenllafarCE a # &ke Afon CenllysCE a Afon GasegCE .
  toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF Elenname be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ with.1Swith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S andand.CONJ downdown.ADV.[or].floor.N.M.SG+SM andand.CONJ downdown.ADV.[or].floor.N.M.SG+SM toto.PREP valleyname Penllafarname andand.CONJ rivername valleyname Penllafarname andand.CONJ rivername Cenllysname andand.CONJ rivername Casegname
  to Yr Elen, I'm sure, and down to the Penllafar valley and the River Cenllys and the River Caseg.
682ADWmae (y)na dair afon +.. .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES therethere.ADV three.Fthree.NUM.F+SM riverriver.N.F.SG
  there are three rivers...
683BAE+< yeahCE .
684BAE<does i_gyd> [?] yn_does .
  yes in all, isn't there
685ADW+, yn cyfarfod yn CwmCE PenllafarCE .
  PRTPRT meet.NONFINmeet.V.INFIN inin.PREP valleyname Penllafarname
  meeting in the Penllafar valley.
686BAE+< oes sureCE # yeahCE .
  be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES.INDEF suresure.ADJ yeahyeah.ADV
  yes, sure, yes.
687ADWa maen nhw gyd yn landio i_fyny <yn &ɬi> [//] yn Afon OgwenCE yn diwedd .
  andand.CONJ be.3PL.PRESbe.V.3P.PRES PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P alljoint.ADJ+SM PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP land.NONFINunk upup.ADV inPRT.[or].in.PREP inin.PREP rivername Ogwenname inPRT.[or].in.PREP endend.N.M.SG
  and they all land up in the River Ogwen in the end.
688BAEmmmCE .
689BAEgwrs mae mynnu dod â nhw un ffordd yn un peth .
  coursecourse.N.M.SG+SM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES insist.NONFINinsist.V.INFIN come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN withwith.PREP PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P oneone.NUM wayway.N.F.SG PRTPRT oneone.NUM thingthing.N.M.SG
  of course, insisting on bringing them one way is one thing.
690BAEond wrth_gwrs mae creu (y)r # modd iddyn nhw ddod i_lawr y ffordd (y)na yn beth arall yn_yndy .
  butbut.CONJ of_courseof_course.ADV be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES make.NONFINcreate.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF waymeans.N.M.SG to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN+SM downdown.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF wayway.N.F.SG therethere.ADV PRTPRT thingthing.N.M.SG+SM otherother.ADJ be.3S.PRES.NEGunk
  but of course, making it possible for them to come down that way is quite another thing, isn't it
691ADW+< holl(ol) [/] hollol !
  totalcompletely.ADJ totalcompletely.ADJ
692BAE+< dw i (y)n cofio mynd i_fyny hefo Densil_DaviesCE # uwchben LlanfairfechanCE .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT remember.NONFINremember.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN upup.ADV withwith.PREP+H Densil_Daviesname aboveabove.PREP.[or].overhead.ADV Llanfairfechanname
  I remember going up with Densil Davies up above Llanfairfechan.
693ADWie .
694BAE+, yn gynharach y flwyddyn yma felly # ac eisiau dod â # y merlod i_lawr o (y)r mynydd er_mwyn i gwmni teledu Ffrangeg +/ .
  PRTPRT earlierearly.ADJ.COMP+SM DETthe.DET.DEF yearyear.N.F.SG+SM herehere.ADV thusso.ADV andand.CONJ wantwant.N.M.SG come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF poniesunk downdown.ADV fromof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF mountainmountain.N.M.SG forfor_the_sake_of.PREP forto.PREP companycompany.N.M.SG+SM televisiontelevision.N.M.SG.[or].televise.V.INFIN Frenchname
  earlier this year, and wanting to bring the ponies down off the mountain so a French TV company could...
695ADWie .
696BAE+, gael [?] tynnu lluniau ohonyn nhw oedden ni <ar y> [/] <ar y> [/] ar y tro (fe)lly .
  get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM take.NONFINdraw.V.INFIN picturespictures.N.M.PL of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF onon.PREP DETthat.PRON.REL timeturn.N.M.SG.[or].turn.V.2S.IMPER thusso.ADV
  take pictures of them, we were doing at the time.
697ADW+< ie .
698BAEsôn am yr # passportsCE (y)ma i [/] # <i (y)r> [?] merlod yn_de .
  talk.NONFINmention.V.INFIN aboutfor.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF passportspassport.N.SG+PL herehere.ADV forto.PREP forto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF poniesunk TAGisn't_it.IM
  talking about these passports for the ponies, right
699ADW+< ohCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM yeah.ADV
700BAEa mi aethon nhw i_fyny <hefo (y)r umCE> [//] # &=click efo (y)r motorbikesCE (y)ma # pedair olwyn de # ac yn trio # erCE gyrru (y)r merlod i_lawr y nant tuag_atan ni a nhwythau (y)n mynnu mynd yn_ôl i_fyny (y)r allt wrth_gwrs .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF go.3PL.PASTgo.V.3P.PAST PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P upup.ADV withwith.PREP+H DETthe.DET.DEF IMum.IM withwith.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF motorbikesunk herehere.ADV four.Ffour.NUM.F wheelwheel.N.F.SG TAGbe.IM+SM andand.CONJ PRTPRT try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN IMer.IM drive.NONFINdrive.V.INFIN DETthe.DET.DEF poniesunk downdown.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF valleybrook.N.F.SG towards.1PLunk PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P andand.CONJ PRON.3PLthey.PRON.EMPH.3P PRTPRT insist.NONFINinsist.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN backback.ADV upup.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF hillunk of_courseof_course.ADV
  and they went up with these four wheel motorbikes and tried to drive the ponies down the valley towards us, and they insisted on returning back up the hill, of course.
701ADW+< ohCE youE betE # yeahCE !
  IMoh.IM youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP betbet.N.SG yeahyeah.ADV
  oh, you bet, yeah!
702BAE&=sigh .
703BAEond mi <oedden ni (we)di &i> [//] mi [?] oedden nhw (we)di cael ryw # dri groupCE (oh)onyn nhw at ei_gilydd .
  butbut.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.1PL.IMPbe.V.1P.IMPERF PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P PRT.PASTafter.PREP PRTPRT.AFF be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP get.NONFINget.V.INFIN somesome.PREQ+SM threethree.NUM.M+SM group.Mgroup.N.SG.[or].croup.N.SG+SM of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P toto.PREP each_othereach_other.PRON.3SP
  but they had about three groups of them together.
704BAEmi oedd (y)na ddau mewn un groupCE deg mewn un arall a deuddeg yn y trydydd yn_de .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV two.Mtwo.NUM.M+SM inin.PREP oneone.NUM groupgroup.N.SG.[or].croup.N.SG+SM tenten.NUM inin.PREP oneone.NUM otherother.ADJ andand.CONJ twelvetwelve.NUM inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF thirdthird.ORD.M TAGisn't_it.IM
  there were two in one group, ten in another, and twelve in the third, right.
705BAEa mi oedd y deg a (y)r deuddeg # yn barod i ddod i_lawr .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF tenten.NUM andand.CONJ DETthe.DET.DEF twelvetwelve.NUM PRTPRT readyready.ADJ+SM toto.PREP come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN+SM downdown.ADV
  and the ten and the twelve were ready to come down.
706BAEmi oedden nhw (we)di distewi ac yn anelu (y)n y cyfeiriad cywir felly .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRT.PASTafter.PREP quieten.NONFINsilence.V.INFIN andand.CONJ PRTPRT aim.NONFINaim.V.INFIN inin.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF directiondirection.N.M.SG correctcorrect.ADJ thusso.ADV
  they'd quietened down, and were headed in the right direction.
707BAEond mi oedd y ddau (y)ma # ar eu pennau eu hunain # mi oedd gynnyn nhw syniadau eraill yn_doedd ?
  butbut.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF DETthe.DET.DEF two.Mtwo.NUM.M+SM herehere.ADV onon.PREP POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P headsheads.N.M.PL POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P selvesself.PRON.PL PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF with.3PLunk PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P ideasideas.N.M.PL othersothers.PRON be.3S.IMP.NEGbe.V.3S.IMPERF.TAG
  but these two on their own, they had other ideas, didn't they?
708ADWoedd .
709BAEa mi oedden nhw am fynd yn_ôl i_fyny ochr y mynydd a dros y topCE xxx .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P forfor.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM backback.ADV upup.ADV sideside.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF mountainmountain.N.M.SG andand.CONJ overover.PREP+SM DETthe.DET.DEF toptop.N.SG
  and they were going to go back up the side of the mountain and over the top [...]
710ADW+< ahCE # <a unwaith basen> [?] nhw (y)n dechrau (ba)sai (y)r lleill yn dilyn !
  IMah.IM andand.CONJ onceonce.ADV be.3PL.CONDITbe.V.3P.PLUPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT start.NONFINbegin.V.INFIN be.3S.CONDITbe.V.3S.PLUPERF DETthe.DET.DEF othersothers.PRON PRTPRT follow.NONFINfollow.V.INFIN
  ah, and once they'd started, the others would follow!
711BAEohCE dyna be ddigwyddodd wrth_gwrs .
  IMoh.IM therethat_is.ADV whatwhat.INT happen.3S.PASThappen.V.3S.PAST+SM of_courseof_course.ADV
  oh, that's what happened, of course.
712ADWohCE yeahCE .
  oh.IM yeah.ADV
713BAE+< tan mi oedd un o (y)r hogiau <yn &rʰ> [//] yn mynd ar gefn y motorbikeCE (y)ma yn eu cyfeiriad nhw .
  untiluntil.PREP PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF oneone.NUM ofof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF boyslads.N.M.PL PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN onon.PREP backback.N.M.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF motorbikemotorbike.N.SG herehere.ADV inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P directiondirection.N.M.SG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  until one of the lads was going on the back of the motorbike in their direction.
714BAEmi oedd (y)na bump yn rhedeg ar draed # i drio cael # eu blaenau nhw a (e)u troi nhw (y)n eu holau felly .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV fivefive.NUM+SM PRTPRT run.NONFINrun.V.INFIN onon.PREP feetfeet.N.MF.SG+SM toto.PREP try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN+SM get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P frontsfronts.N.M.PL PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P andand.CONJ POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P turn.NONFINturn.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P inPRT.[or].in.PREP POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P trackstrack.N.M.PL+H thusso.ADV
  there were five running on foot to try and get in front of them and turn them back.
715BAEond # mi oedden nhw (y)n troi ac yn trosi mynd yn_ôl ac ymlaen ac yn_ôl ac ymlaen .
  butbut.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT turn.NONFINturn.V.INFIN andand.CONJ PRTPRT convert.NONFINtranslate.V.INFIN.[or].port.V.INFIN.[or].convert.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN backback.ADV andand.CONJ forwardforward.ADV andand.CONJ backback.ADV andand.CONJ forwardforward.ADV
  but they were tossing and turning, going back and forth and back and forth.
716BAEumCE wrth_gwrs gynted â fasen nhw (y)n gweld dyn fasen nhw (y)n troi i (y)r cyfeiriad # arall yn_de .
  IMum.IM of_courseof_course.ADV soon(as) soon.ADV+SM asas.CONJ.[or].with.PREP.[or].go.V.3S.PRES be.3PL.CONDITbe.V.3P.PLUPERF+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN manman.N.M.SG be.3PL.CONDITbe.V.3P.PLUPERF+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT turn.NONFINturn.V.INFIN toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF directiondirection.N.M.SG otherother.ADJ TAGisn't_it.IM
  of course, as soon as they saw a man, they'd turn in the other direction, wouldn't they
717BAEa gweld rywun arall wedyn yn dod o (y)r cyfeiriad yna .
  andand.CONJ see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN someonesomeone.N.M.SG+SM otherother.ADJ thenafterwards.ADV PRTPRT come.NONFINcome.V.INFIN fromof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF directiondirection.N.M.SG therethere.ADV
  and see someone else then coming from that direction.
718ADW+< ie ie .
  yesyes.ADV yesyes.ADV
  oh, yes.
719BAEac yn mynd yn_ôl xxx +.. .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN backback.ADV
  and go back...
720ADW+< ie !
721BAE+, ffordd arall nes yn diwedd # mi oedden nhw (y)n teimlo mae (y)n sureCE bod nhw (y)n cael eu cau mewn .
  wayway.N.F.SG otherother.ADJ untilnearer.ADJ.COMP inPRT.[or].in.PREP endend.N.M.SG PRTPRT.AFF be.3PL.IMPbe.V.3P.IMPERF PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT feel.NONFINfeel.V.INFIN be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT suresure.ADJ be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.3PLtheir.ADJ.POSS.3P close.NONFINclose.V.INFIN inin.PREP
  the other way until in the end they were surely feeling that they were being closed in.
722BAEac yn syth i_fyny (y)r mynydd aethon nhw .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT straightstraight.ADJ upup.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF mountainmountain.N.M.SG go.3PL.PASTgo.V.3P.PAST PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  and straight up the mountain they went.
723ADW+< ie # <a nôl> [?] .
  yesyes.ADV andand.CONJ backfetch.V.INFIN
  yes, and back.
724BAEoedd (y)na ddim golwg (oh)onyn nhw .
  be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV NEGnot.ADV+SM sightview.N.F.SG of.3PLfrom_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P
  there was no sign of them.
725ADWdach chi (y)n gwybod be dw i (we)di bod yn trio wneud i_fyny (y)n fan (y)na ?
  be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN PRTPRT try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM upup.ADV inPRT placeplace.N.MF.SG+SM therethere.ADV
  do you know what I've been trying to do up there?
726ADWmynd â crewCE o # bobl yn reidio ceffylau oedd ddim # &o ond yn erCE # wneud fel bob hyn a hyn (fe)lly .
  go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN withwith.PREP crewcrew.N.SG ofof.PREP peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM PRTPRT ride.NONFINride.V.INFIN horseshorses.N.M.PL be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF NEGnot.ADV+SM butbut.CONJ PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP IMer.IM do.NONFINmake.V.INFIN+SM likelike.CONJ everyeach.PREQ+SM thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP andand.CONJ thisthis.PRON.DEM.SP thusso.ADV
  taking a gang of people horse-riding who only do it every now and then.
727BAE+< yeahCE # ie wir # mmmCE .
  yeahyeah.ADV yesyes.ADV truetrue.ADJ+SM IMmmm.IM
  yes, absolutely.
728ADWa fi a pwy bynnag arall oedd yn mynd <â &n> [/] â nhw (y)n_de +.. .
  andand.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM andand.CONJ whowho.PRON ever-ever.ADJ otherother.ADJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN withwith.PREP withwith.PREP PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P TAGisn't_it.IM
  and myself and whoever else was taking them, right
729BAEmmmCE .
730ADW+, yn ffeindio +"/ .
  found out
731ADW+" ohCE GodE we'reE goingE toE getE inE theE middleE ofE aE loadE ofE wildE poniesCE .
  IMoh.IM godname we''rewe.PRON.SUB.1P+BE.V.PRES goinggo.V.PRESPART toto.PREP getget.V.INFIN inin.PREP thethe.DET.DEF middlemiddle.ADJ ofof.PREP aa.DET.INDEF loadload.N.SG ofof.PREP wildwild.ADJ poniesponies.N.PL
  "oh, God, we're going to get in the middle of a load of wild ponies!"
732ADWde +" .
  you know
733BAE&=laugh !
734ADWa MabliCE yn deud erCE +"/ .
  andand.CONJ Mabliname PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN IMer.IM
  and Mabli said er:
735ADW[- eng] +" you go over there .
  youyou.PRON.SUB.2SP gogo.V.2SP.PRES overover.ADV therethere.ADV
  "you go over there" .
736BAEyeahCE .
737ADW+< +, yn <deud wrth> [/] deud wrth y bobl (y)ma +"/ .
  PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN toby.PREP say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN toby.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM herehere.ADV
  saying to these people...
738ADW+< +" erCE justCE hangE onE aE whileE we'llE # tryE andE sortE theseE outE forE youE .
  er.IM just.ADV hang.V.INFIN on.PREP a.DET.INDEF while.CONJ we.PRON.SUB.1P+BE.V.FUT try.V.1P.PRES and.CONJ sort.N.SG these.DEM.NEAR.PL out.ADV for.PREP you.PRON.OBJ.2SP
739ADWddim eisiau <iddyn nhw> [?] reidio drwy canol nhw rhag ofn nhw gael kickCE de .
  NEGnot.ADV+SM wantwant.N.M.SG to.3PLto_them.PREP+PRON.3P PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P ride.NONFINride.V.INFIN throughthrough.PREP+SM middlemiddle.N.M.SG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P fromfrom.PREP fearfear.N.M.SG PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+SM kickkick.SV.INFIN TAGbe.IM+SM
  not wanting them to ride through the middle of them in case they got a kick, right
740BAE+< mmmCE sureCE iawn (fe)lly yeahCE .
  IMmmm.IM suresure.ADJ veryvery.ADV thusso.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  oh, quite so, yes.
741ADW&=sigh !
742ADWdw i (we)di ngweld i <(y)n mynd roundCE fath> [//] yn mynd roundCE a roundCE a roundCE ac yn diwedd gorod deud +"/ .
  be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN roundround.ADJ liketype.N.F.SG+SM.[or].bath.N.M.SG+SM PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN roundround.ADJ andand.CONJ roundround.ADJ andand.CONJ roundround.ADJ andand.CONJ inPRT.[or].in.PREP endend.N.M.SG must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  I've seen myself going round and round and round, and in the end had to say:
743ADW+" wellCE weE eitherE areE goingE toE riskCE goingE # throughE themE orE goE backE !
  wellwell.ADV wewe.PRON.SUB.1P eithereither.ADJ areare.V.123P.PRES goinggo.V.PRESPART toto.PREP riskrisk.N.SG goinggo.V.PRESPART throughthrough.PREP themthem.PRON.OBJ.3P oror.CONJ gogo.V.INFIN backback.SV.INFIN.[or].back.ADV
  "well, we either are going to risk going through them or go back!"
744BAE+< &=laugh .
745ADWumCE llawer i dro dw i (we)di gorfod deud +"/ .
  IMum.IM manymany.QUAN toto.PREP timeturn.N.M.SG+SM be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP must.NONFINhave_to.V.INFIN say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN
  many a time I've had to say
746ADW+" lookE MabliCE # IE thinkE it'dE beE saferE toE goE backE .
  looklook.V.INFIN Mabliname II.PRON.SUB.1S thinkthink.V.1S.PRES it''dit.PRON.SUB.3S+BE.V.COND bebe.V.3S.PRES saferunk toto.PREP gogo.V.INFIN backback.V.INFIN.[or].back.ADV
  "look, Mabli, I think it'd be safer to go back."
747BAEyeahCE # yeahCE .
  yeah.ADV yeah.ADV
748ADW+< (a)chos dach chi (y)n gweld # umCE # mi wnawn nhw (a)nelu kickCE # i (y)r ceffyl .
  becausebecause.CONJ be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN IMum.IM PRTPRT.AFF do.3PL.NONPASTdo.V.1S.IMPERF+SM.[or].do.V.1P.PRES+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P aim.NONFINaim.V.INFIN kickkick.SV.INFIN toto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF horsehorse.N.M.SG
  because, you see, they'll try and kick the horse.
749BAEmmmCE .
750ADWond eich coes chi yn aml iawn sy chael hi .
  butbut.CONJ POSS.2PLyour.ADJ.POSS.2P legleg.N.F.SG PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT oftenfrequent.ADJ veryvery.ADV be.PRES.RELbe.V.3S.PRES.REL get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+AM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S
  but it's your own leg that very often gets it.
751BAE+< xxx chael hi wrth_gwrs yeahCE .
  get.NONFINget.V.INFIN+AM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S of_courseof_course.ADV yeahyeah.ADV
  ...gets it, of course, yeah.
752ADW+< ges i honno # ryw dro .
  get.1S.PASTget.V.1S.PAST+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S thatthat.PRON.DEM.F.SG somesome.PREQ+SM timeturn.N.M.SG+SM
  I got that one time.
753BAEew mae (y)n boenus hefyd [?] yn_dydy .
  IMoh.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP painfulunk tooalso.ADV be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.TAG
  ooh, it's painful too, isn't it
754ADW+< a (dy)dy o (ddi)m yn beth braf .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.PRES.NEGbe.V.3S.PRES.NEG PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT thingthing.N.M.SG+SM finefine.ADJ
  and it is not nice.
755BAE<na(g) (y)dy wir> [=! laughs] !
  NEGthan.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES truetrue.ADJ+SM
  absolutely not!
756ADWnag ydy .
  NEGthan.CONJ be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES
757BAEpan o'n [?] i (y)n hogyn ifanc iawn tua saith neu wyth oed <o'n i mae> [?] sureCE # mi oedd gyn un o gymdogion <fy # &da> [/] y nhaid a nain (fe)lly # ferlen ar y farmCE .
  whenwhen.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP boylad.N.M.SG youngyoung.ADJ veryvery.ADV abouttowards.PREP sevenseven.NUM oror.CONJ eighteight.NUM ageage.N.M.SG be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES suresure.ADJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF withwith.PREP oneone.NUM ofof.PREP neighboursneighbours.N.M.PL+SM POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S grandadgrandfather.N.M.SG+NM andand.CONJ grannygrandmother.N.F.SG thusso.ADV ponyunk onon.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF farmfarm.N.SG
  when I was a very young boy, I was probably about seven or eight years old, one of my grandparents' neighbours had a pony on the farm.
758BAESoksyCE ["] oedd enw hon .
  Soksyname be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF namename.N.M.SG thatthis.ADJ.DEM.F.SG
  "Soksy" was her name.
759BAEdu a gwyn oedd hi # a traed gwyn wrth_gwrs yn_de .
  blackblack.ADJ.[or].side.N.M.SG+SM andand.CONJ whitewhite.ADJ.M.[or].complaint.N.MF.SG+SM be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S andand.CONJ feetfeet.N.MF.SG whitewhite.ADJ.M.[or].complaint.N.MF.SG+SM of_courseof_course.ADV TAGisn't_it.IM
  She was black and white, with white hooves of course, right
760ADW+< traed gwyn .
  feetfeet.N.MF.SG whitewhite.ADJ.M
  white feet.
761BAE+, fel (ba)sech chi (y)n ddisgwyl .
  as you'd expect.
762BAEac umCE # tad a mamCE # umCE Nantllais_BebbCE wyddoch chi o [/] o (y)r farmCE justCE fyny (y)r ffordd yma .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM fatherfather.N.M.SG andand.CONJ mothermam.N.SG IMum.IM Nantllais_Bebbname know.2PL.NONPASTunk PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P fromhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP fromof.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF farmfarm.N.SG justjust.ADV.[or].just.ADJ upup.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF roadway.N.F.SG herehere.ADV
  and the parents of Nantllais Bebb, you know, from the farm just up the road here.
763ADW+< ie .
764BAE+, oedden [//] oedd yna .
  be.3PL.IMPbe.V.13P.IMPERF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF therethere.ADV
  ...was there.
765BAEyn [/] <yn umCE> [//] &=click yn LlarwnesCE [?] maen nhw # ochr <ni i Fetws_y_CoedCE (fe)lly> [?] .
  inPRT.[or].in.PREP IMPRT.[or].in.PREP inum.IM Llawrnesin.PREP be.3PL.PRESname PRON.3PLbe.V.3P.PRES sidethey.PRON.3P PRON.1PLside.N.F.SG towe.PRON.1P Betws_y_Coedto.PREP thusname so.ADV
  they're in Llawrnes, this side of Betws-y-Coed.
766ADW+< ie (dy)na chi ie .
  yesyes.ADV therethat_is.ADV PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P yesyes.ADV
  yes, there you are, yes.
767BAEac mi o'n i (y)n cael mynd ar gefn SoksyCE (y)ma [?] wrth_gwrs .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT get.NONFINget.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN onon.PREP backback.N.M.SG+SM Soksyname herehere.ADV of_courseof_course.ADV
  and I got to go on the back of this Soksy, of course.
768ADWthrillE mawr .
  thrillthrill.N.SG bigbig.ADJ
  a great thrill.
769BAEbobl bach ie !
  peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM littlesmall.ADJ yesyes.ADV
  dear me, yes!
770BAEie a <dw i> [?] (y)n cofio mynd i_fyny (y)na efo sandalau ar fy nhraed unwaith felly # un bore dydd Sadwrn # a SoksyCE a dim ond merlen fechan oedd hi cofiwch # yn sefyll ar yn nhroed i (y)n_de .
  yesyes.ADV andand.CONJ be.1S.PRESbe.V.1S.PRES PRTI.PRON.1S remember.NONFINPRT go.NONFINremember.V.INFIN upgo.V.INFIN thereup.ADV withthere.ADV sandalswith.PREP onunk POSS.1Son.PREP feetmy.ADJ.POSS.1S PRON.1Sfeet.N.MF.SG+NM onceonce.ADV thusso.ADV oneone.NUM morningmorning.N.M.SG dayday.N.M.SG SaturdaySaturday.N.M.SG andand.CONJ Soksyname andand.CONJ NEGnothing.N.M.SG.[or].not.ADV butbut.CONJ ponyunk smallsmall.ADJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S remember.2PL.IMPERremember.V.2P.IMPER PRTPRT stand.NONFINstand.V.INFIN onon.PREP POSS.1Sin.PREP footturn.V.3S.IMPER+NM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S.[or].to.PREP TAGisn't_it.IM
  yes, and I remember going up there once with sandals on my feet one Saturday morning, and Soksy, who was only a small pony, remember, standing on my foot, right.
771ADWo:hCE !
772ADWdw i (we)di cael honno .
  I've had that.
773BAE&=laugh .
774ADW[- eng] not much fun !
  not.ADV much.ADJ fun.N.SG
775BAEmi oedd yn fysedd y nhraed i (y)n ddu am wythnosau wedyn (fe)lly .
  PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF POSS.1SPRT fingersfingers.N.M.PL+SM POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S feetfeet.N.MF.SG+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP PRTPRT blackblack.ADJ+SM forfor.PREP weeksweeks.N.F.PL afterwardsafterwards.ADV thusso.ADV
  my toes were black for weeks after that.
776ADW[- eng] not much fun .
  not.ADV much.ADJ fun.N.SG
777BAEond mi faswn i (we)di gallu # cael y nhroi i_ffwrdd fynd ar gefn ceffyl neu merlen am fy mywyd erCE ar_ôl mynd yna unwaith .
  butbut.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.1S.CONDITbe.V.1S.PLUPERF+SM PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRT.PASTafter.PREP can.NONFINbe_able.V.INFIN get.NONFINget.V.INFIN POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S turn.NONFINturn.V.INFIN+NM awayout.ADV go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN+SM onon.PREP backback.N.M.SG+SM horsehorse.N.M.SG oror.CONJ ponyunk forfor.PREP POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S lifelife.N.M.SG+NM IMer.IM afterafter.PREP go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN therethere.ADV onceonce.ADV
  but I could have been put off getting on the back of a horse or pony for life after going there one time.
778BAEmi aethon ni fyny ffordd y GreninCE wyddoch chi fyny at [/] # at umCE PenmachnoCE .
  PRTPRT.AFF go.1PL.PASTgo.V.3P.PAST PRON.1PLwe.PRON.1P upup.ADV roadway.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF Greninname know.2PL.NONPASTunk PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P upup.ADV towardsto.PREP towardsto.PREP IMum.IM Penmachnoname
  we went up the Grenin road, you know, up towards Penmachno.
779ADWie .
780BAE+, o # umCE BontCE [//] umCE # o gyfeiriad Pont_yr_AfancCE (fe)lly .
  fromhe.PRON.M.3S.[or].from.PREP.[or].of.PREP IMum.IM Pontname IMum.IM fromof.PREP directiondirection.N.M.SG+SM Pont_yr_Afancname thusso.ADV
  from the direction of Pont-yr-Afanc.
781BAEac umCE # &=click mae (y)r ffordd yn serth i xxx [//] gychwyn [?] .
  andand.CONJ IMum.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES DETthe.DET.DEF roadway.N.F.SG PRTPRT steepsteep.ADJ toto.PREP start.NONFINstart.V.INFIN+SM
  and the road is steep to start with.
782BAEond dach chi (y)n mynd i_lawr oddi_ar ochr y ffordd wedyn # at y Conway_FallsE de .
  butbut.CONJ be.2PL.PRESbe.V.2P.PRES PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P PRTPRT go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN downdown.ADV offfrom_on.PREP sideside.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF roadway.N.F.SG afterafterwards.ADV towardsto.PREP DETthe.DET.DEF Conway_Fallsname TAGbe.IM+SM
  but then you go down off the side of the road towards the Conway Falls.
783ADW(dy)na chi # ie .
  therethat_is.ADV PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P yesyes.ADV
  that's right, yes.
784BAE+< a # rŵan ta <mae hwnna (y)n> [/] <mae o (y)n> [=! laughs] &=laugh un troedfedd mewn bob troedfedd lawr (y)r allt .
  andand.CONJ nownow.ADV thenbe.IM be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thatthat.PRON.DEM.M.SG PRTPRT.[or].in.PREP be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES PRON.3SMhe.PRON.M.3S PRTPRT oneone.NUM footfoot.N.F.SG inin.PREP everyeach.PREQ+SM footfoot.N.F.SG downdown.ADV.[or].floor.N.M.SG+SM DETthe.DET.DEF hillunk
  and now then it's one foot in every foot down the hill.
785ADW+< ohCE # ohCE !
  oh.IM oh.IM
786BAEa dyma SoksyCE (y)n penderfynu bod gynni hi eisiau edrych dros ochr y dibyn (y)ma .
  andand.CONJ herethis_is.ADV Soksyname PRTPRT decide.NONFINdecide.V.INFIN be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN with.3SFwith_her.PREP+PRON.F.3S PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S wantwant.N.M.SG look.NONFINlook.V.INFIN overover.PREP+SM sideside.N.F.SG DETthe.DET.DEF precipiceunk herehere.ADV
  and then Soksy decides that she wants to look over the edge.
787BAEa hithau (y)n dechrau mynd i_lawr yr allt efo fi ar ei chefn hi .
  andand.CONJ PRON.3SFshe.PRON.EMPH.F.3S PRTPRT start.NONFINbegin.V.INFIN go.NONFINgo.V.INFIN downdown.ADV DETthe.DET.DEF hillunk withwith.PREP PRON.1SI.PRON.1S+SM onon.PREP POSS.3SFher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S backback.N.M.SG+AM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S
  and she starts to go down the hill with me on her back
788BAEa mi oedd yng nghoesau i # wrth ymyl ei chlustiau hi rywle (y)n_de .
  andand.CONJ PRTPRT.AFF be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF POSS.1Smy.ADJ.POSS.1S legsleg.N.F.PL+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP byby.PREP sideedge.N.F.SG POSS.3SFher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S earsears.N.MF.PL+AM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S somewheresomewhere.N.M.SG+SM TAGisn't_it.IM
  and my legs were somewhere next to her ears, right.
789BAEa finnau (y)n gorwedd braidd xxx ar ei phen hi .
  andand.CONJ PRON.1SI.PRON.EMPH.1S+SM PRTPRT lie.NONFINlie_down.V.INFIN somewhatrather.ADV onon.PREP POSS.3SFher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S headhead.N.M.SG+AM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S
  and I was sort of lying down on her head.
790ADWohCE xxx !
791BAE+, <hefo &mh> [//] efo mhen i wrth ymyl ei chynffon hi +.. .
  withwith.PREP+H withwith.PREP headhead.N.M.SG+NM PRON.1Sto.PREP byby.PREP sideedge.N.F.SG POSS.3SFher.ADJ.POSS.F.3S tailtail.N.F.SG+AM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S
  with my head next to her tail!
792ADWohCE !
793BAE+< +, <yn trio [/] trio> [=! laughs] dal # yn_ôl (fe)lly .
  PRTPRT try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN hold.NONFINcontinue.V.INFIN.[or].continue.V.2S.IMPER.[or].tall.ADJ+SM backback.ADV thusso.ADV
  trying to hold back.
794ADW+< trio dal hi nôl .
  try.NONFINtry.V.INFIN hold.NONFINcontinue.V.INFIN.[or].continue.V.2S.IMPER.[or].tall.ADJ+SM PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S backfetch.V.INFIN
  trying to hold her back.
795BAE&=gasp bobl bach !
  peoplepeople.N.F.SG+SM littlesmall.ADJ
  dear me!
796BAEa fel o'n i (y)n deud ieuanc o'n i wrth_gwrs .
  andand.CONJ aslike.CONJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT say.NONFINsay.V.INFIN youngyoung.ADJ be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S of_courseof_course.ADV
  and as I was saying, I was young, of course.
797BAEfelly erCE # &=laugh o'n i (y)n pryderu braidd xxx .
  thusso.ADV IMer.IM be.1S.IMPbe.V.1S.IMPERF PRON.1SI.PRON.1S PRTPRT worry.NONFINworry.V.INFIN somewhatrather.ADV
  so I was pretty worried [...]
798ADW+< a [//] # oedd hi dda bod eich mamCE ddim yn gwybod be o'ch chi (y)n wneud .
  andand.CONJ be.3S.IMPbe.V.3S.IMPERF PRON.3SFshe.PRON.F.3S goodgood.ADJ+SM be.NONFINbe.V.INFIN POSS.2PLyour.ADJ.POSS.2P mothermam.N.SG NEGnot.ADV+SM PRTPRT know.NONFINknow.V.INFIN whatwhat.INT be.2PL.IMPunk PRON.2PLyou.PRON.2P do.NONFINPRT make.V.INFIN+SM
  good thing your mother didn't know what you were doing
799BAE+< ohCE # wnaethon nhw byth xxx ddarganfod chwaith .
  IMoh.IM do.3PL.PASTdo.V.3P.PAST+SM PRON.3PLthey.PRON.3P nevernever.ADV discover.NONFINdiscover.V.INFIN+SM.[or].detect.V.INFIN+SM eitherneither.ADV
  oh, they never did xxx find out either.
800ADW+< MarikaCE ti (ddi)m (we)di gorffen efo hwn ?
  Marikaname PRON.2Syou.PRON.2S NEGnothing.N.M.SG+SM.[or].not.ADV+SM PRT.PASTafter.PREP finish.NONFINcomplete.V.INFIN withwith.PREP thisthis.PRON.DEM.M.SG
  Marika, haven't you finished with this?
801BAE+< xxx weld beth ydy hwn .
  see.NONFINsee.V.INFIN+SM whatwhat.INT be.3S.PRESbe.V.3S.PRES thisthis.PRON.DEM.M.SG
  ...see what this is.

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